Adventures of the Newsreel Cameraman 1930 № 7072

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Reel №1

Steamer "Aquitaine".

The loss of ships at sea.

The rescue of passengers.

The consequences of the earthquake.



Typhoons, hurricanes in Miami.

The train derailed.

The funeral of the victims.

Storm on the sea.


City under water.

Forest fire.

Big fire in the city, fire extinguishing

USA. Top view of the burning ship.

Passengers descend on the boat.

Passengers on the beach.

On a stretcher carried the dead and wounded

USA. Steamer "Aquitaine" in the sea during a storm, the waves poured prow.

The ship aground.

With the ship on a rope pull to the shore people

USA. The consequences of the earthquake.

Ruined house, people sit at the ruins with things.

PNRM. the ruins. ruined palace

USA. Hurricane in Miami.

From the wind bent the palm trees.

In the sky are clouds, fog on the ground.

PNRM. around the city in a hurricane.

Typhoon above the ground.

The sun in the haze.

On the road going car with difficulty.

A man walks by a strong wind, holding his hat.

Hurricane in the city, strong gusts of wind, rain comes.

Waves hitting with force on the parapet of the embankment

USA. Sailing boat washed ashore.

Broken boat.

Destroyed buildings hotels

USA. The fire and the ruins of buildings in the city.

By car is felled wood.

House, rickety side of the hurricane

USA. PNRM. on top of the effects of the hurricane.

The train had fallen into a ditch, lying cars.

The funeral of the victims of disaster.

Mass graves, coffins in three rows, covered with US flags, mourning ceremony

USA. Storm on the coast, the waves fill embankment.

The car goes on the drenched waterfront.

Pier, people are pulling the boat to shore.

Waves rolled on the house

USA. Flood.

The city is filled with water.

The rescuers make their way by boat down the street.


Rescuers remove people from rooftops

USA. Forest fire.

Top view of the burning forest.

Firefighters try to extinguish the fire.

Police on horseback

USA. Big fire in the city.

Burning warehouses, station.

Firefighters extinguish a house.

Falling debris house

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