Ocean flight "Bremen" (1927)

Film №65399, 8 parts, duration: 1:04:42, black-white

Reel №1

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The titer of the desire of man up.


The titer of the need for comprehensive pilot training.

The pilots on the morning line.

The instructor gives explanations pilots.

Classes at the motor.

The explanations of the instructor.

The pilot in the cockpit.

The plane takes off.

The pilot receives a weather map.

He takes the card into the cockpit.

The launch aircraft.

Pereda information to the pilot on the radio about the weather condition, etc.

The radio operator configures the antenna.

He talks with the pilot.

The generator side of radiostancii attached to the plane.

The launch aircraft.

Three-meter aircraft at the start.

Passengers sit in a passenger plane.

Transfer by Telegraph messages about the flight."Baptism" of the new machine G-31 "Herman Kohl",built for ocean travel.

The plane was preparing to start.

Start "Helmut Kohl".

The plane in the air

Key words

Germany, aviation, communications

Reel №2

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Aviation plant.

Unloading of raw materials.

The cutting of duralumin.

The cobbling together of the fuselage.

The skin of the fuselage and wings.

Assembling the motor.

Assembly of the aircraft.

The attachment of the wings.

The plane starts.

The plane in the air.

Small "Bremen" on the ground

Key words

Germany, industry, aviation

Reel №3

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The test aircraft in various devices.

Checking various instruments.

The test set for the possibility of icing.

Testing of devices.

Scheme of the test.

The test motor.

Integration of magneto /ignition system/.

The cylinder of the engine in cross section.

General view of the aircraft.

Filling it with fuel

Key words

Germany, industry, aviation

Reel №4

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The scheme of flight of the American Aviator Charles Lindbergh. 9 PM.

The airport of Le Bourget in Paris.

A crowd of people.

Lindberg is coming.

The audience in the excitement.

One of the satellites Lindberg asks to remain calm.

Reception of the President of Dumberg.

Out of the car, Lindberg.

Lindberg and Duberg.

Lindbergh and the public.

Lindbergh comes out of the Elysee Palace.

Sits in the car.

The scheme of flight of Lindbergh.

Lindbergh in the plane.

Start after repair in the direction of Berlin.

Arrival in Berlin.

The crowd of greeters.

The Plane Lindbergh.

Lindbergh out of the plane.

Lindberg with a bouquet of flowers.

Pilot Baird and his companions.

A crashed plane.

The remains of the aircraft

Key words

France, aircraft, airfield, tests, President, welcome personalities Gos.uchrezhdeniya, disaster

Reel №5

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Flight map Transatlanticism pioneers of flight.

Lost in the ocean pilots Nungesser and If.

Their plane.

The launch aircraft.

The plane in the air.the plane "Europe".

His crew.

The crew takes place in the plane.

The launch aircraft

Key words

Germany, aviation, disaster, ocean, personalities

Reel №6

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Pilots Huenefeld and Fitzmaurice.

Preparation of "Bremen" to start in Ireland.

A technical inspection.2 APR 1928 Start.

The plane in the air.

The newspaper with feedback on the flight of the aircraft.

The view of the ocean.


Different areas.



A view of Labrador from the top.

Ice floes in the water.

Flight scheme.

Landing on Greenly island /South coast of Labrador/.

News report about the landing.

Newspapers with the same message.

Congratulatory telegram of the US President Coolidge the President of Germany Hindenburg.

Help "Bremen"-arrival of the aircraft, Fitzmaurice.

The pilot of both crews greeted.

Hertha Junkers waiting for the return of Fitzmaurice.

The crew of the "Bremen",arrived along with Fitzmaurice.

Pilot Floyd.

The funeral of the pilot killed during a rescue operation

Key words

Germany, aviation personalities, the president, rescue, funeral, press

Reel №7

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The reception in Washington.

Lindberg welcomed the pilots.

Travel in cars past the Capitol.

The crowd on the stairs.

Cars go through the city.

President Coolidge awards leccio.

Rewarding front of the camera.

Check out the pilots in the port.

Landing in a tourist steamer.

The Statue Of Liberty.


Fitzmaurice and daughter.



The festively decorated harbour.

The meeting in new York.

Travel through the streets, accompanied by mounted police.

Jubilant crowds.

Hundreds of leaflets.

Machine with pilots.



Are the speakers.

Pilots are presenting memorable characters.

Cars on the streets of the city.

Guards on horseback.

The laying of wreaths at the monument to the fallen in world war 1.


Infantry of the solemn marching past the monument.

Arrival in Detroit

Key words

Germany, aviation, celebration, celebrities, port, people, transportation, water, monuments, the laying of wreaths, the rally, the police, the awarding of the orchestra

Reel №8

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Professor Junkers with his wife and son.

Junkers talks with Azeem Ford.

The plane is landing.

The pilots in the machines.

Pilots visiting the company in Farzone.

Pilots in the shops.

Pilots inspect a new car.

Henry Ford welcomed the pilots in Dubina,Michigan.

The message in the newspaper "BTS am Mittag" on the return of the oceanic pilots home.

The view from the plane.


The plane in the air.

Various Newspapers about the heroism of the pilots.

Demonstrations in the city,travel pilots,enthusiastic crowd.

The pilots in a passenger car to greet the audience.

The car goes on the streets to the stadium.

View of the airfield.

On the huge airfield-the pilots of the aircraft.

The pilots travel to Berlin.

Cheering crowds

Key words

Germany, science, personalities, aviation, press, population, demonstration, cars, stadium, airport

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