Tonwoche № 669 (1944)

Newsreel №64051, 2 parts, duration: 0:17:38, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Manufacture of footwear for workers from the east, located in Germany.

The factory work only eastern workers, among them many women.

On the floor, a pile of blanks, blanks warehouse.

Scalloping parts, women sew for cars.

Men connected parts nailed soles.

Finished shoes loaded onto the machine.

French Rear Admiral Jardel opens maritime exhibition in Paris.

View of the great layout sailboat and cabin boy figure.

Models, drawings.

Visitors to the exhibition.

Should a sailor with a halberd.

The paintings on the theme of the sea.

Union of German and foreign students at Vienna organized a concert of folk songs, which were sung by a lot of foreign songs.

Japanese singer Mihiko Tanaka listeners.

Croatian choir singing soldiers.

The choir sang Bulgarian songs.

Applause listeners.

At the end of the 5th German Cup in front of thousands of soldiers and workers of the defense industry have met the team Dresden sports club and sports club of military aircraft from Hamburg.

Moments of the game, the audience reaction.

The winning team Dresden 4-0.

Philippe Henriot, French gos.sekretar on information and promotion, during his trip to Germany, visited the studio famous German sculptor Arno Breker professor.

Inspection work in the studio of the sculptor, a giant naked male figure.

Henriot spoke with French students of the sculptor.

Sculpture of a giant Nazi eagle, old bust of Lincoln bust, bas-relief.

Shoe Factory in the General Government.

Women for sewing machines stitch the skin, there is a shoe assembly.

Production processes, sewing shoes, boots.

Manufactured product quality control, packaging, warehousing.

The exhibition "Our Army" in Vienna is very popular with the public.

A visit to the exhibition of the Japanese military delegation.

Delegation passes down the line of soldiers outside the exhibition building.

Inspection items: six-barrel mortars, guns.

Photo exhibition on the construction of the army.

Visitors to the exhibition, numerous military attaches of various countries, got a clear idea of ​​the strength and the will to win the German Army.

to view layouts.

The chief of defense forces, Admiral Horthy's Hungary in its 76 years, full of energy, he is in a location of the artillery.

Horthy on the maneuvers of infantry, artillery and tanks.

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Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Layout, reproduces the fighting on the Somme in 1942.


Layouts bunkers, switch, inside sits a radio operator, telegraph-soldiers.

The battle paintings, photographs: German soldier in camouflage with a pipe in his mouth.

Despite the fact that the Anglo-American forces have concentrated a huge amount of materials and manpower in the small space of the French coast, they failed to hit the target.

Small connection the German Navy constantly attack the enemy and inflict serious losses the enemy amphibious fleet.

Awarding of the German sailors from the fleet of torpedo boats.

The coastal artillery firing at enemy ships landing near the mouth of the Seine and Orly.

Bunker coastal artillery, artillery shells roll, shoot heavy weapon.

Burning ship.

The landing of the enemy in the dunes, broken steam roll ammunition cans, boxes.

Heavy bombers of the enemy almost without interruption bombed German attacking units.

Destroyed by the Anglo-American air French city of Caen.

Residents wander the wreckage of houses, a woman brings a suitcase and a chair, residents dismantled rubble.

Frustrated Cathedral.

Go down the street, refugees, trying to get out of cities and villages destroyed by the Anglo-American bombing.

Caves, where the civilian population is hiding

German infantry and self-propelled gun in a defensive battle with the enemy.

Anti-aircraft artillery fire on the lead aircraft.

Set on fire transport gliders on the ground.

Prisoners follow the camp.

German soldiers at rest, they sit on the ground to eat.

German SS division "Hitler Youth" soldiers receive awards, the young soldiers in front of the camera.

Counterattack of the German troops.

Ride motorcyclists.

Self-propelled guns cause flank attack.

Numerous attempts to break through the heavy American tanks were repulsed.

Successful actions of the German rocket launcher, shot gun.

Night bombardment of enemy positions.

Key words

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