Tonwoche № 672 (1944)

Newsreel №64055, 2 parts, duration: 0:14:45, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

International Industrial Fair held in Barcelona.

The flags of the participating countries.

Visitors come to the fair.

Promotional poster "Camus" cognac, she gives it a try visitors.

General view of the fair.

Samples of products: metal products - a model sailboat, circle.

The telephone company is the station, the girl-signaller at work.

Demonstration of vacuum cleaners, variety of tools.

Exhibition: "Fashion and textiles."

Girls show a fancy dress and costumes.

Prague, view of the river and Prague Castle in the distance.

Architectural monuments, traffic.

The building of the palace, where the art exhibition on the theme of working people.

On a beautiful broad staircase rising German officers, visiting the exhibition.

Pictures: RAD Soldiers with shovels, sculpture worker.

Woman with sheaf of wheat.

Visitors view the paintings.

The soldiers on the march, a soldier and a girl.


Training horses for the army at the stud.

Dressage female soldiers.

Race hurdles.

Column horsewomen moving on the road, each holding the reins of a second free horse.

Horse racing on rough terrain.

Oath of Slovak students who have completed a course of military Academy in Bratislava.

Story on the parade ground.

President Tiso speech.

Sit German and Slovak officers.

The return of Croatian troops home after training in Germany.

Meeting at the station.

Poglavnik Ante Pavelic bypass operation.

The troops under the command of poglavnik march in Zagreb.

Key words

Spain, 1944 Fair, the industry exhibition
Czechoslovakia, 1944 architectural monuments, exhibition, painting, sculpture
Germany, in 1944, World War 2, the stud farm, domestic animals
Slovakia, 1944, World War 2, the oath, military educational institutions, state. figures, personalities
Croatia 1944, World War 2, the state. figures, personalities, troops

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

16 thousand civilians left homeless in the city of Lisieux in Normandy, almost 3000 dead, buried under the ruins of the bombing.

The ruins of buildings in the city, there is a nun, working with picks.

Refugees with things pass by the ruins.

Survivors of the townspeople are hiding in a cave near the city.

People sit on the ground in the dark.

Map, the English Channel between England and Europe.

German reserves moving on the roads of Normandy to the place of combat operations.

The soldier on the sidelines distributes front-line newspaper.

Passing cyclists.

A soldier reading a newspaper at rest, seen the headline: "Eisenhower did not catch us by surprise."

Infantrymen are bikes on city streets.

On the side are broken car.

On the road going trucks with soldiers and vehicles.

The observer in the helmet, camouflaged with branches, staring at the sky.

There are enemy planes, all rush to the side of the road.

The artillery opened fire.

Downed four-engine bomber burning on the ground.

A pointer to the Vir and Avranches.

Column reserves held by the French coastal town damaged.

Cathedral, damaged by Anglo-American bombing, interior view.

German soldier in glasses playing the organ.

German tanks on the streets.

Officers discuss a combat mission over the map on the street.

The tanks, motorized artillery occupied positions on the edge of the forest.

Standing six-barrel mortars.

Pause during the fighting.

The soldiers eat, smoke, play with kabanёnkom caught in the woods.

On one of the most advanced battle stations.

Comes cyclist passes the package.

Troop Waffen-SS in a swampy area.

Soldier goes through the mud along the footbridge to the dugout, because it looks a fighter with a puppy in her arms.

An observer with binoculars in a tree.

Village after the rain turned into a swamp, mud everywhere.

Shock troops sent to investigate.

A soldier climbs a tree, and then they make their way through the hedge.

The artillery starts shelling the enemy.

The soldiers ran through the swamp.

Tanks are preparing for the counterattack.

Shoot mortars.

The infantry goes on the attack.

Fight with American tanks.

Destroyed tanks on the field.

German soldiers inspect the tank, visible holes in the armor.

Calculation of a self-propelled guns was awarded Iron Crosses.

One of the characters - Lieutenant Franz Ludwig, holder of the Iron Cross knightly degree with his team destroyed in one day 16 English tanks, he watches as a gunner on the trunk draws a gun dashes in the number of destroyed tanks.

In the area of ​​Normandy.

German units are in close proximity to the enemy.

There is a battle.

Burning American tanks.

German soldiers in the attack, they captured the city.

Street fighting in the ruined city.

Key words

France, in 1944, World War 2, refugees, ruins
France, in 1944, World War 2, the soldiers, the press, cyclists, air force, artillery, ruins, musical instruments
France, 1944 world war 2, tanks, artillery, vacation, SS, natural phenomena, exploration, rewarding, personalities

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