Tonwoche № 497 (1940)

Newsreel №63975, 1 part, duration: 0:13:03, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Snow drifts in Japan.

View of the town in the snow.

Residents are clearing the streets, the roofs of the houses.

Children go through a snow tunnel.

Panorama of the streets: the snow cover reaches almost wires on Telegraph poles.

On the cleared passage out of the house a Japanese man in a straw Cape.

Reserve in Germany.

Deer on the background of snow-covered forests.

Huntsman is laying the hay in the feeders, the deer come to them.

Mountain rescue service in Germany.

Views of house mountain rescue service.

Skier brings the news of the accident on the track.

Rescuers face the way they flock to ski on the slopes, climb the hills, descend using climbing equipment.

The injured skier was found in a crevice, he splint.

The rescuer descends from the cliff on the rope, keeping the victim on the back, at the bottom of his stack in a sleigh down to the valley.

The day of remembrance of fallen soldiers.


General von Brauchitsch and officers of the Wehrmacht are in the cemetery, past the graves of fallen soldiers from the Western front.

Laying a wreath to the chief military command of the land forces to the graves of fallen soldiers.

Brauchitsch salutes.

In Berlin are the funeral celebration.

The building of Zeughaus troops lined up.

On the high porch of the orchestra.

Is a group of military commanders, in front of Hitler, Goering, Admiral Raeder.

Hitler close-up.

A moment of silence.

Hitler on the podium addresses the gathering with a speech.

Closeup of the face of Goering, Bywhich, Raeder.

Among the military are Himmler, Goebbels.

Drummers play, the soldiers lowered flags.

After meeting Hitler and Goering are before lined up troops.

The soldiers, sailors in front of the Pantheon on Unter den Linden.

Hess closeup, he pulls a hand.

Behind the rows of soldiers are residents.

Soldiers carry a large wreath at the Pantheon, followed by Hitler, Goering, Raeder, Brauchitsch.

View of the stove in the Pantheon.

After laying a wreath Hitler goes to war invalids, sitting on benches, talking with them.

Parade in front of the Pantheon.

Are standard-bearers, sailors, soldiers.

Close-up of the Nazi flag.

German submarine returns home.

The team is on the deck.

Close-up of captain Hartmann.

Sailors are happy, waving to the sailors on the ship.

Signalman waving flags.

Captain Hartmann down the stairs, the officer gave a report.

Sailors greet colleagues, asked to smoke.

Children bring flowers to the sailors.

Hartmann holds a girl.

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