Tonwoche № 621 (1943)

Newsreel №64017, 2 parts, duration: 0:15:03, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Collection of Ukrainian workers working in Germany.

Near your barracks are young Ukrainians, close-UPS of boys and girls.

The awarding of the best workers clothing gifts: shoes, clothes.

Occupied Ukraine.

Volunteer Ukrainian troops on military maneuvers.

Plays trumpet, the soldiers ran out of the barracks.

Build, return the report to the commander.

The soldiers marching from camp to the place of maneuvers.

Soldiers with guns dispersed through the woods, jump in the trenches.

Gunner shoots.

The observer looks through binoculars.

Officers confer at the map.

Shoots a grenade launcher.

Top view on the battlefield, see the shells exploding.

The soldiers in the attack.

Soldier throws a grenade.

Trumpeter signaled the retreat.

All gathered around the commander, he sums up the maneuvers.

The soldiers are resting, lie on the grass, Smoking.

Next to the soldier stands a little child, a soldier carves his pipe.

Officers talking, Smoking.

Bilbao comes the Secretary of the party Ares to participate in the parade.

Along the street are the Spanish generals, people raising their arms in a Nazi salute.

In the square line up troops different types of troops are archers, sailors, etc.

Is laying a wreath at the monument to General Mall, the officers salute.

Ares takes the parade, go to the Phalangists.

People from the sidewalks and balconies of the houses welcomed the troops.

In Prague took place the celebration in honor of the birthday of the President of the Gahs.

At the presidential Palace the orchestra.

In the hall the birthday child receives a welcome ' and gifts from representatives of the government, the public and the diplomatic corps.

SS-obergruppenführer Frank talks with the President.

By the Gahs are the Czechs in their national costumes, shaking his hand.

Gah receives from the balcony of the Palace a parade of honorary battalion.

The spectators, children.

In the French city of Arles in the antique amphitheater is bullfighting.

People sit on the rostrum.

In the arena there are many fans of bullfighters and picador, trying to fight with the bull.

The bull chases them around the arena, fans jumping over the barriers from the terrible horns.

The audience clap, cheer non-professionals.

In Montmartre in Paris, are racing antique carriages and cars.

People watching from the balconies in the square with members of the race.

Horse-drawn carriages passing on the street, each seated pair.

The crews at the finish.

Berlin hosts the Olympics.

There are competitions by water kinds of sports.

Heats of men and women, jumping into the water from the tower.

Jump three women at the same time.

The winner in swimming in the 200 meters among men becomes Helmholt from Erfurt, among women - OLE Oberstein from Breslau.

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Reel №2

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On the Lapland front.

German planes sit on the snow-covered field.

The bombers and "Stukas" dropping bombs over the river to eliminate ice jams.

The hand with the rocket launcher, the alarm.

From the ground behind the aircraft see the gunners.


Sanitary service dogs moves on the snow.

The wounded are transported on a sled, and then passed on to the wood-sledge pulled by a horse.

Ferry the wounded across mountain streams and gorges by cable car.

Arrival at transshipment point.

Ambulances take out wounded on the coast.

Wounded lowered down the cliff on ropes into the boat, delivered to the ship in a Norwegian port.

Here everything is ready to treat the wounded.

The doctors bandaged the wounded.

Wounded rest, read, play chess, cards.

In the ship's theater for them to be held showing of the movie on the screen and the little dancer.

Wounded on the deck saying goodbye to Norway, visiting the shore.

German Navy runs along the Atlantic coast, in the air aircraft maintenance.

Sailor signaling searchlight on the mast raise flags.

There is a setting deep-sea mines in the sea.

The enemy's bombers in the sky.

Alarm sounds, the men took places at the combat schedule.

The gunners fired at the enemy aircraft.

One of the ships, hastens to the aid of another, which fire from falling bombs.

The sailors put out the flames with their hoses, buckets of water.

The damaged ship is taken in tow.

Light naval ships of Germany hunt for British submarines off the coast of Holland.

Sailor-Akustik using sonar listens for noise from the submarine.

Alarm on the ship, there is a vent torpedo explosions.

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