Spiritual sword (1930-1939)

Footage №65389, 8 parts, black-white
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Director:German K.,B.Zommer,Ad.Viljgeljm Bauhe

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The propaganda film based on documentary material / diagrams, tables, charts, documentary footage, etc. / illustrating the main points of the Marxist the science of the laws of development of human society and the class struggle and explaining what Marxism and science.

Marxism-science of the development of life on earth.

The Earth, the planets in the system, as a particle of the universe, the earth's rotation around the sun, the law day and night, the change of seasons.

Family tree of life on earth.

Graphical representation of the animal world from the simplest creatures to man.

Man-top "creation."

Man a social being.

The era of primitive communism.

Public lifestyle from the first people on earth: hunting, cooking.

The development of human society in a spiral / graphic representation /.

The development of society, the development of class struggle. / Illustration of the provisions with the help of ancient documents and excerpts from old books /.

Earth, its climate, surface soil.

Influence of environmental conditions on the development of human society.

The economy is the basis of social life; the image with the help of diagrams and pie charts depending on politics, law, religion, science, art, the economy of the society.

Modern culture as prololzhenie and development of ancient cultures / cultural monuments of ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome /.

The development of human society and the change of one social formation by another.

The development and the rise of the Roman Empire, the fall of Rome.

The era of the Middle Ages, some sketches of medieval life.

The guild period gerldika guild.

Map card with the image of the political-administrative division of the world.

Science in the Middle Ages.

The ancient view of the world the true view of the universe.

Art of the Middle Ages.

Albums with sketches in 1580.

The growth of cities, views of the city.

The appearance of manufactories.

The growth of the military power of the state.

Detachments of mercenaries.

Increased production.

Coal mining, ore, petroleum, steel production.

Population growth / comparative table of population growth in Germany /.

The growth in capitalist society: the common species of sea ports, railway lines, factories.

The show with the help of the productive forces of growth schemes, the concentration of capital, merger factories in corporations.

The impoverishment of the working people, the emergence of the proletarian class.

Advertising in bourgeois society.

Contrasts of capitalist society, wealth and luxury at one extreme-poverty on the other.

The crisis of overproduction, unemployment, beggars on the streets.

Crowds of workers, newspaper recognizing the crisis and unemployment.

The war-like capitalism out of the crisis, etc.

Military advice marching army, field of crosses, a symbol of war victims.

The proletariat, the gravedigger of capitalism.

Workers at work / at the machine in the factories, in the fields of the anvil /.

Start the class struggle of the proletariat /.

The first scientific works on Marxism.

Issue leaflets.

Strikes, dismissals disgruntled workers Anti-Socialist Law / 1878 /.

The emergence of the Social Democratic Party.

Blue circles, gatherings, the leaders arrested.

Schematic representation of the growth of the labor movement.

Cancel the law of the socialists / 1890 / The emergence of free trade unions.

The emergence of labor and social-dem.pressy.

Assembly workers at the plant.


Representatives of the Social-dem.partii in the Reichstag.

The film is framed by small game plot calls in recent credits for the destruction of the game story, calls in recent credits for the destruction of capitalism, the struggle for socialism and proletarian solidarity

Key words

Germany, the class struggle, monuments, economy, science, art, industry, war, unemployment, workers, revolution, demonstration

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