My Country.. (1967)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kopalin I., Pumpyanskaya S.

Script writers: Karavkin U., Kopalin I.

Operators: Akkuratov E., Voroncov V., Galin I., Generalov L., Mikosha V.

Composers: Bunin R.

Anouncers: Konsovskiy A., Khmara L.


The film tells about the achievements of the Soviet people during the 50 years in different spheres of life, about otststanding people's destinies.

Reel №1

Multrabota - Faced with the inscription 1917. frames are pre-revolutionary Chronicle - are striking workers with posters, workers, sailors, cruiser "Aurora" attack "Winter", are the sailors and soldiers with placards: "All power to the Soviets."

Multrabota - Against the background of the banner stands Lenin.

Modern Survey - was

Leningrad - Smolny, a monument to Vladimir Lenin at Smolny.

Palace Square, Neva River, the cruiser "Aurora", St.

Isaac's Cathedral, a monument to Peter 1 monument to Pushkin, the bridge across the river.

Multrabota - moving train, flashing trees, bridge rails.

Pre-revolutionary life - are landlords, priests, old men sit passes royal retinue, Nicholas 2 with his retinue.

The old hut are farmers, a woman with a child, sitting children.

Procession, are icons, crosses peasants.

The farmer plows, the village landscape.

Convicts are held, legs in chains.

Workers at the demonstration.

Newsreel 1918 1920. - Old Moscow.

Kremlin chimes.

Are Sverdlov, Kalinin, etc.

Modern Survey - icing, flowering trees, wheat field.

Reel №2

Contemporary photography - Landscape of Kamchatka.

Of forest river flows (removed from the aircraft).

Kamchatka volcanoes, winter taiga (removed from the aircraft).

Lake Baikal, a boat on the lake (shot from above).

Passing trains.

Metallurgical Plant.

Trolleys on cable car - different plans.

Birches - removed from the movement.


Barge floats on the river.


Mountain landscape.

Flowering Alley.

The Black Sea coast - health, beach.

Sailing boat on the sea.

Transcarpathia - shepherds graze their sheep.

Armenia - landscapes - different plans.

The Dnieper River.

Kiev - the monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky, Khreschatyk.

On the pedestal of the tank "T-34".

Embankment in


Rostov-Yaroslavl - a common, average plans.

Peterhof fountains - different plans.

Samarkand, ancient monuments - different plans.

Monuments in


Tallinn - the house, the spire on the tower, the area of ​​the city, the streets are people who are sailors.

Port of



The Kremlin, the dome of the cathedral.

The Kremlin wall.

Taininskoe garden.

Hotel "Russia".

Kremlin Palace of Congresses.

Construction of new homes.

Construction on Kalinin Avenue.

Grand Theatre.

People on the streets of Moscow.

Lenin's Mausoleum.

The queue at the mausoleum.

The inscription on the Mausoleum "Lenin".

Newsreel 1920. - The people included in the mausoleum, all in the Mausoleum

Pass people.

Lenin in his grave.

Contemporary photography - is an honor guard at the mausoleum,

view of the legs.

Delegates to the 23rd Congress of the CPSU in the meeting room - different plans.

State flags of the union republics.

Kremlin Palace of Congresses.

Landscape of the Far East.

Lake, taiga.

The taiga are geologists - different plans

Reel №3

City Plans Mountain and Sunny on the bank of the Amur.

Pass boys and girls.

Siberian wood-chemical plant.

Bank of the Amur.

Mother of many days are M. Khodzher of Nanai village Khungari

son is leaving to study in the city.

Gosh son on deck of the ship.

Newsreel 1917. - Nanai village, yurts, are women,

cooked food in the pot, eating a man.

A woman smoking a pipe.


Modern Survey - Various plans D.M.Hodzher children Ludmila doctor,

Vera social scientist, Gregory - writer, Love - the foreman painters

Constantine - engineer

Semen - excavator.

Far East - Construction of the plant.

The girl at the instruments.

Construction of residential houses.

Trawler in the ocean.

Seagulls over the water.

Fishermen pulling out the network.

Net with the fish on the deck.

Fishermen pour fish from nets - different plans.

Trawler in the ocean.

Seal Island - guillemots and seals on the shore of the island.


Find - street, park.

