Tonwoche № 661 (1944)

Newsreel №64045, 2 parts, duration: 0:15:25, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Holy Week in Spain.

In all the cities are traditional procession.

Coaches with scenes from the Holy Scriptures.

Crucifixion, Christ lying, sculpture of the Virgin, candles.

Procession in historical costumes.

After participating in the fighting at Cherkassy shturmbrigada SS "Wallonia" returns home.

The division in the square before the town hall.

Degrel and SS-Obergruppenführer Sepp Dietrich of the bypass, reward soldiers.

Soldiers division in the crowd, they greet residents.

SS Panzer Brigade "Wallonia" comes to Brussels.

Women throwing flowers, the population welcomed the troops.

Degrel in the crowd, he shake his hand.

The opening of the season of rowing in Germany.

Male and female athletes lowered the boat into the water.

Boys go with oars.

Start eights.


Young people on the playground.

Hockey, moments of the game.

172 participants cycling race Paris-Roubaix at the start of the racing.

Pointer to Amiens, the riders enter the city.

Private railway barrier changes the results of the race.

The winner Tempelare.

Fascist symbols: the eagle and the swastika.

April 20, 1944 Hitler's 55th anniversary.

The rise of the Nazi banner of.

It takes place in Berlin demonstration.

From the Brandenburg Gate on Unter den Linden there is a military band.

Berliners with Nazi flags marched with a guard, the girl holds the hand of soldiers on both sides.

In the windows hang flags with a swastika.

The ruins cover a patriotic poster.

Newsstand, a newspaper with the title of the event.

The Chancellery visitors leave entries in the book, are the representatives of diplomatic missions.

Hitler inspects the operation of new tanks and is congratulated ministers and generals.

He arrives by car on the ground, he is met by the generals.

Hering approaches the Führer, shakes his hand.

Hitler goes to the ranks of generals.

Field-Marshal Keitel, Grand Admiral Doenitz, Chief of General Staff Gen.


Hitler talking to the young officers and soldiers.

General Guderian, Sauer engineer in charge of the defense industry.

Hitler looks tanks.

German ship in the sea.

Coast guard anti-aircraft battery.

Raid the Anglo-American bombers on Germany.

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Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


Anxiety in the air defense forces.

Receiving telegrams, radio operator sends a message about the raid on enemy planes on the radio.

German pilots sit in a fighter aircraft.

Automatic camera mounted on one of the planes.

In the city the population hiding in bunkers and bomb shelters.

Are the trams.

At the hospital, the wounded and sick to carry the bunker.

Control of the aircraft is carried out in a hostile combat observation points.

Women are entered data on the card.

Air battle with the Anglo-American bombers.

Downed enemy aircraft in the air are flying the aircraft wreckage.

Pilots skydive.

On the ground, burning the remains of the aircraft.

Captured American pilots, being questioned.

The graves of dead Americans, crosses.

The next day, from Italy to the south-eastern regions of Germany are sent to the Anglo-American bombers.

The staff receives.

Heavy German anti-aircraft artillery shells of the enemy.

Battery sea.

One of the American four aircraft, which was broken gas tank sits on a German airfield.

Output 10-man crew.

Bombers penetrate into the region of the German Alps.

Battery in the mountains.

The staff, telephonists.

German fighters take to the skies.

Air battle.

American bomber shatters.

Burning aircraft engines.

on the ground from a height of view.

Key words

Germany, in 1944, World War 2, air defense, air force, communications, population, bomb shelters, prisoners, artillery

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