Tonwoche № 603 (1943)

Newsreel №64015, 2 parts, duration: 0:14:23, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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On the basis of law in Croatia created a common agricultural organization.

In the agricultural district near Agrama poglavnik Ante Pavelic at the meeting before the peasants confirmed the election of representatives and the Council of the community.

The peasants are entered in the lists.

It will fit Pavelich peasants, whom he shakes hands.

All participants draw hands in a Nazi salute.

Pavelic out of the house, accompanied by men in traditional costume walking down the street, leaving in the car.


In the Pressburg comes from the Bulgarian Minister of justice, Dr Konstantin in the Morning.

At the station he met officials, bypassing the guard of honor.

The signing of the legal agreement by Ministers.

The ruins of the University in Madrid, which was destroyed during the civil war.

The undermining of the ruins for the construction of new buildings. pnrm. on campus, the new buildings of the University.


Making bicycles at the factory for military and civilian.

Worker welds the frame, women of the workpiece.

The Assembly of bicycles, the installation of the spokes in the wheel, pull chain, installation of the helm seat.

Bikes on the line.

Loading bikes into cars.

In the Swiss city of Bern there is the sport of riding bicycles on the rotating rollers.

This gives you the opportunity to organize the competition in those places where no trails for Cycling.

World-renowned cyclists compete at a "velodrome", the victory is awarded on points.

In Norway, near Oslo finally managed to make a track for holding ski competitions in slalom.

Go first competitions in skiing.

Slalom for men and women.

On the highway descends to the youngest slalom, 12-year-old Kalle Hosted, which did not make any mistakes.


The Savoy Alps.

Descent on a snowy slope in a kayak, in which sit three people.

Girl with an oar is pushed away from the snow, slides to the river, run down to the water.

The man flipped the boat in the snow.

Boats down to the water, and continue the path along the river.

General government (Poland).

At the Ostrovets plant locomotive the General government built a modern locomotive series R 50. The locomotive leaves the depot, the cab is attached to the swastika flag.

It examines the Commission.

The meeting in Prague, attended by representatives from various areas of Bohemia and Moravia.

The meeting was opened by the Prime Minister Dr.


The Minister of national education, Moravec read out the Declaration of the President, which expressed the desire of the Czech nation to join the General mobilization.

In conclusion, it is provided to the SS, state Secretary reyhsprotektorata Franc.

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Reel №2

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Construction of new munitions factories in Germany.

Installation of equipment using machines.

The machines installed in the shops, although construction is not yet complete.

A new factory building.

Women go to work.

Design Bureau, women for Kuhlmann.

Women in the shops, they are at the Assembly military precision instruments and equipment.

Ammunition production at the factory.

Map of North Africa, the military action in Tunis.

The delivery of fresh reinforcements to Tunisia for Rommel's army.

German transport planes in the air, they over the sea with sailing vessels on it.

With ships arriving in the port of Bizerte, go reinforcements.

Uploading equipment, weapons, tanks.

The movement of the column of German tanks to the front line in the direction to the town of Gabes.

Rides mechanized artillery, trucks with soldiers.

Pointer on the road: Kebili, El Gamma etc.

Directing traffic on the road.

Views of Gabes from the plane typical building of the Muslim city.

The southern sector of the front near Donets.

German technology, the motorcycles are followed to the East on a dirt road.

Panzer division in the campaign.

Tank jumps down to the ground, another looking through binoculars with the armor of the tank.

The tank attack.

Destroyed Soviet tanks, the corpses of Soviet soldiers.

Soviet soldiers surrendering.

Burning mill windmill falls apart, and burn, to the ground.

The fighting in the village, run by German soldiers.

On the snow lie the corpses are broken tanks.

Close-up of holes in tank armor.

Ruins of houses.

Military airfield in a snowstorm.

Loading bombs on aircraft.

German "Stuka bombers" together with Hungarian and Slovak aircraft bombed positions of the Soviet troops, the accumulation tanks.

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