Tonwoche № 532 (1941)

Newsreel №63996, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:52, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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On the facade of the flag with the inscription "Dakar".

Admiral Petain out of the building, bypasses the formation of soldiers of the colonial army.

The award ceremony, which observes the audience are women in their national costumes.

General Vigo (?) a parade, marching sailors, the Muslim detachment.

In Weimar, the opening weeks of military books.

Sculptural monument to Goethe and Schiller.

Are delegates from 14 countries.

The delegates eat in the dining room.

The slogan "Book and sword" on the exhibition of military books.

Goebbels inspects the book, leafing through, it suited the writer Hans Jost, Goebbels shaking hands with him.

In Riga hosted a campaign fundraising "people's aid".

Counting the collected cash donations.

The stock collected from population things.

In the Studio making clothes for the volunteers.


Girls of the fascist youth organizations in the rest of the sea.

They swim, play ball, dance in a circle on the beach.


The salt flats under the ground.

Go blasting.

Salt is loaded into trucks, lifted to the surface.

Hitler's Headquarters.

The reception by the Fuhrer, Minister of foreign Affairs of Italy, count Ciano and Alfieri.

They are accompanied by Ribbentrop.

Hitler and Ciano are included in the rate, then out of the building, saying goodbye.


The arrival of the special train with the Turkish General Ali Fuad Erden in Hitler's headquarters, he was greeted by the officers.

German soldiers are cutting wood, saw logs at the sawmill, are Board.

Construction of welfare houses for the soldiers.

Hitler, Keitel and other generals inspect a variety of everyday devices for soldiers (stoves, portable houses, different vehicles), designed for the German army on the Eastern front.

German troops take Petrozavodsk.

Close-up of the Finnish flag on the building.

General Heinrichs a parade of Finnish troops in Petrozavodsk.

Go German cyclists, tanks.

The South-Eastern area, district of Kharkov-Stalino.

The view from the plane on the way with the German motorized columns (low point).

On the road going trucks.

The truck, carrying weapons, soldiers traveling on bicycles, holding the rope, soldier goes on a camel.

On the roadside watching the passing troops officers.

Train with fuel comes to the base, unloading barrels of fuel, barrels of gasoline on the ground.

A squadron of German planes flying to bomb the Soviet positions.

The plane dives on the target, is bombing.

The observer is looking from the ground into the pipe.

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Reel №2

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Planes bombed fortifications near Kharkov.

German soldiers watching from the ground behind them.

October 24 - the assault on Kharkov.

View of the city from a distance, German artillery fires.

Fragments of street fighting.

The city are entering the German tanks.

The street is frustrated by tram No. 6, shows the ruins of the station, the post office building, Central square.

From the window of the bell tower hung a German flag.

Trophies, captured by the Germans: Soviet cannons, guns, tanks.


In the town of Glukhov in the occupied Ukraine in the Cathedral resumed Church services.

Interior view of the Cathedral, the icon of the virgin.

Residents on the service, the rite of communion.

The battle for the Donbas.

Bulgarian motorized units in the attack, they travel across rough terrain.

The commander and the officers of the card.

Soldiers firing machine guns, cannons.

The Dnieper, the sight of the dilapidated dam, water flow rushes into the breach of the dam.

The Central plot area of Kaluga.

German wagons are driving on terrible dirt, wagon wheels barely turn.

Soldiers are pulling a cannon.

View of Kaluga from a distance, the city lights.

The transport enters the city by the burning of chimneys.

At the train station are broken and burning compounds.

In the city marching the German part of the cyclists.

People look at the passing troops.

The scheme of the fighting on both sides of the highway leading to Moscow.

The defeat of the Soviet defensive line.

Anti-tank ditches, fortifications with barbed wire, hedgehogs, and bunkers.

Trenches filled with water.

Tank attack in the area of Borodino.

The view from the slit of the tank.

The tanks are soldiers.

Tanks fire at Soviet positions.

Fighting until dusk, in the dark, traces of tracer bullets and explosions.

Soviet soldiers surrendering.

The column of prisoners are in the village.

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