Tonwoche № 660 (1944)

Newsreel №64044, 2 parts, duration: 0:15:27, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Estonian Volunteer of the German army, the battalion SS units "Narva", contributed to the liberation of the German forces from the environment in Cherkasy, in full get home leave.

tier Arrival in Reval (Tallinn), soldiers marching along the platform, residents greeted them.

Building on the square.

Brigadenfuhrer SS Moeller welcomes valiant troops.

For the soldiers arranged a dinner in the hall.

Religious holiday Blessing of the Waters takes place in Romania.

out the priests, in the courtyard of the monastery built troops out of the church.

In the presence of King Mihai, head of the government of Marshal Antonescu and the deputy.

Prime Minister Mihai Antonescu held traditional celebration.

The priest sprinkles them with holy water.

The procession comes to the river, the priest throws the cross into the water, a man in a long shirt, standing in the river, raised the cross and carried to shore.


In Uppsala, in the presence of the royal family held a ceremony of commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the death of King Charles XIV, the founder of the Swedish royal Bernadotte dynasty.

The car with the royal family goes through the city streets.

Moves demonstration of students with corporate flags.

King Gustav V and the royal family greet people from the steps of the University, which educated many members of the Royal House of Bernadotte.

In the 5 th anniversary of the existence of Franco's Spain in Madrid was a big parade of all the armed forces and the police party.

Franco on the podium, are infantry, cavalry, horse artillery.

On Easter prize races at the racetrack in Berlin-Karlshorst there are tens of thousands of Berliners.

Placards with the names of the jockeys: Zimmerman, Albers, Chapman et al.

Among the spectators many soldiers.

Begin steeplechase.

On the Belgian cycling race through the city Flanders collected over 100 participants.

Riders race on the road at an average speed of 45 km per hour.

Athletes ran intercept water and sandwiches.

Not far from the finish of the athlete, who went first, fell, and was eliminated from the competition.

The first prize was awarded to Van Steinberger, he Trays flowers.

Poglavnik Ante Pavelic makes inspection tour of Croatia, liberated from the terrorist gangs.

On street car rides with Pavelic, accompanied by motorcyclists.

The population enthusiastically welcomed the head of state, which passes among the crowd.

Pavelic on the balcony of the building.

Military action in the Cassino area.

A view of the destruction, produced by the British and Americans.

The ruins of the town and the monastery.

The statue, by chance surviving in a niche of the broken walls, murals on the ruins. 9 US tanks attacked a mountain pass, where German troops had taken refuge.

A soldier looks through a telescope.

There was an explosion, the soldiers hiding in a cave.

There is a heavy artillery bombardment of German positions before the tank attack.

The German anti-aircraft battery opened fire in response.

German paratroopers go on the attack, to the battles near the action to destroy other tanks.

War correspondent part along with several fighters fits very close to heavy enemy tank.

The front tank is already hit by anti-aircraft artillery, tanks destroyed other paratroopers.

A soldier with a bandaged hand smiling, smoking in the lulls.

Heavy artillery fire forces parachutists seek shelter.

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Reel №2

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Clubs of smoke from the explosion, gunmen in the shelter.

Americans, by creating an artificial smokescreen, trying to facilitate a retreat for the remaining tanks.

The attempt of the enemy infantry with tanks at the same time attack the offensive was repelled.

Shoot the German gunners, flamethrower.

March 16 the German garrison surrounded in Kovel, after the fighting, which lasted 21 days, as a result of joint action by all arms of the service was released.

During this time the German Air Force supplied the soldiers stationed in an environment with all necessary.

With airplanes dropping hollow shells of ammunition and food inside.

Kovel View from the air, a church, house, broken railway.

A large number of railway workers valiantly fought in the ranks surrounded the garrison, they dig in the way.

Soldiers in the respite between battles, eat, drink, sanitation fighter bandaging his leg.

Officers discuss the situation in the map.

Pits dug among railway facilities to shelter shooters.

In the battles participated German armored train.

Despite the extremely unfavorable conditions, the German tanks and grenadiers, supported by parts of the SS came to Kovel.

Tanks go on the snow, followed by the soldiers.

The soldier claps his hands from the cold.

Soviet aircraft at low level flight bombing German positions.

The German U-87 attack aircraft continuously engage the purpose of facilitating the position surrounded by the garrison.

Colonel Hoffman, commander of the parts, we obtain the release of the task of the garrison, discusses the task of the card.

In stubborn fighting German tanks paving the way grenadier and SS units.

They approach the border Kovel, are fighting in the suburbs.

The entrance to the city, around burning houses, the streets are broken Soviet tanks.

German soldiers at home, from the basement selected a Soviet soldier, prisoner interrogation.

The Germans are prisoners, among them many Asian people.

April 5 German troops allied with the garrison.

Hoffman gets off the tank, coming to the German headquarters, from which the officer.

Defender Kovel Gruppenführer SS Lieutenant General Gille welcomes Colonel Hoffman.

Soldiers are talking, smoking.

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