Tonwoche № 511 (1940)

Newsreel №63987, 2 parts, duration: 0:15:04, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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The invention of a new attraction: a jump from a tower with a parachute attached to the frame using ropes.

The man includes a mechanism, the parachute glides inside the tower.

USA. Demonstration summer fashion near the resort casino.

People sit at tables under tents, on a side face of a model.

Girl in a sports outfit with straw hat, girl in white dress with racket in hand, girl in dress with basket of flowers.

Summer attire with Bolero.

Pilot takes pictures of the model.

A long robe dress, elegant long dresses.

In the audience sat the soldiers.

Men's folk dance in the Romanian village.

Men in traditional costumes dance in the dance.

Residents watching the dance, the faces of the children.


Competition in rowing on a canoe on the river with rapids.

Some boats flipped on the breakers.

The audience applauded the skill of the rowers.

The liberation of the Egyptian obelisk from the sand bags and the remnants of a wooden frame for protection from bombing in Paris.


The destruction of the city in the RAID on the British aircraft.

Residents look at the ruins.

Men pick up stones, debris.

Look at the broken garage collapsed section of houses.

On the walls traces of bullets and shells.

The walls surviving things.

Look at the broken room.

Soldiers working on the rubble.

The street is a group of children watching the work.

From the roof of the building falls a decorative detail.

The French refugees return to their homes, they are in a mixed camp.

Women with children sit on the ground near the carts.

The woman shakes her stroller, the mother feeds her baby.

Children with a doll.

The girl climbs into the wagon, where the children are sitting.

The representatives of the German benevolent society of the national socialists give the refugees food.

Key words

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Reel №2

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Shipping military supplies to the Western front.

The cars are barrels of fuel, they are reloaded on the German trucks.

In port working cranes.

German soldiers unload cans of fuel along the chain from the plane.

On the tarmac are German planes.

Trucks traveling on the road, the railway bridge.

Signpost: Kraut, Mechelen, Brussels, Mons.

Trucks traveling through the city streets, directing traffic on duty.

People look at the passing cars.


On the streets of the city are the French prisoners, they are in a mixed camp.

The group of prisoners sitting on the ground, playing cards.

Field kitchen gives the prisoners a hot meal.

Soldiers of the colonial troops in front of the camera: blacks, Indians.

Black soldiers dancing and singing in the circle of prisoners.


Top view of broken trains on the railroad tracks, bent tracks.

German soldiers walk past the bulk of the locomotive axles.

Restoration work on the railway by locals under the supervision of German soldiers.

Men carry the rails, laid on the ground.

Excavation works in the quarry.

Work in the tunnel by members of the organization "Todt" go welding.

The restoration of the bridge on the river crane is a farm bridge.

The first train runs on the restored bridge, in front it is decorated with a swastika and the garland.

Paris North station.

The arrival of the German military transport.

In an open carriage the soldiers were sitting near the flak.

Trains meet German officers.


Paintings of peaceful life under the German occupation.

Views of Cathedral square, old buildings.

The traffic in the city, many riding bicycles.

Narrow old street with passers-by, the crowd goes crazy.

City moving trams.

The tables of street cafes sit people, among them German soldiers.

Market square, it is trade of fruits, vegetables, cheeses, etc.

The Atlantic Coast, France.

Gross-Admiral Raeder visited an artillery battery on the coast.

The generals report to him the situation.

Reder passes to the gun.

Muzzle heavy guns, covered with netting, raised up.

The construction of fortifications in Germany. panorama of a huge building.

Soldiers and civilians in the excavation, concreting of Foundation.


Views of the Bay, in the port stand trial.

The shelling of the German ship by British planes.

German squadron at sea.

German fighters in a counterattack.

With the vessel empty of torpedoes.

The signalman works flags.

Key words

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Norway, 1940, world war 2, Navy, air force

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