The Underground Report.. (1967)

Film-document №6459 2 parts, Duration: 0:19:24, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Ramazina L.

Operators: Skraliveckiy S.


The film is made upon request of the State Committee for Cultural Ties with Foreign Countries. A story about the work of the Moscow subway.

Temporary description

Moscow. 1931. By Red Square, passing tram. Sukharev Tower. The driver of the Komsomol Square. Market. People sit in the tram. First metrostroevtsy descend into the mine. Work cullers. Meeting metrostroevtsev in the mine. People go down the escalator, sit on the train. Moscow, 1967. Metro stations "Revolution Square", "Kropotkin", "Arbat", "Ryazan prospectus", "Komsomolskaya". Morning in Moscow. Entrance to the metro station near Kazan. Passengers are turnstiles, down the escalator. Duty station. The engineer in the cab of the train. Passengers on the train reading newspapers, books. In the lobby moving vacuum cleaners. A nurse checks the composition of the air. Scheme of subway. Foreigners visiting the "Mayakovsky Square. The mosaic decoration of the station. Station "Revolution Square". Stations Avtozavodskaya, "Kiev", "Taganskaya. Panel: "Russian hero," flying aircraft "," Astronaut. " New district of Moscow - Kolomna. Metro Sports. People go to the stadium in Luzhniki. People in the cafe at the Bolshoi Theater, the Hermitage. Manager at the control station. Workers in the tunnel check rails. Polishing marble.

Reel №1



Dzerzhinsky Square - LS. (With a / t).

Sukharevskaya square with Sukharev Tower - LS.

Komsomolskaya Square - LS.

Market - LS.

Tram going to Sretenka - LS., MS.

Gorky Street with tram - LS. (With a / t).

Metrostroevets zips cap - MS., CU.

Metrostroevtsy are in working clothes - MS.

Metrostroevtsy down under the ground, go to drift - MS.

Hands of a reporter, first took the pictures of construction of the Moscow Metro, hold the camera - CU.

Read the cameramen (turn knob) - CU.

In the mine work tunnellers: hammers crushed ground, carrying trolleys with rock - different.

Under the ground there and gladly embrace sinker, leading to the two sides of the first line of the Moscow metro - MS.

Newsreel 1935:

The first passengers on the escalator down, sit in the metro train cars - different.

Subway tunnel (from the driver).

Train is approaching the station - LS.


People on the streets - MS.

Ground lobby, "Revolution Square", "Kropotkin", "Ryazansky Prospect", "Arbat» - LS.

People go down to the subway - LS.

The passengers on the escalator at the station platform, "Komsomolskaya".

Travel in the tunnel - MS.

Kremlin - LS.; Factory building - LS.; Bridge across the Moscow River - LS. (Morning, summer).

Entrance lobby to the ground station "Kazan station» - MS.

The clock on the Kazan station - CU.

Ground station lobby "Dzerzhinsk» - MS.

By six o'clock in the morning on duty opened the entrance to the subway - MS., CU.

In the lobby is the first passenger - MS.

Passengers pass through the turnstiles, go to escalators - LS., MS.

Duty sends train - LS.

Clock in the station hall - CU.

Passengers down escalators, waiting train on the platform, get in cars, out of cars, switching to other lines - different.

The train is leaving the station - MS.

The engineer in the cab - CU.

The train goes through a tunnel - LS. (From the driver).

Inside the train passengers read books, magazines and newspapers - MS., CU.

"Pravda" in the hands - CU.

Passengers in station halls of "Ismail", "Taganskaya", at the entrance lobby to the ground station "Avtozavodskaya" etc.

A clock without numbers - CU.

Sign: "Instrumental Works" Caliber »- MS.

The station "Lenin Hills" comes the train - MS.

Through the glass walls of the station visible to the Moscow River - LS.

In the interior of the car, students read books, abstracts - CU., MS.

Students rise to the escalator, PNRM. the sign "Exit to the University» - MS.

Cleaners by machine wash room - MS.

Sanitary inspection service takes air samples at the station "Arbatskaya» - MS., CU.

