The Gong. (1967)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tikhonov V.

Operators: Sarancev A., Voroncov A.

Anouncers: Ozerov N.

Text writers: Prok I.


About the World Boxing Championship which took place in the city of Rome.

Temporary description

European Amateur Boxing Championships in Rome. The Soviet team of boxers in the composition: S. Stepashkin, Frolov, Izosimov, D. Pozniak, B. Barannikov, R. Tamulis, P. Gorbatov, A. Kiselev, V. Ageev, V. Ogurenkov coach. In the ring boxers: A. Kiselev and C. Ptak, P. and H. Gorbatov Skshipchak; Frolov, and E. Kulej; Ageev and Kovacs, D. Pozniak and P. Gerber. The judge announces the winner: D. Poznyak, which is twice the European champion.

Reel №1

Panorama from the brightly lit dome room "Palazzo things sport" in Rome, where the event takes place on boxing champion of Europe - MS., LS. (Winter).

Judges, reporters take their seats - MS.

PNRM. the room with the audience - LS.

The streets of Rome.

Soviet boxing team, led by head coach Victor Ogurenkovym on a walk through the streets of Rome.

Boxers: Stanislav Stepashkin, Valery Frolov, Alexander Izosimov, Dan Pozniak, Vilikton Barannikov Ricardas Tomulis, Peter Gorbatov, Alexei Kiselyov, Victor Ageev a walk around the city - CU.

Villa "Felice" provided by the owners of Rome Soviet boxing team - LS., MS.

Valery Frolov is resting in the garden of the villa.

Coach Ogurenkov massaging muscles Alexei Kiselyov in the shade in front of the villa - MS.

Competition boxers in "Palazzo sports business": the ring Tokyo Olympics silver medalist Alexei Kiselyov and champion of Poland Czeslaw Ptak (moments of the battle with the advantage Kiseleva).

Kiselev and C. Ptak after default battle, won by Kiselev.

Vilikton Barannikov Petrilya and Italian in the ring after the fight ended in victory for the Italian, Barannikov congratulates the winner.

Soviet boxer Oleg Grigoryev and Stanislav Stepashkin in the hall among spectators at boxing.

Competition judges at work in the hall - CU.

Coach Ogurenkov and Ricardas Tomulis (it is withdrawn from the competition due to a cut eyebrow during a fight) in the competition hall - MS.

Wall newspaper of the Soviet team - MS. PNRM.

Soviet team in the bus passes through the streets of Rome.

The streets of Rome with travel - MS.

Building "Palazzo sports business» - PNRM., LS.

Commentator in the competition hall - MS.

The ring boxers flyweight - Peter Gorbatov (USSR) and Hubert Skshipchak from Poland (battle points).

P. Gorbatov after the fight.

The judge is the winner of the semifinal battle P. Gorbatov.

Bell ringing - CU.

Commentators with microphones in the hands of broadcasts from the floor competition - CU.

Finals boxers: Valery Frolov in the ring with him and his second, brother Oleg Frolov.

Moments of combat Valery Frolov and Jerzy Kul - a Pole, the European champion.

Oleg Frolov watches the battle, tells Valeria necessary techniques.

Polish coach watches the fight - CU.

Frolov and E. Cooley on a break between rounds.

Frolov and E. Cooley in the ring in the third round (points battle).

Referee collects scraps with estimates.

The judge is the audience winner - Soviet athlete Valery Frolov, a graduate of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, has won the title of champion of Europe in the light welterweight division.

V.Frolov after the fight - CU.

Brothers Frolovs pass through the hall.

Reel №2

In "The Palazzo case sports" to the ring is an Italian boxer Mario Kasatti, enthusiastic audience applause greet him - LS., MS.

Judges in the competition hall - MS.

Participants of the final fight middleweight champion Alexey Kiselev and Italian Mario Kasatti boxer in the ring before the fight.

Father Mario Kasatti in the room with a microphone is a report - CU. (Heard shouting in Italian).

Kiselev and M. Kasatti with coaches on a break between rounds.

Moments of battle between Kasatti Kiselev and in the last round, ended in victory for the Italian.

Viewers congratulate father Italian boxer Mario Kasatti.

Soviet athletes after the event for a walk in Italian park.

Meeting with Soviet fighters with Italian boxers, trainers.

Journalists interviewing Viktor Ageyev.

B. Ageev in the ring in "Palazzo things sports."

B. rival Ageeva Pole Witold Stahurskiy in the room (he was not admitted to the final competition because of damage he had received in the previous battle).

The judge is the audience winner - Champion of Europe - W. Ageeva (first middle weight), recognized as the best boxer of the final of the European Championship without a fight.

Footage of the previous one - the semifinal battle with Romanian Victor Ageeva boxer Kovacs.

Kovači knocked down.

The following points battle.

Broadcasters are reporting from the competition hall - MS.

Continued fighting and B. Ageeva Kovači ending victory for the Soviet fighter.

In the ring, cruiser weight.

Final battle between Soviet fighter Dan Paznyak and Peter Gerber from Germany - the first and third rounds.

The judge is the winner of the meeting - the European champion Dan Poznyak.

Gold Medal of the European champion in boxing - CU.

Awarding gold medals Dan Poznyak - twice European champion - CU., Freeze-frame.

Reporters in the competition hall - MS.