Sports Contest, Anniversary Year.. (1967)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Lisakovich V.

Operators: Leongardt U., Serov G.

Composers: Gedravichus L.

Anouncers: Khlebnikov A.

Text writers: Mikhalev P.


The film dedicated to the IV All-Union Sports and Athletic Competitions of the USSR Peoples.

Temporary description

City of Moscow. Opening ceremony at the Central Stadium Lenin IV-th Summer Games of the peoples of the USSR, on the 50 th anniversary of the October Revolution. From the podium are: Chairman of the Organizing Committee of Games of KT Mazurov, master of sports Y. Vlasov. The parade of athletes. Competition for light, weightlifting, fencing, modern pentathlon, swimming, cycling, equestrian sports, rowing, kayaking-fours, two-piece kayak, gymnastics. Basketball match between Ukraine and Latvia; between the teams in Moscow and Ukraine. In the competition for the sports meeting favor athletes: I. Ter-Hovhannisyan, G. Prozumenschikova, V. Petrov, Zybina, J. Talts, L. Zhabotinsky, L. Burda, N. Kuchinsky, L. Petrik, S. diamide and other .

Reel №1

Close-ups of beautiful faces of boys and girls, the picture in question on the show.

Pictures of the various sports.

Several different fabrics - CU.

Viewers of the paintings - MS.

Responsive audience at the stadium - MS.

Wave the flag of the Soviet sports associations - CU., LS.

Ruby star on the Spasskaya Tower - leaving the Kremlin - LS.

Grand opening of the 4th Summer Games of the USSR, on the 50th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, the Central Lenin Stadium in Luzhniki - LS.

Athletes at the stadium stack of colored flags and paintings of words and pictures, the word "Lenin", numbers 1917-1967, image cruiser "Aurora" under the royal coat of arms, image change, the cruiser "Aurora", winner of the revolution.

Hammer and sickle in the stands, the numbers 1921 (hitting).

Mass rate of athletes at the stadium - LS.

In the stands the image "1941» - CU.

A woman with a baby in her arms - CU.

On the podium shows the words "The Motherland Calls» - LS.

Image of the sun - LS.

Sportsmen and sportswomen in the ranks - CU.

The commander of the parade of athletes honored master of sports Yuri Vlasov Reports to the Chairman of the Organizing Committee fourth Olympics USSR, member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, First Deputy Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers KT Mazurov the willingness of participants to the Games of the parade (synchronously).

KT Mazurov congratulates athletes with the opening finals Olympics (synchronously).

Athletes listen to - MS., CU.

Olympics flag rises over the stadium.

Lenin - MS.

Parade participants Olympics - athletes are columns of various societies of all Soviet republics - LS.

General view of the stadium during the parade with a / t

KT Mazurov, AP Kirilenko, AN Shelepin, PN Demichev and other Soviet leaders in the government box stadium.

At the stadium are the young athletes - LS., MS.

Performance motorcycle in the stadium - MS., LS.

Fly models of space ships from the stadium - LS. (Evening).

Fireworks over the stadium - LS.

Passenger boat on the Moscow River in the city - LS.

Athletes and spectators are on territotrii Stadium during Games of the peoples of the USSR - are different.

Decoration at the stadium - CU.

Women's competition in the women's 80 meters hurdles.

Volleyball competition - different.

Volleyball competition - different.

Competition for men and women by throwing the disc - different.

Competition athlete throws the disc - CU., (Departure).

Greco-Roman wrestling competition - MS., CU.

Competition boxers - LS., MS.

The men's competition in fencing - LS., Departure.

Greco-Roman wrestling competition - PNRM. on the jury.

Responsive audience in the hall - MS. PNRM., MS.

Racing on tandems - LS., PNRM.

I. Ter-Hovhannisyan jumps in length.

Judges jump competition - MS.

Reel №2

Leonid Barkovsky sector for the long jump in the warm-up.

L. Barkovsky tries to jump in length.

German Klimov at the stadium in Gaza jumps - CU.

Victor jumps in length Sana'a.

Jumps in length Igor Ter-Hovhannisyan.

I. Ter-Hovhannisyan after the jump.

Cyclists ready upon arrival - CU., MS.

Rowers prepare the boat for the competition.

Yachts on the water.

Boat with flowers - MS.

The starter gives a pistol shot - PNRM. MS.

At a distance of two canoe - PNRM. LS.

The winners of the race on a 1 km by kayak two.

Ukrainian rowers Alexander Shoporenko and Yuri Stetsenko - CU.

Start-four canoes

Kayaks-four on the course.

Viewers worry - MS., CU.

Start-eight canoes, kayaks on the course - LS.

By boat passes rower Vyacheslav Ivanov, the Olympic champion.

