The struggle for the Rhine. (1936)

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Director: Emilj Bender

Reel №1


The propaganda film shot by order of the Nazi leadership area Köln-Aachen to "fight" the National Socialists for the return of the Rhineland demilitarized zone of Germany / 1930-1936 gg /.

Introductory titer of the occupation of the Rhineland. "Foreign occupation, inflation, nisheta fratricide and led Germany to destruction.

G.pervoe September 1930 meeting with Hitler in Cologne.

City streets.



People come out of the bus.

By the entrance, where the meeting will be held, directs the audience.

Police restoring order.

Mounted police.

Stormtroopers in white shirts with Nazi Standart / brown shirts were banned at the time /.

Crowded room Reynlandhalle.

Hitler at the microphone.

The audience applauds.

Hitler on the podium, drinking water.

Hitler and his associates removed.

The funeral of the murdered communists in Cologne Nazi Albert Hayttera / August 1, 1931 /.

The car with the police.


Carry a coffin.



The motorcade is moving through the streets.

Gauleiter Grohe including walking behind the coffin.




Nazi leaders T.Vinkelkamper, Derr, Evertts.

Bearers carrying flags with the swastika.



The coffin was carried by friends of the deceased.

Mourning rally on the square

Key words

Germany, the Nazis, Gos.deyateli, personalities, Hitler conference population Gos.simvolika, the police, the orchestra, the demonstration, the funeral, the clergy, the rally mourning ceremony

Reel №2


The continuation of the mourning rally.

The funeral of the murdered 20 Nov 1931 in Aachen Nazi of Egedius Geurten.

Bearers with folded flags.

The hearse with the coffin.

Attendants with torches.

The family of the deceased.





Gauleiter GROHE among the mourners.

A memorial meeting.

Goebbels speech at Rheinlandhalle in Cologne on March 3, 1932, the Nazi banners and flags.


Goebbels microarra.

Gesticulating,he made a speech,demanding the transfer of power to Hitler,that will allow you to end the troubles of Germany.

A quote from the speech of Goebbels:"If in Germany there is still hope,its carrier-Adolf Hitler!"

Key words

Germany, the Nazis, the funeral ceremony, the funeral State.figures, personalities, Hitler, Goebbels, orchestra, police, rally, State.symbols

Reel №3


Street Cologne.

Bearers in Reynlandhalle.

Gauleiter Grohe opens the meeting.

Appears General Littsman.

He welcomed participants of the meeting.

Appears G.Gering.

He greets the members of the presidium.

Goering made a speech.

Hitler appears.

Hitler at the microphone.

Funeral Sturmführer Hambryukkera killed June 19, 1932 GV Merkshtayne / government district of Aachen /.

Stormtroopers take out the coffin.

The funeral procession.

The coffin was immersed in the hearse.

At the head of the procession, with the standard of stormtroopers and banners.

The procession enters the cemetery gates.

The procession to the cemetery.

Family and relatives of the deceased.

A memorial service.

The coffin was lowered into the grave

Key words

Germany, funeral, mourning rally, Gos.deyateli, personalities, the Nazis, Hitler, Goering, and captains, cemetery

Reel №4


Demonstration of stormtroopers in Cologne.

Demonstrators on the streets.


Stormtroopers in civilian clothes.

Nazi flags.

Demonstrators on Filtsengraben.

They welcome the Gauleiter Grohe, head of the storm troopers of Palma, Prince Augusto William of Prussia, the adjutant von Schmidt, member of the Landtag Haacke.

The demonstrators.



The car with the police.

The only Nazi flag on the building gaulyaytung / district leadership /./ Hanging Nazi flags were forbidden /.

The rally in the Messehalle.

Speech by Prince William and Augusta Tony Vinkelkempera.

They call for the unity of the nation and its salvation.

March 1932 g.

Miting in Messehalle, Keln.publika flock to the building

Key words

Germany, the demonstration, the Nazis, the State.the symbols of the State.figures, personalities, orchestra, GOS.figures, personalities, monarchs, rally

Reel №5


July 10, 1932 March 15 thousands of storm troopers through the streets of Cologne.

Stormtroopers in the streets.

The crowd watching the March.


The Nazi banner on one of the buildings on the hansaring underground station, where there lived an old national socialist.

Overbred Palms and Gauleiter GROHE welcomed the passing of the column at the building of the newspaper "Westdeutscher Beobachter".

Disabled cars.


The spectators in the Windows.

The rally in the square Afinitor.

The President of the Landtag H. Haak and Gauleiter GROHE.

A huge crowd of listeners.

The funeral of the murdered 27 Jul 1932 in Vila stormtrooper Bitzer.

The coffin, covered with Nazi flags.

The stormtroopers have wreaths and the coffin of the deceased.

The stormtroopers in the funeral procession.


The coffin was lowered into the grave.

A member of the Reichstag Robert Ley speech.

