Hitler and England (1939)

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Hitler's book "Mein Kampf" in 1923.

Hitler's words about England.

British Ambassador to Germany,arrives the plane

Germany declared a General conscription.

Hitler speaks.

A statue of a German soldier with a spear.

Recruiting center, there is a record in the army, recruits receive clothing.

This year, Mr.

Baldwin announces mobilization in England


England enters into a Treaty with France.

A train station in England that the French military command




Military production in Germany.

England increases its defense budget.

Queen in a munitions factory


Hitler calls for unification with Austria.

The English king sent to France to meet with Lebrun


Czechoslovakia,Prague,the town consists of Hitler's troops.

In England declared a General mobilization,followed by guards.

Military parades of German and English troops.

Quote :"the War began because Britain wanted war.".

Hitler,8 November 1939


English representatives:Chamberlain,Churchill,Mr.

Rasinen to find a peaceful solution to the problem.

Chamberlain in the parade of the air force.

The speech of the Chamberlain appeal to the German responsibility for the outbreak of wars /sync./Quote: "If France gets to fight to the last man for England,that's their business,"G. Goering. 9 Sep 1939



The English fleet,naval battles,burning,wrecked ships.

The French air force against the German aircraft.tanks.

Dead British soldiers,a funeral.

General Gamelin and General Ironside in the parade by the combined Franco-British troops.


England and France were United to fight against Hitler


Hitler calls for compulsory military service. 1936 .

Hitler occupied Europe.

England enters into an agreement with France.

Troops. 1937.

Hitler and his entourage conducted an aggressive policy of threats and antiparvovirus.

England creates its own weapons.

A weapons factory. 1938.

Hitler encroaches on the independence of Austria.

City meets Hitler.

France and Britain reinforce solidarity. 1939.

Hitler encroaches on the independence of the Czech Republic, and as a result Britain declares a policy of creation.

In the same year, Germany invades Poland.

The March of the British army.

Quote from "Mein Kampf": "the War broke out only because England wanted it" (Munich, 8 November 1939).


Chamberlain speaks negatively about the continuation of the war.

A quote from Hermann Goering: "If France believes that we should fight to the last man for England, that's her business"(Berlin.

September 9, 1939.) Sea battles with German submarines.

Sinking ships.

The air battles.

The funeral of British soldiers.

The award ceremony generals Generalissimo of Galena

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