Tonwoche № 653 (1944)

Newsreel №64039, 2 parts, duration: 0:13:49, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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On the day of the Declaration of independence of the Filipino people in the capital Manila held a parade.

In the presence of the Japanese military and civilian representatives of the members of the Philippine government take hits.

Are the troops, the soldiers have a bust of the President.

Is a demonstration of the city's residents.

Director of the Estonian self-government Dr.

Mae-announces on the radio a General mobilization.

The male population recorded in the lists of recruits.

Medical examination of recruits.

Farmers rent their horses to collection points.

Training of young recruits drill.

Recruits March to the old city gates.

Propaganda posters on the buildings on the fight against the Bolsheviks.

Youth organization "Hitler youth" is credited in the SS division "Grossdeutschland" - ("Great Germany") in one of the cities.

The column marched down the street, playing drummers and buglers.

System on the marketplace, the commander of the bypasses.

Close-up of stripes on the sleeve of a soldier.


Ski competitions in the Tatra national championship.


A Boxing match in a Berlin people's theater between Hungarians and Germans.

European champion in heavy weight Boxing Goppa with the Hungarian Tomasi.

Goppa knocked out, but after scoring was deemed a draw.

In Zagreb in the presence of senior officials of Croatia is the reception of locomotives sent from Germany.

Test drive.

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Reel №2

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View of Budapest from the river, the houses of Parliament.

Admiral Horthy awards in the Royal Palace the General-the major of Corneille Aslani military order of Maria Theresa.

Awards ceremony.

Close-up of premium sheet, text, signature Horthy.

Aslani first officer of the Hungarian army, which received this award.

SS General Gille, General of the SS Lib and the leader of the Walloon group Digrel at a reception in Hitler's headquarters, they awarded the order of the Iron cross for fighting in the encirclement at Cherkassy.

Hitler talks with them at the table.

The Dnieper river, the line Vitebsk-Zhytomyr, Kirovohrad.

Tanks driving on snow-covered field behind them is infantry.

German observers notice that on the field there are effigies of Soviet tanks delivered in the field as bait.

The division commander stands in the open hatch of the tank, finds a live target, firing tank cannon.

Soviet soldiers surrendering.

Tanks are on the road, enter the village.

German tank goes to the camera.

Military action in the area of Nettuno and Aprilia.

With the participation of a large number of combat aircraft, artillery and tanks there is a battle on the bridge fortification Nettuno.

Heavy artillery attack reflects the Anglo-American aircraft.

The burning plane crashes and burns to the ground.

The portion of the field of battle.

On the way to April riding tanks, motorcyclists.

A network of wires from a higher command post.

Assault of the German parachute troops is left of the Anglo-American troops positions.

Shells of heavy artillery.

The soldiers in the trenches, the officers among the soldiers.

Valley Maletto to the front line German soldiers.

Nettuno under artillery fire.

Camouflaged German tanks go on the road.

Captured by the British and Americans in transit and at rest.

Cleared by sappers minefield.

The road is littered with craters from shells.

Broken tanks.

The road from Aprili in Nettuno, several times passing from hand to hand.

The corpses of soldiers on the roadside, broken tanks, guns, cars.

The column of prisoners, captured in the surroundings South of Aprili.

Key words

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