For daily bread. Hunger in Waldenburg (1929)

Documentary №65422, 3 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Fil Yutci
Camera operators:Fil Yutci

Reel №1


In the beginning of the film are the texts of two documents:an excerpt from the official memo 1819 about disasters in Waldenburg and the words of President Hindenburg,said in 1928:"what I saw and heard in Waldenburg,deeply shocked me.

It can no longer be tolerated".

The head of a sleeping person.

Sleeping husband and wife.

Poster:"God bless mining".

Sleeping on the floor children.

The children on the bed.

Child in bed made out of boxes from margarine.

Alarm clock.

The beginning of a new day.

Winter landscape.

The woman works with children.

Children dress.

People rushing to work.

Snowy winter street.

Hungry people at the restaurant.

A woman collects water from under the crane.

Working modestly at Breakfast.


Working out of the home.


Snow removal.

Street crews.

The factory whistle.


The driving machines.

Miners down into the mine.

Working in the mine.





Smoke from factory chimneys.

The miners after a shift hand over their lamp

Key words

Germany, President, personalities, documents, poverty, women, children, workers, mine, miners, industry, household appliances

Reel №2


The woman counts a pittance.

Quote from the report of the city physician that the majority of children suffering from malnutrition.

Data on the absence of children shoes, clothes, to the spread of tuberculosis and rickets.

Women mourn a dead child.

A woman cleans a potato.

Children on the street.

The children go to school.

The building of a Gothic Cathedral.




Locks "masters of life".

The estate of a large landowner.

Mines and large enterprises.

The castle of Prince Pless.

The coach leaves the gate.

Types of castle.

View of the castle up close and from a distance.

Weavers primitive machines.

Vintage spinning wheel.

Young worker-weaver tells parents about reduced fees for their work.

A woman in the kitchen.

She takes the young weaver the food.

The worker States his desire to leave the mine.

He leaves the house, goes on a winter road.

Parents remaining at home

Key words

Germany, children, medicine, Cathedral, monarchy, personalities, workers, women, mine, miners, industry light

Reel №3


Winter landscape.

The young weaver is on the road.


Skiers descend the hill.


Factory and mine buildings.

High-voltage transmission lines.


Street of the city.

The young weaver in search of work.

Hungry tkaya see the fish lying at the store in the tray,looking at her.

Goes away,comes back again.

Enough fish.

It stops an older worker.

He makes the weaver to throw the fish and leads him along.

Leads him to the woman-proletarka.

The woman agrees to take the weaver to the apartment.

Woman's abode.

The woman at the stove.

Appear children.

The woman introduces the weaver children

Key words

Germany, poverty, work, Church, bridge, women, children

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