Tonwoche № 681 (1944)

Newsreel №64059, 1 part, duration: 0:10:07, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia.

Women mobilized for labor service, are sent to the factory.

Foreman leads them through the shop, showing tanks, shows the operation of the lathe.

Woman tries to carve detail.

Women for machines in a munitions factory, which produces ammunition.


View of the coast and the city.

Arrival Caudillo Franco, residents welcomed him.

The car rides on the street through the arch with the inscription: "Franco" and the symbols of the phalanx.

Groups of young people welcome Franco.

Caudillo in white walking down the street, accompanied by the military.

The crowd on the pier.

Franco stands on the podium with the symbols of the phalanx, his tray gift - the layout of the ship in case.

Suitable workers shake hands.

On the shore there are fishing boats.

People cheering, waving their hands.

Franco speaks.


Competitions on rowing on the river among seamen.

Competitions on the run with the relay.

Sailors on the parade ground in the ranks, flag rise.

Prayer for the Mariners.

The officer made a speech.

The ceremonial passing sailors.

The arrival of the German harbor of the ship of prisoners and internees of the civilians and soldiers of the German Africa Corps.

On the pier they met residents, waving flowers.

Hanging a banner: "Motherland welcomes you."

Women welcomed the soldiers, fastened to the tunic flowers.

Soldier with a kitten in her arms.

A smiling man in a colonial helmet.

Carabinieri recorded at the table, get the money.

Former prisoners are immersed in the train.

Women served in the train window apples, beer.

Composition hits the road.


Tests subversive boats.

The river rushes motor boat, there is one person.

Upon reaching the end, he leans back and jumps into the water, the boat rushes forward.

The award ceremony of the Hungarian captain of the Iron Cross.

The retreat of German forces in the Netherlands.

Trucks, self-propelled guns, cars drive on the dirt road.

The tanks on the highway, the car, camouflaged with branches.

Horse carts going around the city, the soldiers sit in raincoats.

German soldiers with bazookas in their hands.

The infantry in the trenches, the soldiers in the field lies with grenades in their hands.

The onset of the Anglo-American tanks thundering explosions.

The signalers pull the coil cable.

Shoot mortars.

The tanks, camouflaged with branches, at the position, tank looking through binoculars.

Shoot the German gunners.


German officers at the cards in the field headquarters.

Fires six-barreled mortar battery.

Counterattack and self-propelled guns of the "Panther" tanks.

The fighting on the outskirts of Warsaw.

The ruins of the city, the Germans making their way among the ruins.

Fragments of street fighting.

The soldier pulls a grenade in the basket.

A soldier fires a gap in the wall.

Shooting from the grenade launcher.

Fighting in the area with a monument.

A soldier with a flamethrower ignites home.

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