Tonwoche № 666 (1944)

Newsreel №64048, 2 parts, duration: 0:12:44, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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The President of France, Marshal Petain visited the main city of Normandy Rouen.

Raid the Anglo-American air caused great destruction in the city, damaged by the world-famous cathedral.

car motorcade travels through the city, residents welcomed the Pétain.

Marshal out of the car, the children Trays him flowers.

The Church of San Quentin was held a memorial service for the victims of the bombing.

After the service Peten goes to the people at the church, he shakes the hands of priests.

The place where 5 centuries ago was burned by the British Jeanne d'Arc, on-site burning stove, sculpture.

Pétain approaches to sculpture.

The people of Slovakia celebrates the 25th anniversary of the death of Milan Stefanik, a fighter for the independence of the Slovak.

The ceremony at the national monument Stefanik, he spoke.

Build soldiers at the monument, are government officials.

Women in traditional costumes.

Portrait Milan Stefanik.

In the city of Krems 14 May 1944 held the 5th German war contest in gymnastics on shells of men.

Athletes on the parallel bars, horizontal bar, rocking shooting.

General winner was Ernest Brown Dortmund.

It performs gymnastic exercises.

Key words

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Slovakia, 1944, celebration, personalities, monuments
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Reel №2

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In those areas of Germany, which are particularly often subject to raids of enemy aircraft, the population receives special food allowances.

The headlines of German newspapers about the products.

Showcases food stores.

In wartime Germany in the state without delay to supply the population with food.

Table norms.

Buyers in shops, sausage department.

From warehouses to ship products Machine, porters wheeled barrels, carry bags.

Reich Minister of Food Tank, is the person responsible for the organization of the power of the people, constantly monitors the performance of its activities.

Bake in a warehouse, it checks the grain, meat.

In Tirana, in the presence of the Albanian Prime Minister, he took the oath of the newly formed Albanian gendarmerie.

Story of the gendarmes in the yard of the barracks, bypassing the system.

The gendarmes take the oath.

Young volunteers are marching.

Long columns of Ukrainian and Romanian refugees accompanied by German troops entering in eastern Romania.

Refugee convoys on the road, in a cart drawn by camels, horses.

People waiting for the train.

The nurses of the German Red Cross supply of people with food, caring for babies of refugees, bathe them.

Children in cribs.

On the front portion of the Adriatic coast.

Lookout Mountain, German soldiers calling on the phone with a message about the attack.

German tank destroyer leaving his refuge.

Soldier erases traces of the tracks on the sand.

Fighter fires in the valley.

The observer looks, wiping his face with a handkerchief from heat.

On the other site of the Italian front to the south of Rome began a great battle near the town of Cisterna with the advancing Anglo-American parts.

From the city of Cisterna remained only ruins.

German soldiers stubbornly defended against superior enemy forces.

The respite between battles, the soldiers are sleeping in the ruins.

Heavy battery in combat.

tanks counterattack.

Detachments of the so-called "green line", which is so afraid of the enemy, go on the offensive.

The bodies of the soldiers, broken tanks.

The prisoners, many of whom are soldiers of the colonial troops, the Indians.

German soldiers are running between the haystack fire, lying in the grass.

It shoots a gun calculation.

Enemy aircraft in the sky.

The soldier looks at the sky, considering the punched bag.

The explosions on the ground.

Admiral Meeendsen-Bolkiah among the teams of the German fighter submarines.

The captain of the boat Lieutenant Otto Pollman, awarded for sinking 12 enemy boats, his team, Admiral bypass operation.

German submarine out the raid, carrying out protection of the German convoy in the Mediterranean Sea.

In a special room of the boat are devices that can locate the enemy boats.

Heard the noise of the engine under the water, the alarm on the boat, the sailors fled to places.

Dropping deep bombs, explosions in the water.

Traces of oil on the surface of the water - a sign of a direct hit on target.

Reid continues, a new battle.

Key words

Germany, in 1944, World War 2, people, food, products, state. figures, personalities
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Romania, 1944, World War 2, the refugees, the Red Cross
Italy, in 1944, World War 2, tanks, soldiers, ruins, mountain, artillery, killed, prisoners, the BBC
Germany 1944, world war 2, military leaders, personalities, the submarine, the Navy

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