Rowing-boat alone.

After the swim: champion Olympics I - Anatoly Sass, II - Boris Pokotilo, III - Vyacheslav Ivanov - MS.

Pentathlon competition - I kind of competition - horse cross (cross country Glider near the station), the athletes on horseback take obstacles on the course - different.

Riding a horse mine.

Riding a horse Nazarov.

Rides - Lednev.

Competitors stand in the pentathlon competitions in fencing (II type of competition) - epee fencing, fences Lednev in gym MSU - different.

Competition in the form III pentathlon - pistol - different.

Shoot a gun Torchinsky th, A. Makeev, Shapornis, Zakharchenko Kormushkina - MS., CU.

Shoot Svatenko, Kalnina.

His wife and baby daughter in the audience Makeeva Alberta - MS., CU.

A. Makeev, who took first place in the shooting, firing a gun - CU.

Shoots a gun Sdobnikov Edward, who finished second in the shooting.

Pyatibortsev competition in swimming, first finish Boris Onishchenko.

Edward finishes Sdobnikov - CU.

Start running at 4 kilometers for pentathletes, first runs E. Sdobnikov - different.

E. Sdobnikov finish.

Run pentathletes Lednev then Makeev, Rapalis, Svatenko.

The award winner Pentathlon - national champion Sdobnikova.

Warm-up basketball team Latvia.

Team coach Raymond Karnitis - different.

Reel №3

The final match of women's basketball teams of Latvia and Moscow for the Games of the USSR, on the 50th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution - LS., MS., CU.

Latvian basketball players who won gold medals IV Games of the peoples of the USSR, shake his coach Raymond Karnitis.

Moments of the game men's basketball teams of Ukraine (they are striped form) and Latvia - are different.

Stream of cars with their headlights on a city street at night - MS.

Spectators in the evening - MS.

Floodlights to illuminate the stadium - CU.

The men's competition in the women's 110 meters hurdles - LS.

The final meeting of the men's basketball team in Moscow and the Ukrainian national team - different.

Ukrainian basketball players, became the champion of Olympics, shake his coach Vladimir Shablinsky.

Photographers shoot in the gym.

The audience applauded.

Basketball congratulations on his victory.

Meet men in diving, jumping Polulyakh (Rapid), Marynyak (Rapid), Safonov (Rapid).

Starts men swim 100 meters freestyle - MS.

Start Swim women's 100 meters freestyle - MS.

Winner swim Rudenko - MS.

Competitors in swimming: Simon Beelitz-Teyman, a student from Kharkov Tatiana Devyatova Moscow student Galina Prozumenshchikova - CU.

Swim women's 100 meters "Butterfly» - LS., MS.

On the 4th track goes forward Tatiana Devyatova (shot zoom).

Coach Kryukov oversees competition swimmers.

Tatiana Devyatova to swim the 200-meter butterfly.

Awarding gold medals Tatiana Devyatova, winning in the race for the 100 and 200 meters.

Start of Women's swim in the 200 meters breaststroke at the fourth track finishes Prozumenshchikova Galina, who won the title of champion sport.

Galina Prozumenshchikova after swim - CU.

Reel №4

Men's relay swimmers 4 X 200 meters - LS.

Responsive audience in the stands at the Luzhniki Stadium pool - MS., CU.

First on the fourth track finishes Semen Beelitz-Geiman.

Semen Beelitz-Geiman, who won the gold medal in the relay, on the podium - LS.

Swim Men's 1500 meters - LS., MS.

Woman (coach) from the podium gestures to one of the swimmers to swim faster - CU.

Finishes first distance S. Beelitz-Geiman, set this new European record swim.

The first C-Beelitz Gaiman wishes his father, and then his coach - Tamara Drobinskaya.

Comrades congratulate Father C. Beelitz-Gaiman on winning son.

Cyclists ready to start road-ring 173.6 kilometer race - different.

Cyclists on the road-race circuit race on Kuzminski highway near Moscow - different. (Helicopter).

Spectators on the course - different.

Cyclists on the distance change bikes.

Racers finish.

After the finish, friends, spectators congratulate race winner 22-year-old CSKA from Moldova Viktor Petrov (his time of 4 hours 19 min. 27 sec.).

Cyclists wash after the race.

Rain - drops of rain falling in a pond - MS.

Heavy rain over the stadium in Luzhniki - LS., MS.

Competitions men swimming in the pool at the Luzhniki Stadium in heavy rain - PNRM., LS., MS.

Rain drops fall on a cinder track.

Puddles on the dirt track - MS. PNRM.

Athletes ready to start in the rain.

Spectators who had taken refuge cloak on the podium.

Race Women's 800 meters (track wet from rain) - a false start.

