Sports Contest of the Youth.. (1967)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Plotnikova V.

Script writers: Prok I.

Text writers: Prok I.


About the All-Union Sports and Athletic Competitions of Schoolchildren, held on July 5-21, 1967 in the city of Leningrad.

Historical background

History: 14 to 23 July 1967 in Leningrad, were the final event of All-Union school sports days. Inauguration of Sports Day was held at the stadium. VI Lenin.

Temporary description

Leningrad. Inauguration of the All-Union Spartakiad students. Competitions in athletics, swimming, diving from the tower, in gymnastics, cycling, basketball game between the teams of Moscow and Russia. Performers are athletes: N. Simakov, S. Vedeneyeva, T. Lazakovich, G. Koryakovtseva, V. Klimenko, S. Safonova, A. Sedin, R. Arutyunov, Yu Katkov, N. Bryntseva, A. Fedorov and others. Handing cups for winning the team competition teams: Russia, Moscow, Ukraine.

Reel №1

The participants of the All-Union school sports in the streets of Leningrad, on the Neva River - LS., MS., CU.

Palace Square - LS.

Monument to Peter I - CU.

Field of Mars veteran Communist Party VP Vinogradov ignites the fire of fame Olympics torch and passes it to the young athlete Coast Pletnev - LS., MS.

Are the Olympics participants - MS.

Athletes with a torch run and go by car, heading to the stadium - LS.

Cruiser "Aurora» - CU., Hitting, LS.

The car pulls up to the athletes of the Smolny - LS.

Athletes lay wreaths at the monument to VI Lenin - MS.

The audience applauded at the stadium - LS., PNRM.

Kostya Pletnev lights the torch flame Olympics - MS.

At the stadium are competitors - MS.

Deputy Chairman of the Leningrad City Council Kochkin festival opens and welcomes athletes - LS.

Parade of young athletes - LS., MS.

Raising the flag Olympics - CU.

Mass gymnastic performance of students of Leningrad - LS., MS.

Athletes preparing for competition (wear sneakers, massage, workout) - MS., CU.

The main prizes - cups - CU.

Starter - CU.

Judges - MS., PNRM.

Participants start the race at 100 meters - LS.

It takes a winner - Nadia Besfamilnaya - CU.

Playing thrower Nadia Simakov and Svetlana Vedeneeva - MS.

Passes N. Simakov (silver medal) - CU.

Drop drive - LS., PNRM.

Judges have measurements - MS.

S. Vedeneyev congratulate gold medal - CU.

Start race at 110 m hurdles for men (shot from the pistol) - MS.

Athletes on the course - LS.

Congratulations to the winner Eugene Mazepa - MS.

Interview athletes: basketball players from Dushanbe, the gymnast from Voronezh, a swimmer from Tashkent, athletes from Estonia, Georgia - CU.

Young tourists go through the woods, cross the mountain stream in the Borjomi Gorge (Georgia) - LS., MS.

Physical exercises at a youth camp "flock" of Minsk - LS., MS.

Training of young tennis players - MS., LS.

Coaching girls basketball - LS., CU.

The ball flies into the net - CU.


The decisive match Olympics basketball tournament for the title between athletes Moscow and the Russian Federation (the various moments of the game.)

Worried team coaches and team RSFSR Arslanov Moscow - Vladimir Obukhov - CU.

The audience greeted the winners - the team of Moscow.

Gymnasium - LS.

Gymnasts ready for action - MS., CU.

Perform exercises on a log youngest participant Olympics thirteen schoolgirl from Vitebsk Tamara Lazakovich - LS., CU.

Applauds her coach Vikenty Dmitriev - CU.

Performs on the uneven bars Galina Koryakovtseva (BSSR), which became the absolute champion - LS., CU.

Reel №2

Seventeen year old Muscovite Viktor Klimenko perform exercises on the horizontal bar and floor exercises on the mat - LS., MS.

Comrades congratulate Victor with a gold medal - MS., CU.

Training of young athletes Georgia girl does exercises on a log, a young man on the parallel bars - LS., MS.

Honored Coach of Marlene Osekmashvili trains fighters on the carpet - different.

Honored coach of Belarus, VA Gritskevich conducts training with athletes - CU., MS., LS.

In the swimming pool, the

Lions spends with the children swimming lessons coach VI Zhmudskaya - LS., MS.

Seventh grader Vladimir Doroshenko out of the water - LS.

Classes in diving from the tower - LS., MS.

Competition in diving in the pool, "The Seagull" (Leningrad): ready to jump and jump from the tower Nadia Karpukhina from Azerbaijan - a bronze medal, Alla Selina - Russian Federation - silver medal, Svetlana Safonov - gold medal - LS., MS.

Jumping from the tower Rafik Arutyunov (Georgia) - 3rd place, Leonid Schechtman (Kyrgyzstan) - 2nd place, Yury Katkov - 1st place - LS.

Ready to start highway bicycle race Belarusian athletes - LS., MS., CU.

Final instructions to give athletes their coach NV Dranko, Honored Coach of the Republic - CU.

Cyclists on the course and at the finish - LS., MS.

The winner of the competition - Estonian racer Eino Kiskonen - CU.

Resting cyclists, NV Dranko with pupils - LS., CU.

Correspondents in the press office Olympics are typing, talking on the phone - CU., MS.

High jump for the girls at the stadium.

Lenin: jumping girl from Baku Nina Bryntseva, champion last Olympics Valentine Trump (Ukraine) - LS. (Rapid).

N. Bryntseva (winner) - CU.

Pole vault high perform sverdlovchanin Alexander Fedorov - LS. (Rapid).

The athlete jumps in length.

Jumping student from Latvia Laimonis Magone, won a gold medal - LS. (Rapid).

L. Mahon - CU.

Signal the start of the 800m for boys (shot from the pistol) - CU.

Athletes will start and run - LS.

Responsive audience - CU.

Leningradets Vladimir Artemov, who won the title - CU.

Russian athletes are awarded the grand prize for winning the team competition - a cup.

Moscow team that won the second place, handed the cup - MS.

Ukrainian Cup is awarded to athletes (III-place) - MS.

Are athletes with cups and flowers - MS.

Flags sports associations - CU.

Closing of the Olympics: the field stadium are the competitors, carrying flags of their sports associations - MS., LS.