The Parliament of the victims of labour. (1929)

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Reel №1


General view of the city of Kiel.

Cranes in the harbour.

Unemployed at the labor exchange.

Ocean liners.


The ancient houses.

Fishing court.

Work on ships.



Arrival of delegates.

Delegates at the station.

The French delegation.

Delegates to the area.

The preparatory Committee of the Congress.

The first delegates.

A meeting of the Kiel group.

Working a Keel on the street.


Key words

Germany, the harbour, the unemployed, the labour exchange, the fishermen, the workers, sailboats, delegation, Congress, meeting

Reel №2


The courtroom.

Speech of the Chairman of the Union of Augusta Karsten.

The Congress delegates.

Grizer is the representative of the Imperial Ministry of labor welcomed the delegates.pnrm. the hall.

A spokeswoman for the Union of war invalids of France Erhardt.

The Performance Of Mariet /France/.

Speech by R. Karsten with the translation.

The participants of the Congress on the street.

The procession participants.

Disabled people in wheelchairs.



A representative of the Kiel workers.


Carsten, thanks for the greeting.

In the evening.

The occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Kiel branch of the Union.

Matthes speaks with a greeting from the Union.

Athletic performance Kiel working

Key words

Germany, the Congress, the delegation of the State.figures, personalities, persons with disabilities, meeting, working, festival, anniversary, sports, working

Reel №3


The continuation of the work of the Congress.

Report Of A. Karsten.

Animated images to improve the functioning of the Union.

Data on the activities of the Union.

Kiel home for the elderly.

General appearance.


Home for the sick the elderly,surrounded by a garden.

The elderly at the cage with the rabbits,the Elderly, feed the chickens and ducks.

Matthes speaks with the financial report of the Union.

Data on the growth of the Union,on payment of the membership fees, the publication of the Bulletin of the Union,campaign materials,about the volume of correspondence,the Bureau of the Union

Key words

Germany, Congress, shelter, Gos.uchrezhdeniya, domestic animals, birds, personalities, social movements

Reel №4


The scheme of the spheres of activity of the Union in Germany.

Data on the structure of administrative authorities in the areas.

Report on the activities of the mutual Fund.

Visit of the delegates on the boat.

Delegates on Board.

Warships in the Harbor.


Dancing on Board.

The final speech of the Mattes.

The delegates withdrew.

Illuminated evening view of the Keel

Key words

Germany, the Congress delegation, personalities, harbor, water transport, navy, sailing, entertainment