Tonwoche № 676 (1944)

Newsreel №64057, 2 parts, duration: 0:14:45, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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President Emile Gah celebrates 72 years.

Chairman of the Council of Ministers Dr.

Krejci and other State. leaders congratulate Gahu in the office of his residence - Larskaya castle.

The ride through the park of the castle in wheelchairs.


Celebrating the 55th anniversary of poglavnik Pavelic.

The streets of Zagreb are decorated with flags and portraits.

The churches are solemn services.

Writing in the book of visitors poglavnik Pavelic.

In connection with the 8th anniversary of the national revolution in Spain Caudillo took residence in La Granja members of the diplomatic corps.

Franco and his wife out of the residence building, talking to diplomats.

motorcade in Madrid.

Workers celebrated caudillo.

Honored worker awarded diplomas.

Parade 300 thousand people are columns of demonstrators.

German-Flemish business partnership in the day of battle Gyuydelshpormskogo organized a demonstration in Antwerp.

They're coming columns "Hitler Youth" soldiers.

Pipes buglers.

The grand meeting in the hall.

The passage through the hall with a banner with the image of a lion.

Speech of Dr. van DeVille with a call to unite with Germany as a few centuries ago, for the freedom of Europe.

3rd anniversary of Hungary joining the fight against Bolshevism marks Union soldiers from the Eastern Front, which organized a big meeting in Budapest.

On stage cloth with skull pattern.

Landefyurer Bela Imredi addressed the fighting comrades.

Key words

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Reel №2

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The entire nation of Germany is taking part in an all-out war.

RAD Soldiers with shovels are systems to create a defense of the shaft. "Hitler Youth", labor service units, huge columns of workers of the Baltic areas, women are involved in this work.

System wide and deep trenches stretches for hundreds of kilometers.

The view from the aircraft.

Map of the Baltic Sea to the northern spurs of the Carpathians.

On the front is moving completion: motorized infantry, grenadiers, tanks, self-propelled guns.

German artillery shelled the advancing Soviet tanks.

Those German soldiers.

Shoot guns.

Heavy German tanks in the attack.

The Germans are going to take back the Bolsheviks seized the village in the town of Kovel district.

The Germans are a Soviet prisoner.

Officers at a meeting in the field.

SS Grenadiers before the attack.

The village was taken, blazing fires.

A German soldier shows a bullet pierced pot behind.

SS-Obergruppenführer Gille at the front, it gives guidance subordinates.

Go German reinforcements.

Infantry and guns, backed by tanks moving in a counter-offensive.

In the field are tanks, armored combat begins.

Fighting in the city eliminated the breakthrough of Soviet tanks.

Burning Soviet tanks, the openings in the armor.

German soldiers drink water from the canteens on the background of the burning of Soviet tanks.

German troops move on.

Petenovskaya French police in the fight against the guerrillas - "terrorists", they take a group of people from the building with their hands up, lead systems.

Interrogation of prisoners.

On one of the roads after the attack "bandits", a broken machine.

German patrol checks documents and things from passers-by and roadways.

Not far from the road found the manor, whose owner helped the terrorists, the soldiers set fire to his house.

Fake money, which entered into circulation Americans in France.

German infantry reserves Normandy roads.

Air attack of American planes, the Germans rush to the side of the road.

Anti-aircraft battery state labor conscription US aircraft shells.

The raid was over, German replenish go further.

On the German positions.

Field-Marshal von Kluge examines one of the combat areas.

American tanks, lined in front of the German lines.

Shoot anti-tank guns.

German soldiers in the forest.

Grenadier, which destroyed two American heavy tank for one day, was awarded two Iron Crosses.

German tanks in a counterattack.

Night battle.

Key words

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