Unknown Russia (1920-1929)

Footage №65531, 4 parts, duration: 0:36:51, black-white

Reel №1

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The map that shows Prague, Moscow and the Volga.

View of the Volga river.

Carts with baggage on the ice of the frozen Volga in winter.

The break-up.

Chunks of ice.

Steppe, adjacent to the Volga.

Primitive homes of local residents - theatre /so they are marked in the credits/.

The prayer of the family head.


Woman and man go to work.


Device for irrigation.

Rotation, driven by a camel.

Work in the garden.

Primitive furnace for cooking.


The Tartars eat.


The groom comes to the bride.


The conversation in the tent.

The groom comes for the bride.

The bride sits in the tent.

Its harbour rug.

The caravan departs to the groom's house

Key words

Russia, river, people, peasants, agriculture, animals, wedding, nationality

Reel №2

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The bride enters the groom's house.

The conversation in front of the house.

The presentation of dowry.

Common prayer.

Camel in front of the house.

The bride's relatives go way back.



A crowd of residents.

Competitions on national wrestling.


Boat floats on the Volga.

The sailing boat on the Volga.

Spill The Volga.

Flooded meadows, groves.

The boat on the water.



Kalmyk nomad tent.

Information about the Kalmyks.

The Kalmyks types: man, woman, children.

Kalmyks go with their flocks.

The construction of the tent.

Children's games.

Wagon draped with animal skins.

Ready tents

Key words

Russia, wedding, animals, river, transportation, water, mill, population, children, entertainment, nationality

Reel №3

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The Kalmyks have tents.

Slaughtered a sheep.

Cook the stew.

The titer of the anti-Soviet revolution, which brought "war and hunger" made nedostigaemymi for the Kalmyks.

Milking mares.

The woman behind the crafts.

Samples of the artistic Handicrafts of the Kalmyks: the tube zone. "Meeting" Kalmyk families.

Elder and others drink wine.

Folk dances.

Dance Haran-zurun.


A group of Kalmyks.

Kalmyk beauty.

The caption on the beliefs of the Kalmyks.

At home in the desert.


High funeral mast in front of the local temple.

Common prayer.

The Kalmyks are in the temple

Key words

Russia, people, Pets, crafts, entertainment, Church, women

Reel №4

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Out of the temple.

Kalmyks in front of the temple.

Lama's have the ritual killing of the sacred mast.

Kalmyks go home.

Lama with a mast crop of believers.

Samples of the Kalmyk written language /sacred book/.

Competitions on the national struggle.

The national dances.

The performance of folk melodies on the balalaika.

Diagram of the sacred places in the temple.

Bypass the ritual drums.

National pipe and dulcimer.

General view of the original architecture.

Figure of Buddha in the temple

Key words

Czechoslovakia, the church, the clergy, the people, literature, sports, entertainment, musical instruments, architecture

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