Ships in the port of Nakhodka.

Working harbor cranes, Loading timber on a ship.


Ship at sea.

Said Minister of the Navy V.G.Bokaev (synchronously).

Ships at sea, in port.

Mast ship.

Cranes and machinery at the port.

Oil rigs in the Caspian Sea.

Oil production.


Oil Rocks.

Bridge, city streets.

Oil tanker at sea.

Oil production in Siberia.

ATV rides, a car in the water.

Helicopter picks up the tower, flying a helicopter with a tower.

Reel №4

Students who go to the Siberian construction, on the ship.

Students at the pier.

Students sing.

Floating barge on the river, river bank (shot with us).

Construction of a gas pipeline in Kazakhstan.

Worked as a welder.

Construction of the pipeline in the desert.

Builders at work - different plans.

Channel in the desert.


Kentau (Kazakhstan) - the city's streets.

Miners go to work.

Miners out of the mine.

Kyrgyzstan - Construction Toktogul hydroelectric power station, a construction worker.

Monument Toktogul (Kyrgyzstan bard).

Builders on the river Vakhsh.


Construction of Nurek.

Newsreel 1966. - Destruction in

Tashkent after the earthquake.

Standing tent (removed from the aircraft).

Work on the construction of new buildings.

New homes.

Inscriptions on the newly constructed buildings, "Frunze-Tashkent"

"Moscow - Tashkent".

Recovered streets of Tashkent.

Landscape of the Altai.

Farm "Russia."

Corn harvesting on farm fields.

Notable people farm - livestock V.Kuryanov, combine V.Bobrovsky,

farm chairman I.Shumakov Hero of Socialist Labor,

milkmaid Z.Kupryakova, beekeeper N.Bereznikov -

-Common, medium, large plans.


Go harvesters.


Children in kindergarten.

Reel №5

The opening of a new school on the farm - is a children's orchestra,

are children with portfolios, says the chairman of the collective farm, cuts the ribbon

poster at the school, the children are in school.

Ukraine - 22 collective farm Party Congress.

Home on the farm.

Women walk past the shop, the shop windows.

Cowshed, pig farm.

Wheat field.

Collective farm chairman, Hero of Socialist

Labour V.Kavun passes with children in the field.

V.Kavun says (synchronously).

Fruit trees - peaches, apricots, apples on the trees.

Tea plantation.

Girl collects tea.

Machine trimmed tea bushes.

Hlebouborochnye machines in the field, harvest.

Strewed grain.

Cars on the elevator.

Harvesting cotton - cotton pickers in the fields, poured cotton.

Armenia - mountain landscape, village, mountain river, a flock of sheep in the mountains.

Saryan artist paints a picture - different plans.

Port of


Ship "Armenia", which returns

home repatriated Armenian families in the sea.

Our people on the shore.

Immigrants come down the ladder,

embrace the meets, a woman crying,

kissing cousins.

Immigrants kiss the ground.

Newsreel 1965. - They're taking the ashes of the Unknown Soldier,

passing cars with wreaths.

Watching people.

Eternal Flame.


Panorama from the Kremlin wall on the carrier remains the Unknown Soldier.

Newsreel 1917 1918gg. - The funeral of the victims of the revolution.

Pass the demonstrators.

Newsreel 1941 1945. - Are wounded, the people at the tomb, the guns in the Reichstag.

Modern Survey - Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Panorama from the memorial stone at the flowers.

Eternal Flame.


Faces of the soldiers - big plans.

Are military

Reel №6

MOSCOW - A military parade on Red Square - passing technique are soldiers.

Children playing by the fountain - different plans.

Children are on the streets of Riga.

Children walk past the monument to Lenin.

Gala concert at the stadium.


Combined choir singing a song about Lenin (synchronously).

Street of the city.

Undergo a run.

Belarus - The building of a chemical plant.

Lithuania - Shop factory synthetic fibers.

Working girl.

Factory workshop "Electric power" (Mr.


AAIvanov turner at a machine at work.

Another shop.


Ukraine - Steel plant in


Pouring steel.

Hero of Socialist Labor steelworker M.S.Gonda in open-hearth furnace.

Shop factory work steelworkers.

