Tonwoche № 500 (1940)

Newsreel №63977, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:10, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Propaganda story.

Games scene about the economy in wartime.

A young man visiting Ludwig sees on his Desk a large quantity of stale bread, at the same time, he again brings several loaves of bread.

Buddy Ludwig makes the comment that he does not know how to farm and doesn't care about the economy, when there is a war.

Home to Ludwig comes the boy from the "Hitler youth", he collects the dried bread from the owners for processing.

Ludwig happily said to his friend, that now he can donate your bread.


The gymnastics championship in Leipzig. 80 of the best gymnasts taking part in the championship.

Girls perform exercises on the balance beam, the uneven bars.

Shooting rapid.


Rafting in Bavaria.

Winter mountain river near Berchtesgaden.

Rafters stem of the river to release the logs.

Open the dam, the rafting begins.

The logs along with the water fall down, fall into the area more peaceful current.


Collecting donations for the families of soldiers who are fighting abroad.

The total amount of donations amounted to about 5 million marks.

In the hall on the long tables laid out toys and clothes.

Children together with adults choose the gifts that were purchased with funds of the charity.


An invitation to Crufts.

Demonstration of dogs trained for military service.

Shepherd runs the commands.

Service dogs perform tasks: rush to the Scarecrow, torn clothes.

Dogs of decorative breeds.

The woman with my dogs.

A girl with a dog approaches the officer.


Locomotive plant in Germany.

Working at the bench.

Forge, is forging a variety of parts.

The Assembly plant locomotives.

Ready locomotive, his first test drive.


Factory manufacturing barbed wire for defensive lines West of the shaft.

A worker unloads wire coils.

Rewind on the machine and manufacturer of barbed wire, which is twisted in the bobbin.

The stock bobbins.

Barbed wire on the ground.

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Reel №2

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Technical naval school in Germany.

Cadets are in the school building.

Lessons in classrooms, lecture in chemistry.

Theoretical lessons on navigation, physics, radio engineering.

Practical training in the engine room.

The guys near the artillery.

Training of cadets in an environment close to combat: the aiming guns of the battery of the coast guard.

Aiming anti-aircraft guns shooting at the planes.

Shooting at the parachutists of the "enemy".

View of the battery.


In the division of mountain artillery.

Artillery in mountainous terrain, they dismantled the weapon to pick it up on a rock.

On a rope the individual parts of the gun pulls up.

View from the rocks on the surrounding area.

The gunners re-assemble the gun and make the fire and shooting.


Bike parts belong to the high-speed combat arms.

Division cyclists-gunmen riding on a city street, on a snowy road.

At the signal, the mock alarm, they rush to the side of the road, bring a gun.

Then the arrows continue in gas masks because of a possible attack by chemicals.


Training crossing Bicycle parts and artillery across the Rhine.

Soldiers pump up the rubber boats, loaded them light guns, equipment, bicycles.

Landing on the opposite shore.


Military exercises in the Western Vale.

Soldiers from the strike force picks up his gun, puts the gun in the boots.

The infantry makes a forced March through the forest, takes the line of fire, rolling out the cannon.

The aircraft dives to the ground.

Under the explosions of shells hit squad goes on the attack.

Artillery firing, to ensure the security attack.

Gunners shoot.

Flamethrowers in action.

A hit squad breaks through defenses.

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