Edouard Daladier Travel Algeria and Tunisia in January 1939 (1939)

Documentary №65164, 3 parts, black-white
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Reel №1


In January 1939 the chairman of the Council of Ministers (Prime Minister), Edouard Daladier of France takes a trip to Corsica, Tunisia and Algeria, to reaffirm devotion to North Africa in the face of France's territorial claims Mussolini made in December 1938.

Second day.

An exhilarating welcome in Tunisia.

Port of Bizerte.

A jubilant people meets a French squadron.

Aircraft in the sky.

Officials met Daladier.

French girl presenting flowers and girl arabka- chest (box) of wood valuable species.

Daladier meeting with His Highness the Bey.


Beat in the form of general takes Daladier.

Daladier receives from the hands of the Order of Bey and tape.

Review of honor guard.

The arrival of the motorcade in Tunis.

Crowds chanting Daladier!

Daladier !.

Laying flowers at the monument.

Arriving at the residence.

Travel on the longest avenue of Tunis.

Chanting people.

Aircraft in the sky.

The parade of troops and military equipment.

Gala dinner in honor of Daladier in Hotel Majestic.

It Daladier front of the microphone

Key words

Tunisia, personalities, Port, Air Force, Navy, hits

Reel №2

Day three.

With the defenders of Tunisia.

The arrival of the train from Tunis to Gabes.

Solemn meeting Daladier at the station.

The review of the troops.


The procession goes to the southern border of Tunisia.

Units of the Tunisian army on camels in the desert.

The show and parade.

The air force of Tunisia.

Squadron in the sky.


Border detachment of the camel.


Daladier shakes hands with local people.

Fourth day.

The unbreakable friendship of the Tunisian people.

The motorcade arrived in Sfax.

The population solemnly Daladier meets in the streets.

Daladier handed the olive branch of chased silver.

The trip to El OEM (El-Ojem), famous for its Coliseum.

Examination of the ruins of the ancient amphitheatre, the Colosseum.

Arrival to Sousse (Sousse).

People chanting: Daladier!


Key words

Tunisia, cavalry, air force, air force, parade, personalities, places of interest

Reel №3

Day Five.

Algeria shows their respect.

After Tunisia, the representative of France meets Algeria.

French flag.

Solemn meeting Daladier at the port.

The firing of guns.

A squad of soldiers of the French Foreign Legion.

Stretching out on the balcony: Long live Daladier.

Long live French Algeria.

Travel around the city under the cheers and applause of the crowd.

Inspection of the troops.

Laying flowers at the monument.

Algerian soldiers on horseback.

Parade of troops: cavalry, infantry, armored vehicles and tanks.

Arriving at the port.

The firing of guns.

Aircraft in the sky.

Cruiser on the move in the Mediterranean Sea.

Those Algerians

Key words

Algeria, personalities, port, Navy, Air Force, parade, horse

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