The stormtroopers in the campaign

Key words

Germany, the Nazis, the demonstration State.figures, personalities, GOS.the symbolism, the funeral, the meeting, the President, the Nazis, the press

Reel №6


The continuation of the March of the stormtroopers.

Storm troopers in the trucks.

Stormtroopers March through the city of Riga.

Buildings decorated with Nazi flags and national flags.

A column of stormtroopers on the March.


Representatives of Nazi cells.

The performance of kreisleiter,Deputy landtage of Marrenbach.

The crowd of listeners.

Speech of the Deputy of the Landtag von ELTZ-Rubenach.

Mass rally in Gummersbach.

A column of stormtroopers.

Speech by Gauleiter GROHE."German day"at Atarfe.




The performance of kreisleiter of Hoffstetter.

He paid tribute to the murdered political opponents of Klaus Clemens.

The March of the storm troopers.

Funeral in Ahane killed by Communist stormtrooper Ruskin/July 1932/.


The stormtroopers have wreaths.

Bearers with Nazi banners.

The coffin was lowered into the grave.

The parting words of the priest.

Speech by Gauleiter GROHE

Key words

Germany, the demonstration, the Nazis, the State.the symbols of the State.figures, personalities, funeral, meeting, orchestra, the priests

Reel №7


Hitler's visit to Aachen/July 1932/.


Nazi flags flying at half-mast.

The audience is going in the Green house.

Gauleiter GROHE in the car.


The crowd gathered.

GROHE at the microphone.

The appearance of the aircraft of the Fuhrer.

The audience wave their handkerchiefs.

The führer appears in the Green theater.

He greets the audience.

Hitler at the microphone.

The meeting at the exhibition.


The crowd.

The performance of Dr.

Lei/future head of the Reich labor service/.

The speech of the Deputy Gauleiter Rikh.

The Schaller

Key words

Germany, visit, theatre, the Hitler State.figures, personalities, meeting, people, show, conference, troops

Reel №8


The advent of Hitler.

Hitler rises to the podium.

Hitler made a speech.

An excerpt from his speech: "The people is strong when it is united and faithful!".

September 1932 g.

Sportivny holiday storm troopers at the stadium.


Their leader Lyuyken opening celebration.

Competitions on the run, jump, go-ahead run.

The mass gymnastic exercises.

Horseback Riding.

Launching built at the expense of the Hitler Youth cutter "Germany".

The representative of the Hitler Youth at the microphone.


Speech Nazi leaders Willy Berger.



Cutter descend on vodu.19 g.

Gitler February 1933 in Cologne.

Hitler out of the plane.

He greets the representatives of the local authorities.

He handed some letter.

Hitler greets gaulyalyayterom Grohe, passes the guard of honor, receives flowers from children.

Hitler passes through the streets of Cologne, he is greeted by residents in an open car.

Hitler was on the boat.

Sports competitions yachtsmen and boaters in honor of the Fuhrer.

Boats under the bridge.

Different types of boats

Key words

Germany, festival, sport, stadium, Hitler, air force, Hitler youth, women, children, the Navy, the Nazis, the State.figures, personalities

Reel №9


On March 4, 1933, the Transfer of power to the Nazis in Cologne.

Streets decorated with Nazi flags.

Policeman President Lingens pronounces the words of the oath of allegiance of the police to the Fuhrer.

Nazi March and police units of the SS,the stormtroopers, the"Steel helmet".13 March 1933, the Ceremony of transfer of power in Cologne city hall.

The mass of the people at the town hall.


Above the hall rises the Nazi flag.

The speech of the new mayor Rizena.

On 24 April 1933 the Reich Minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels takes under his wing the West German radio/WDR/.

Stormtroopers in the streets.

Goebbels out of the car.

The enthusiastic crowd.

Goebbels gets in the car with flowers.

Goebbels out of the castle Gurzenich.

He welcomes the crowd and gets in the car.

Zeppelin near Cologne.

May 1, 1933 March in honor of labor day on the streets of Cologne

Key words

Germany, Nazis, radio, festivals, State.the symbolism, the police, the SS, the population of the State.figures, personalities, Goebbels, propaganda, strengthening

Reel №10


The continuation of the March on may 1.


The railwaymen.


The slogan:"Down with class struggle!"July 22, 1933, the Day the"Old guard".

A truck with inscription"Old guard".

The car rides on the streets.

It is welcomed by residents.

The slogan"long live the old guard!".

The passage of stormtroopers.

Speech by Gauleiter GROHE.

It presents representatives of the "old guard" credentials.


LEU and Dr.

Haacke welcome to Nazi veterans.

March 7, 1936 Part of the Wehrmacht vstupayut in the Rhine area.

Of the cars out soldiers withdrawn horses.

The soldiers have guns.

German troops cross the Rhine river.

The enthusiastic crowd.

Top Nazi officials and Wehrmacht officers.


Women throw flowers.

Slogan:"the free Rhine!"

Key words

Germany, Nazi, State.personalities, personalities, women, population, soldiers, weapons, workers, GOS.symbols, cars, propaganda, veterans, troops