The Letter Found Its Addressee.. (1967)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Pchelyakova G.

Script writers: Gorokhov V.

Operators: Kochetkov A. S.


The film is made upon the request of the State Committee for Cultural Relationship with Foreign Countries. About the destiny of the letters sent to incorrect addresses, about the need to find addressees.

Reel №1

Hall of the Main Post Office with visitors - LS. (Top).

In the hall of the people writing letters, correspondence received, read it - CU., MS.

Write a Letter to two Koreans - MS.

Strewed envelopes with letters - MS., PNRM.

The girl's face, post office workers - CU. - MS.

Hands sorting letters - MS.

The letter, addressed to Lev Yashin - MS.

Goalkeeper Lev Yashin practicing on Sportbase "Dinamo» - MS., CU.

Indoor airport before flying to Paris USSR team Lev Yashin autographs - MS.

Lev Yashin is the aerodrome climbs the ladder to the plane - CU., MS.

Mourners at the airfield waving his hand, watching taxiing aircraft "IL-18» - LS.

Soccer ball - CU.

Cups, trophies, medals awarded to L. Yashin in 22 sports year - CU., MS.

Lev Yashin and one of the players are in the stadium - MS., PNRM.

Spectators applaud - LS.

Interview on the pitch during a training session of Lev Yashin (synchronous) - CU.

Lev Yashin in training - LS., MS.

Yashin hands with letters sent to him - MS.

PNRM. the letters with different addresses - MS.

Post Office out of the room with bags postmen - LS.

Postmen through the streets - MS., LS.

Interview about getting letters surgeon LI Krasova, who became a doctor after a serious injury (synchronous) - CU.

Hands Krasova sorted letters page - MS.

Photos from the NPL NPL in: L. Krasova operating - MS.

Photos of the first steps after the injury Krasova - MS.

LI Krasov trains: squats, pull the leg, pulled on the bar, engaged in cycling - CU., MS.

LI Krasov engaged with the coach in a swimming pool - MS., CU.

Hand puts the letter in the mailbox - CU.

Reel №2

On the square in front of the Bolshoi Theater is a postman - cf.

2 May in the park are going to World War II veterans, former fighter pilot in the Guard aviation regiment.

Pilots greet each other, hugging, kissing - kr., Wed.

Pilots, Heroes of the Soviet Union Marina Chechneva and Evdokia Bershanskaya and others

The Postman in the park gives pilots a letter - cf.

Veterans of the war dance the waltz in the park - Wed, cr.

Dances Marina Chechneva - Wed, freeze-frame

Photo: M. Chechneva during the war - kr.

Newsreel, 1941-1945.:

Girls-fighters cut off the spit - commonly., Wed

Photo: pilots Guards regiment during the war.

Newsreel 50-ies.:

Station, people on the roofs of cars.

Meeting at the Belarusian railway station parents of his daughter Ludmila Bocharova, which 14 years ago, they were separated at the death camp Auschwitz.

Mother and daughter - kr.

Hand Ludmila branded with numbers on it - cf.

[_] The machine sorts the letters - Wed, cr.

The hand holding the letter to Agnes Barto, the writer, which, together with the journalists is on the radio search for relatives separated by war - kr.

Agnes Barto meets at home mother and daughter, whom she helped to find each other - cf.

Daughter Inna Kuznetsova - kr.

Mother Polina Kuznetsova - kr.

A. Barto, with a bundle of letters coming to the guests.

Ina tells how she waited in the orphanage mother (synchronous) - kr.

A. Barto and her mother listen to her mother crying.

A. Barto regales guests with tea.

Department Letters to the Radio Committee, the staff member apart the letters and photographs found by the people.

The children play during recess in the schoolyard - Wed, cr.

The postman passes by the children, included in the school building, then in the class, gives the teacher a letter with the address: "pupil, who sits on a third party."

The teacher gave the letter to the girl.

Girl prints and reads the letter aloud (synchronous) - kr.

Listening gathered around her children - kr., Wed.

Children write in notebooks - kr.

Lena responds to the letter - of the CD., Wed.

Lena suited to the mailbox and drops his letter - cf.

An employee communication takes messages from the mailbox, sits in the car - cf.

Gorky Street, Okhotniy series, building CMEA - cf. (with us).