The Fuhrer welcomes the Hitler youth (1934)

Footage №65651, 1 part, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized

Reel №1


Hitler stands on a square surrounded by soldiers and officers greeted the crowd.

Greeting the Fuehrer a triple 'Sieg Heil'.

A huge stadium filled with rows of young people.

Hitler made a speech that the German youth need to be "solid as a rock."

Youth repeats the triple greeting.

Sounds anthem Hitler.

Live inscription in the stands, "Saar"


Luitpold Arena, the square is a lot of soldiers with Nazi flags.

Hitler down the stairs from the platform and is on the "live" corridor accompanied by Himmler and Viktor Lutze to the "Temple of Memory."

Near the "memory of the Temple" is a fire and lay wreaths.

Hitler salutes.

Close up of a bronze eagle.

Hitler, Himmler and Lutze return to the podium.

Marsh fascists with banners. 135 000 members of the army and SS get dozens CA Warlord.

Residents greeted Hitler when he passes away.


Smiling Hitler.

Soldiers are parading on the background of the cathedral.


Former street.

Go drummers and buglers, orchestra.


Completing the parade at the congress in Nuremberg.

On the field demonstrations motorists operate vehicles in the line reversal.

Looks Hitler, Goering.

They're coming soldiers, sailors, horses and riding carts with guns.

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