Tonwoche № 620 (1943)

Newsreel №64016, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:16, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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At the invitation of the German youth group of the leaders of Belarusian youth organizations arrives in Germany.

Stay at the Berlin Park Tiergarten.

Young people sit at tables, have some beer.

Girls ride on boats, feed the ducks in the pond.

One of the many camps of the Russian workers, who work in Germany.

The barracks for the workers, in front gardens grow flowers, man watering them from a watering can.

Working day is over.

In the room behind the table sat a woman, singing Ukrainian songs, write letters home, read.

The camp hairdresser cuts man.

Women treated lawn.

For the 500 residents of the camp daily the need to prepare large amounts of food.

Women clean vegetables.

Young people do sports, the boy pulled on the bar, others watching, the two groups pull the rope.

Camp holiday: works Manager distributes the award - thing, boots, shoes, cigarettes, portraits of Hitler.

View of the Reims Cathedral, badly damaged by British bombing during a RAID.

German soldiers dismantled debris, extinguish the flame.

The bombs struck the dome of the Cathedral, which is admired by the whole world.

The destruction inside the Cathedral.

At that time, as the ruins of hospitals and infirmaries still Smoking, the cleared land in the improvised operating room the doctor starts to work.

Working on the streets of the city on a special car go around the poles, mend wires.

Ride the trams, the cars.

At the headquarters of the Spanish volunteer division on the Eastern front took place a religious procession with the participation of General Esteban-Infantes.

The soldiers are with candles in hand, to enter the Church.

Field Marshal von Manstein on behalf of the führer presented the gold badge "Crimean shield" the Romanian head of state Marshal ion Antonescu.

The Fuhrer said Romanian troops for bravery in the battles for the Crimea and the capture of Sevastopol.

During your stay in Romania Manstein laid a wreath at the monument to the unknown soldier in Bucharest.

Hitler youth Berlin area shows at the Olympic stadium excellent results in gymnastics and sports.

On the podium among the spectators sitting Reichsfuhrer Axman.

On the field is the girls dancing.

Sports run for women and men.

The faces of the boys in the stands.

Mostar - the capital of Herzegovina, a wild mountainous area on the shores of the Adriatic sea.

The population is happy to see part of the SS division "Prince Eugene".

In conjunction with military units and Croatian volunteers, they destroyed terrorizing the country "bandits".

A calm peaceful life in Mostar, people walking on the street, the boys at the river, shepherds lead flocks of sheep, herd of horses grazing.

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Reel №2

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Reich Minister Speer thanked the workers of a German locomotive factories for their excellent work.

Rewarding workers.

From the Assembly plant locomotives are adapted to the climate of the Eastern regions.

German caravan at the Dutch coast.

On separate ships are tethered balloons that protect against unexpected shaver flying enemy torpedo bombers.

Balloons in the sky.

The air RAID alarm, the sailors scatter to different places.

Begins the attack of English bombers.

Beat the German anti-aircraft guns to repel the attack of the enemy.

Getting into the plane.

The caravan continues its way.

On the Black sea coast of the German soldiers produce demining work.

Seen the Soviet landing craft.

German artillery scatters the enemy.

Shore shooting guns.

The enemy is trying to hide their boats in the thickets of the Kuban river.

They are discovered and destroyed by fire on-Board guns.

German planes bombed the boat, the exact hit in the purpose.

The area between Orel and Belgorod.

Starts the operation on the largest scale with tanks and infantry.

Early on the morning of the attacking Soviet planes discovered the German fighters is a dogfight.

Plane crashes, explodes on the ground.

Tankers watching the planes.

The command post of the SS division on the front lines, the generals on point.

The distribution of the last of the orders to counterattack.

Tiger tanks are on the offensive, them fleeing grenadiers.

Tank battle.

A squadron of bombers supporting the attack of ground troops.

On the front lines of transmitted light signals.

Soviet tank rumbling forward, trying to go back, but it inciting.

Broken Soviet tanks.

Soviet soldiers surrendering.

Prisoners go through a wheat field.

A wounded captured soldier said the Germans.

Asian face prisoners.

The prisoners are on the road.

The fight continues.

A German soldier throws a grenade.

Go German tanks, firing artillery.

Key words

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