Selection of a military chronicle of the First world war (1914-1915)

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The plot of the production of "Sascha-Film".

Schwere osterreichische Feldgeschutze in Feuerstellung.


Galicia. 1915 Austro-Hungarian artillery guns set in position, charge them, make the shot.

Austro-Hungarian field camp.

A field kitchen.

Austro-Hungarian soldiers sawing firewood.

Austro-Hungarian soldiers working in a field bakery: knead the dough.

Remove the baking sheets from the oven, brush the bread with oil and place in the oven.

Austro-Hungarian gunners wheeled heavy gun on the road.

Heavy guns in position.


Gunners load a gun, roll on truck shells.

Download projectile.

The shot guns.

The gun run up the gunners.

Heavy mortar.

Artillery crew.


May 1915 the Fortress of Przemysl (Przemysl).

German officers inspect the ruins of the fortress. panorama of ruins.

Austro-Hungarian gunners pulled the heavy gun on the road.

Leaves a caterpillar tractor.

Austro-Hungarian artillery guns set in position, roll on the deck of a truck with a heavy projectile, charged projectile.


The gunners hold their ears.

Austro-Hungarian officers in the dugout watching through the periscope, record in a notebook the observations.

Communicators in the headphones.

Landscape: view of the hill through the trees.

May 1915 the Fortress of Przemysl (Przemysl).

Austro-Hungarian officers in the background of the ruins. (The officer charges the camera).


Austro-Hungarian officers inspect the broken bronchophony. pnrm. destroyed FORTS.

German soldiers inspect the ruins of the fortress.

A sentry with a rifle.

German soldiers inspect the broken FORTS, destroyed concrete structures.

German and Austro-Hungarian soldiers on the ruins of the FORTS of the fortress.

German soldiers posing for photos and newsreels, sitting on the broken bronchopul.

German soldier-clockwise against the backdrop of bronchopul.

The German soldiers endure from the casemate rifles-trehlineyki and placed them on the ground. pnrm: the San river, the view of the city of Przemysl, destroyed the bridge over the river San.

The townspeople ferried in boats across the river San.

Belgium. 1914 the Spinning mill.

Soldiers of the German landsturm (Landsturm) sitting by the fire, read the newspaper.

Trees, smoke, flame.

Firefighters extinguish a burning building. pnrm: the charred skeleton of the home, rooftops, metal structures. panorama of ruins.

Belgium, Mechel. 1914 panorama: the roofs of the houses.

The explosion in the field.

The bridge over the river.

Ruined house.

Are soldiers of the German landsturm (Landsturm).

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