Race women's 800 meters, at the finish line ahead of runner Tamara Danube, it catches up, goes and comes first athlete from Estonia Erick Laine (2 min. 06 sec.)

Eric L. - champion sports days, after the race - MS.

Running man at 10,000 feet - LS., MS.

At the distance of the front runner Leonid Mikitenko of Kazakhstan, at the end of a race run Mikitenko Gennadiy whip and Nikolay Sviridov (Russian Federation) - the rest behind.

G. Khlystov on the last lap and the first spurt finishes.

The audience applauded.

Reel №5

Gennady Khlystov, who won the title of champion Olympics and set a new European record (his time of 28 minutes. 27.8 sec.) In the women's 10 thousand meters and after the race - CU.

The audience applauded enthusiastically - MS.

G. Khlystova comrades shake.

In the sector for shot put ready for action Hope Chizhov.

Chizhova coach Victor I. Alekseev at the stadium.

N. Chizhov pushes the nucleus (17 m 28 cm) (which became a champion Olympics) - MS.

Nikolai Karasev Moscow teacher prepares for shot put, taking the right position - CU.

Engineer Eduard Gushchin pushes the nucleus.

Judges measure the distance of flight nucleus.

Karasev, who won the title Olympics and Gushchin shake hands after the competition.

Competition in the triple jump - the first part.

Saneev - PNRM., MS.

Jumping 19-old Muscovite Nikolai Dudkin, who won the championship sport.

Competition spear-throwers - Estonian javelin throws Paama March, won the championship sport.

The audience applauded - MS., CU.

Flying spear - CU.

Hammer throw competition - on-site rehearsal Muscovite Yuri Bakarinov.

Hammer throws Gennady Kondrashov (RSFSR), who won a silver medal Olympics (Rapid).

Hammer throws Tokyo Olympics champion Romuald Klim (Rapid).

At Luzhniki stadium, lying on the grass, resting Moscow Lyudmila diskobolka Muravyov.

L. Muravyov throws disk (here the first time she met the standard of master of sports of international class).

Walking race for 20 kilometers - LS., MS. (With motion).

Legs walkers - CU.

Benjamin goes Soldatenko, get ahead, it overtakes Gennady Solodov, they go together, reversed, will finish next to each other (the winner of the photo finish was by definition Soldatenko).

Photographers shoot - MS.

Weightlifting competition in the hall sports club "Shakhtar» - LS. (Winter).

Weightlifters of different weight raises the bar - different.

Athlete light heavyweight Alexander Kidyaev trying to take 150 kg zhimom, unsuccessfully.

Estonian weightlifter Priyts trying to take the barbell weighing 160 kg (unsuccessfully).

Jan Talts (Estonia) - the first approach - unsuccessfully.

In a new effort to Jan Talts takes the bench barbell weighing 160 kg.

Jan Talts takes barbell snatch 151 kg, setting a new world record.

Anatoly Kalinichenko (RSFSR) takes a barbell snatch 151.5 kg (0.5 kg more than the record.)

The audience applauded - CU. PNRM., LS.

Jan Talts takes a jolt weight 190 kg.

At the request of John Talts on the bar adds weight to 193.5 kg.

Barbell weighed.

Gym during the competition weightlifters - LS.

Reel №6

At competitions in weightlifting gym "Shakhtar" Jan Talts takes record weight 193.5 kg.

The audience applauded - MS., CU.

On the platform Olympic champion Leonid Zhabotinsky.

Leonid Zhabotinsky takes the snatch weight 175 kg - a new world record.

Warning light is lit.

The audience applauded vigorously - MS., CU.

Leonid Zhabotinsky (Olympics Champion) takes 219 kg in clean and jerk - MS., Impact, departure.

14-year-old schoolgirl from Voronezh Luba Burda to compete in gymnastics - CU.

L. Burda (III place), N. Kuchinsky (I) and L. Petrov (II) on the podium - MS.

L. Burda performs floor exercise - LS.; Balance Beam - LS.

Victor Lissitzky appears on rings and on the carpet.

Sergei diamide perform exercises on horseback.

Larisa Petrik performs exercises on balance beam and the uneven bars - MS., LS.

World champion Mikhail Voronin performing exercises on the rings and on the carpet.

N. Kuchinsky perform vault and does exercises on the bars.

Feet running marathon - CU.

Participants of marathon running on the track - different.

Marathoners drink the juice on the go and keep going.

Persons marathon while running - CU.

Marathon runners on the track, filmed from a helicopter - LS.

The leader of the marathon - Michael Gorelov (RSFSR) in the path - LS.

M. Gorelov first enters the stadium.

Lenin, the spectators in the stands stand, welcoming the winner - LS.

Still pictures, fixing athletes from different sports - CU.