Newsreel 1920 1930gg. - Staff of the first five: the construction of Magnitogorsk, Denprogesa, the first cars, cars on the Red Square, the first tractor.

Modern Survey - Shop smelter.

A worker at the control panel.


Pouring steel.

Are the modern tractor.

Passing millionth car "Moskvich".

Passing truck and "Moskvich".

Plane takes off.

Processed blooming.

Passing train with blooming.

Reel №7

Bratsk hydroelectric plant - the evening plan.

Sea port - evening plans.

Metal Works - evening plans.

In the room the table sat the veterans - the Bolsheviks, members strike

Ivanovo-Voznesensky weavers and I.M.Zverev P.I.Rumyantsev.

Photos Rumyantsev and Zvereva in youth.

Photo - Strike of Ivanovo-Voznesensk


House, the seat of the Revolutionary Council of Ivanovo.

The inscription "Ivanovo - home of the first Soviets."

Ivanovo weaving mill.

Working girl.

Fashion show.

Pre-revolutionary life - the street people go, she spins.

Weaver at the bench.

Carding machine.

Weaving workshop.

Modern Survey - Azerbaijan.

On the street, the

Baku is hosting the Minister of Education

Z.Guseynova republic, says (synchronously) on the fate of women in the East.

Vpechatka prerevolutionary Chronicles - veiled women.

Modern Survey - pass students.

Kiss a guy with a girl.

Students sing,

view of the windows of the University.

Talking aircraft designers, including designer Tupolev.

Take off, fly the plane - the average plan.

Institute of Physics.

Are academics and A.Prohorov N.Basov.


Scientific Laboratory, scientists at work with a laser beam.

Academician Basov in the laboratory.

In laboratory academic geneticist N.P.Dubinin.

N.P.Dubinin says (synchronously) about how as a child he saw Lenin.

Vpechatka newsreel 1919. - Lenin in the car.

Reel №8

Akademgorodok - LS.plan.

In the streets people are passing.

Students enter the building of the university, the students in the classroom.

Classes are held

Doctor of Mathematical Sciences Yury Yershov.


Ershov in the lab looking at the instruments.

Academician Lavrentiev and Yu.

Ershov in the laboratory.

Lavrentiev talking to children (synchronously).

Academician Lavrentiev on a walk in the woods with the kids.

Yachts on the water.

A man riding a jet ski.

Athlete driving iceboat - different plans.

Details iceboat.

Passing by three horses - different plans.

Pass skiers.

The cable car rises skier.

Skiers ride the mountain.

Luzhniki Stadium - are athletes.

MOSCOW (removed from the aircraft).

Obelisk in honor of space exploration, hit a sculpture Tsialkovskogo.

Newsreel 1960s. - "Vostok"

appears vpechatka first Soviet cosmonauts Yuri Gagarin,

Tereshkova, Komarov, Yegorov, Feoktistov.

Leonov in open space.

Radio telescope, the antenna of the radio telescope.

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in


Institute employees at work in the laboratory.

In the laboratories of the Institute of

work of foreign specialists - Zh.

Zhelev (Bulgaria),

M.Yozhef (Hungary), E.Malek (Czechoslovakia) V.Kush (Poland).

In laboratory Soviet physicist M.Solovev.

Professor Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions.

Scientists at work.

Atomic reactor.

Reel №9

The shadow of the flying plane on a background of eternal ice.


Pilot at the controls of the aircraft.

Radio operator in the radio room.

Arctic Ocean - removed from the aircraft.

Station "SP-15".

Winterers waving their hands,

landing aircraft.

Newsreel 1938. - The first drifting station North Pole.

Papanin and dr.uchastniki expedition.

Soviet flag on the North Pole.

Meeting members of the expedition in Moscow.

Modern Survey - Post-pointer "North Pole-15".

Special installation drill ice, scientists take a sample of water.


Aircraft stands.

Dog lying in the snow.

Construction of the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station - construction worker (different plans)

boiling water.

High-voltage power lines.

MOSCOW - Evening plan.

Coat of arms of the Soviet Union (light panel).

Boardroom 23rd Congress of the CPSU.

Rally on Red Square.

Members of the government on the mausoleum of Lenin.

Foreign visitors to the demonstration.

Multrabota - Against the backdrop of live footage of the flag of the USSR Lenin.