Tonwoche № 505 (1940)

Newsreel №63980, 2 parts, duration: 0:20:18, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Propaganda story.

Games scene, promoting "White book" as a collection of immutable documents, truthfully in illuminating the prehistory of the war.

Celebrations in Germany on the occasion of labor Day.

The Celebration Of May 1.

A meeting of reichsarbeitsblatt on the Krupp factory in Essen.

The aisle is Hess with the military and plant administration.

The performance of Hess, was among the spectators in the front row Dr.

The recycling of scrap metal.

One of the foundries in Germany.

Laying the scrap in the furnace.

The melted copper ingots.

The cleaned copper mould plate and immersed in solution for subsequent purification.

Bread army reserves.

A huge granary.

Worker checks the temperature of storage.

The sample of grain is taken using a probe from the bottom of the bookmark, humidity.

The workers throw the grain shovels.

German coal is delivered to Italy.

The train with the coal hits the road, open hand.

The train passes through a tunnel in the mountains.

Arriving at the station Brennero on the Italian border, Italian border guards check documents.

Military actions on the territory of France.

German soldiers near barbed wire.

Soldiers running across the field, explosions, shooting.

Captured French soldiers are under guard, sitting on the side of the road with their hands up, the Germans searched the prisoners.

The first aid to the wounded prisoners.

Face of a crying French soldier, lie the spoils of war.

Prisoners are fed at the table.

Military action to seize Norway.

Map of Northern Europe.

Multischema the intended allied invasion of the territory of Norway and a similar operation the Germans ahead in their actions of allies (according to speaker).

The advance of the German troops in Norway.

Go carts, cavalry is infantry.

Key words

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Reel №2

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Soldier gives fresh front newspaper passing of soldiers read on the go.

The rider with the newspaper arrives at the base, the soldiers dismantled them.

A soldier with a child in her arms looks a newspaper.

Lunch of German troops at rest.

A soldier carries a loaf of bread, the soldiers get rations, eat from the pot.

Horses eat oats from the hanging to the face of the sack, drink water from the river.

Soldiers sit resting on the shore.

The continuation of the campaign.

Clash head parts with the center of resistance.

Shelling the British position.

The German infantry unit gets final instructions before the battle, waiting the order to attack.

The crossing of the river the German troops with the help of inflatable boats, landing on the opposite shore.

The movement of troops into the country.

Laying telephone cable communicators.

On the side of the road lie the corpses of British soldiers, a broken military equipment.

Destroyed the city, burned down the house, protruding chimneys.

British car with ammunition, captured by the Germans.

The prisoners are British soldiers to the Assembly point in GrandHall.

A wounded prisoner of war leans on a stick.

Prisoners interviewed, they say that they rejoice that for them the war was over.

A group of prisoners, the choir performs the national song. pnrm. on a heap of scrap metal is broken British aircraft.

A German soldier looking at a plane, the instrument of the arrow, unexploded bombs.

The bombing by German aircraft in British military bases.

The bomber in the air, the views of the Scottish mountains.

The cockpit, he is looking at a map of Norway.

The bombardment from the air concentrations of British troops.

The bombing of the ship.

Squadron of British ships in the sea bombarded.

Dive planes, bombing.

The winning flight a German squadron.

Key words

Norway, 1940, the soldiers, the press, the front-line newspaper, horses, military action, guns, explosions, shooting, ruins, prisoners, wounded, bond, stay at the front, the bodies
England, 1940, the air force, the bombing of the Navy

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