Tonwoche № 507 (1940)

Newsreel №63982, 4 parts, duration: 0:35:54, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Propaganda story.

The gaming scene with the arguments of the two characters in defense of a violation of the neutrality of Holland and protecting the borders.

The scheme plans to capture the German territories.

On the map of Europe allocated to the territory of Germany.

Diagram explaining the intentions of England and France to block Germany.

Military action in the Netherlands.

May 10 - start of the offensive in the Netherlands.

The rise of a squadron of transport planes carrying the airborne army of General Kurt student.

View of the Dutch territory from the air: channels, forests.

The release of the assault on Rotterdam, the reset of military equipment and ammunition.

The landing of paratroopers, they collect parachutes and cargo.

The beginning of hostilities in the town at the factory.

German soldiers move into the city, ordering street fighting.

To help the infantry abandoned the bombers.

The explosions in the city, in the port of burning of the court.

Key words

Germany, 1940, advocacy scene
Germany, 1940, military planning
Holland, 1940, hostilities, air force, soldiers, explosions, fires, troops, paratroopers

Reel №2

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Military action in the Netherlands.

German troops overcome the first Dutch fortifications and moving forward.

Column of German technology in the streets, riding camouflaged with branches trucks.

Crossing the channel to build a pontoon bridge, the soldiers pulled a gun on the ropes.

View blown-up bridge.

The rest of the German soldiers after the March.

Tired men sleep in cars, motorcycles.

Morning, the troops move on.

On the road abandoned by the Dutch military equipment, buses, meet people go.

Forced to stop on the outskirts of the village, where the remains of Dutch troops resisted.

German unit carefully picking her way through the minefield.

In the box office.

Shooting of light artillery.

View of the village street, destroyed houses.

Wrecked the car, ran over a mine.

Sappers clear the street.

Burning roof of the house.

Street view of Rotterdam with traces of fierce fighting.

The rubble of the destroyed building.

Riding a column of German engineering on the road.

A view of the bridge.

At the forefront of the personal side of Hitler, Panzer division Heppner.

The communication with dropped paratroopers.

On the street the officer was talking with the senior units of the airborne troops.

German troops on the streets of Rotterdam.

The conduct of hostilities in the city.

The Dutch truce is a white flag on the street.

Night shooting in the city, raging fires. pnrm. the city from the bridge, look to the glow on the background of German soldiers marching.

Morning, view the destruction in daylight.

Residents wander by the ruins of houses, carriages, bicycles.

View of the destroyed city blocks from an airplane.

After the capture of Rotterdam by German troops, the Dutch command of the army announces the surrender negotiations on this matter with the German side.

German squadron starts heading for Belgium.

The view from the plane, can be seen the road clogged with military equipment and troops.

At the bottom of the Belgian fortress Luttich, the plane flies around it.

Key words

Holland, 1940s, soldiers, military operations, artillery, fires, ruins, tanks, generals, air force, bridges the pontoon, relax on the front, population, mines, communications, truce, surrender

Reel №3

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Military action in Belgium.

Over the lines of the fortifications of Liège.

German soldiers inspect a captured fortress Luttich, its bunkers and pillboxes, ruins of the fortress.

German flag over the citadel. pnrm. for the city of Liège, the destruction of the city.

Passing German cyclists, people look at them from the sidewalk, watching the movement of troops.

Motorized artillery, machinery drive past the theater building.

Look at the crowd of people.

German motorcyclist rides past the local police, asks something, he explains.

On the square are German troops.

German soldiers handing out in the crowd, the text of the Memorandum of Belgium, a piece in the hands.

People read the text, hung on the wall.

The German offensive to the West of Liege.

A pointer to NAMUR.

Goes motorized artillery, armored vehicles, tanks.

Crossing on a pontoon bridge across the river Maas.

Offensive operations in the South of Belgium.

Trucks traveling on the bumpy road past the ruins.

The Town Of Dinan.

German soldiers near the striped pole look at the city across the river.

The engineers dragged the supports, put together the raft, it ferried tanks, equipment, and troops.

Tank battle in Dinant, their support aircraft from the air.

Wrecked French tanks on the ground, holes in the armor.

Fighting near the town.

German soldiers inspect the damaged car, the window is visible the body of the officer.

Are captured by the Belgians with his hands.

A halt in the path.

The faces of the prisoners, among them Indians, blacks.

Prisoners carry wounded comrades on stretchers.

The prisoners are on the road, towards the German troops.

Residents look at the column of prisoners walking down the street.

Lie the broken machine guns.

Key words

Belgium, 1940s, soldiers, ruins, artillery, motorized, military action, tanks, air force, prisoners of war, wounded, bunkers, pillboxes, FORTS, population, leaflets, bridges the unit of production, the river, the engineers

Reel №4

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Motorized units go around the city.

Close-up of the window of the car with traces of bullets.

In the crater, filled with water, lying upside-down car.

German soldiers marching.

Soldiers butt chases the pig.

On the background of the Church are riding a truck with soldiers.

The car rides on General Reichenau, speaks with a soldier on the road.

Marching soldiers riding bicycles, tanks, carts.

On a Bicycle-tandem, passing two soldiers.

The road to Sedan to the Maginot line.

Passing armored vehicles, the soldiers fled.

The soldiers dragged the guns by ropes in the trucks.

The capture of the city.

The transition of the Franco-Belgian border.

Bunker on the border.

Soldiers lie beside the road, set the gun.

Military action in France.

Hanging balloon adjusts artillery fire, the scout transmits information on the radio.

Guns firing at the Sedan.

In the air, smoke and fire.

The gunners in the woods.

First aid to the wounded on the front lines.

The breakthrough of the Maginot line at Sedan.

Captured French bunker, a German soldier enters the bunker. pnrm. on the line of fortifications.

Lie the corpses of French soldiers.

German troops entered the Saloon, making their way through the ruins, the rubble, knock the door in the house, included.

Run soldiers through the streets of the city.

Burning houses.

The continuation of the offensive into France.

A pointer to Verdun.

Mechanized artillery is moving in the dark.

Artillery crew gun charges, shot.

Attack tanks with air support.

Infantry attack.

Key words

Belgium, 1940, motorized troops, soldiers, commanders, personnel, tanks, military action, cyclists, boundary, bunkers
France, 1940, artillery, fires, explosions, injured, ruins, mechanized artillery, tanks, airforce, infantry, military actions, balloons, exploration, dead bodies

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