The old man is talking to the assistant station - MS.

Woman with child at the station in the scheme of subway lines.

The hand presses the button scheme - CU.

Scheme subway lines - CU.

Children in the car considering the scheme of lines - MS.

In the car sit and talk older women - MS., CU.

The train is coming to the metro station "Mayakovsky Square."

At the station, the artist paints - MS.

Looks pioneer - CU.

Examines a group of foreigners station hall - MS.

Decoration Station: mosaic - CU.

Foreigners are in the car, some of them do not have time to get on the train - MS.

Foreigners on the metro station "Revolution Square» - MS.

Statue of a miner in the hall - CU.

Mosaics on the station "Komsomolskaya» - CU.

Chandeliers in the subway station "Arbat", "Electrozavodskaya", "Avtozavodskaya» - CU.

Passengers at the station "Kiev", "Taganskaya» - LS.

Panels on the station "Taganskaya": the hero, the plane, the astronaut - CU.

Passengers at the station "Lenin Hills» - LS.

Metro Bridge (from the Moscow River) - LS., Hitting.

Cranes - LS.

A new residential area of ​​Moscow - LS.


Church in Kolomenskoye.

Construction of a land-line subway in Kolomenskoye - LS., MS.

Reel №2

Subway construction - surface and underground lines - LS., MS.

Running sinker - LS.

Jackhammer in the - MS.

Breed on the conveyor - MS., CU.

Trolley Rides - MS.

The platform building blocks - LS., PNRM.

In the mine shoots cameraman CSDF Lev Mikhailov - MS.

Subway rides - LS.

Passengers sitting in the car, reading, talking - MS., CU.

Passengers leave the cars go through the halls and passages, stations buy newspapers, confectionery and pharmaceutical goods, please call the phone booth - different.

Sale of automatic newspaper "Evening Moscow» - CU.

Kiosk confectionery »- CU.

Girl eating ice cream on the subway.

Sale of lottery tickets in the subway, theater tickets - MS.

Station "Sports": land lobby - LS.

Muscovites go to the Central Stadium.

Lenin - LS., MS.

On a bench in the station hall of the boy and girl sit, review magazine "Crocodile» - MS.

A man reading a newspaper.

Worth, worried glances at the clock boy with flowers in hand - MS.

Found in underground youth - MS., LS.

The people in the evening near the Bolshoi Theatre, the garden of "Hermitage", the cafe - LS.

An iconic night - MS. (With a / t)., LS.

Passengers down on the escalator, some hurry, running down the escalator to the train - MS., LS.

Closed door of the car - CU., MS.; PNRM. with the assistant station on a passing train.

The engineer in the cab - CU.

Central office of the Moscow Metro.

Kuvshinova Manager for the main controller says (synchronously) - MS., CU.

Elektrodispetcher Moskalenko relieves tension in areas of metro lines - MS.

Work in the tunnel after the removal of voltage check the clutch with rail whips, wash tunnel and train - different.

Cleaning subway stations: workers with special machines wash marble cladding, clean the floor - LS., CU.

The workers in the tunnel to saw rail tighten nuts - CU.

A man looks at his watch - CU.

Watches - 2 hours 05 minutes.

Metro trains in the depot "Ismail» - LS.

Lineman makes prevention: taps with a hammer all axles and wheels of cars - different.

Light up working - CU.

Behind the board lights elektrodispetcher Moskalenko - MS.

Morning Metro Bridge, home, the sun rises - LS.

Machine pours out - LS.

Embankment of the Moscow River - LS.

Moskalenko at the controls, energizes the plot line of the ring and the connecting branches - MS.LS.

We train include lights - CU.

The hand presses the button - CU.

The car lights go - CU., LS.

Driver of the train climbs into the cab, turn the control knob - MS.

The composition of leaves from the depot (the train from the cab) - MS., LS.

The engineer in the cab, PNRM. on his hands - CU.

Another train leaves the depot - MS.

On street passing trolley - LS.

Passing oncoming subway train - LS.

The train enters a tunnel.