Yurii Nikulin (1967)

Documentary №6511, 3 parts, duration: 0:29:26, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Gutman I.
Screenwriters:Arkanov A., Gutman I.
Camera operators:Gutman I., Usanov V.
Composers:Meerovich M.
Anouncers:Khmara L.
Text authors:Drobashenko S.


Biographical film about the life and work of a remarkable Soviet clown, a popular actor - Yuri Nikulin.

Temporary description:

The bell tolls. Galloping horsemen. Yuri Nikulin as a monk, went to Moscow, runs through a crowd of people. Nikulin in the dressing room. Yuri Nikulin, IM Shuydin entering the arena. The artists behind the scenes. Performed the highest number of riding school. Reprise "Horses. In the arena Nikulin and Shuydin. The audience laughed. Room with free weights in the performance Nikulin Shuydina. Become empty circus. Thy horses, tigers, lions, bears. Nikulin in uniform (photo). Nikulin son. Yuri Nikulin and Pencil (M. Rumyantsev). Nikulin in the role of caretaker (photo), in the role of village youth in the role of "traditional red". VDNH. Festive presentation. Performers are acrobats, gymnasts. Nikulin gives an autograph. Images from film "Girl with a guitar", "To me, Mokhtar", "Bootleggers," "When the trees were large, with Nikulin. Nikulin at the rehearsal. Reprise "Vodka". Performers are Nikulin and Shuydin. Reprise "pump". Mother Nikulin in the auditorium.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Directions Nikulin on passenger car from the studio Mosfilm in Moscow Circus:

Y. Nikulin, dressed in a monk's robe, runs, sits in the car is driving on the streets of Moscow - Wed, cr.

Of Society.

Yuri Nikulin Circus is a dressing room, removes his wig and clothes of the monk, sitting in front of the mirror, preparing to enter the arena of the circus, to participate in the presentation - different.

Y. Nikulin and M. Shuydin entering the arena of the circus - Wed

Behind the scenes, the artists are preparing to leave, do warm-ups, fed bear - commonly., Wed.

Y. Nikulin and M. Shuydin among the artists behind the scenes - Society.

On the arena marks the highest number of riding school - Wed, total.

Horse heads - kr.

Reprise: Yuri Nikulin, and M. Shuydin on "horses" - Society., Wed, cr.

Laugh audience: adults and children - kr., Wed.

Performs power juggler Anokhin - cf.

Reprise: Yuri Nikulin, and M. Shuydin with weights - different.

Among the spectators of the circus performers, Indian - Raj Kapoor and Nargis.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

After the presentation of the circus Yuri Nikulin sits before the mirror in the dressing room and converses with his reflection in the mirror of the past performance (synchronous) - cf.

Y. Nikulin looks in the mirror, lights - cf.

On the table in an empty dressing room is the make-up - cf.

Blank space for spectators and Arena - kr.

Of Society.

Scenes without people - different.

A few horses in the stalls - Wed, cr., Total.

The cells of sleeping animals: lion - kr.; Tiger - kr.; Bear - Wed

In a deserted street in the early morning comes Nikulin - Society. (from behind).

The Moscow River boat rides on hydrofoils - Society.

The street passes unit soldiers - Wed

Some photos Nikulin in the form of a soldier and the officer (photos are rapidly changing personnel walking on the street soldiers) - kr.

Y. Nikulin looks at the passing soldiers, crossing the street - cf.

Yu Nikulin home with her son, paints - Wed, cr.

Y. Nikulin and his teacher - Honored Artist of the RSFSR Mikhail Nikolayevich Rumyantsev, Pencil, pass through the birch grove - Society., Cr.; Next run two dogs - kr. (summer).

Y. Nikulin and MN Rumyantsev talk in the dressing room - cf.

Yuri Nikulin prepares role in the circus pencil, looking for his image (Nikulin - a country boy, the traditional "red", etc.).

MN Rumyantsev grimiruetsya - kr.

In the streets of Moscow circus cavalcade moves on one of the machines Pencil and Nikulin in a clown suit.

Performers, including Yuri Nikulin appear on the open area VDNKh - commonly., Wed.

Y. Nikulin gives autographs - kr., Wed.

Poster for film "Little Runaway", which involved Yuri Nikulin - Society.

A fragment of the feature film "Girl with a Guitar":

Y. Nikulin fireworks shows - different.

Fragments of feature films with the participation Nikulin - Wed, cr.

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A fragment of the feature film "When the trees were big":

Y. Nikulin (in the role of "father" Natasha) talks with his daughter (synchronous) - cr., Wed.

Y. Nikulin and M. Shuydin rehearsing in an arena - kr.

Of Society.

Y. Nikulin behind the scenes - Wed, total.

Reprise: Yuri Nikulin, and M. Shuydin with a bottle of vodka - Various.

The audience laughed heartily - Wed, cr.

Behind the scenes, the artists are preparing to enter the arena - Wed, total.

Sitting cat - kr.

Yuri Nikulin with a girl looking book - CD., Wed.

In an arena act jumpers on stilts.

Reprise "pump" in the performance Nikulin and M. Shuydina - Various.

Photos Nikulin in roles clown - kr.

In an arena Yu Nikulin and M. Shuydin - Various.

The audience applauded and laughed - commonly., Wed

Among the spectators sat mother Nikulin - commonly., Cr.

In the arena act aerial gymnasts Magomedov - commonly., Wed.

Y. Nikulin backstage and front of the mirror - kr., Wed.

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