The Dardanelles. (1939)

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Director: Keroul Maurice, Williams Max, Kerulj Moris, Uiljyams Maks

Operators: Legeret R., Chevereau H., Lezhre R., Shevro A.

Reel №1

The entire film, except for primary resources, talks about the visit of the delegation of veterans of the Gallipoli campaign (02.1915-01.1916) on the ship "Doukkala" from Marseille to Turkey.

August 1914, war is Declared between France and Germany.

A leaflet calling to resist the aggressors.

November 1914.

War declared by Turkey, which became an ally of Germany.

England and France are United in a unit and together are sent to force the Dardanelles.

Ship 1915 War, explosions, soldiers prepare weapons.


The corpses of soldiers in the trenches.

The Dardanelles from the sea.

The submarine on the surface are filled with bombs lowered into the water.

On the ship.

The entrance to the Dardanelles, which separates Europe and Asia.

Inside the submarine.

The sailors of the devices.

The sea battle.

The landing of French Marines.

Ground combat.

On 18 March 1915.


Coast: the ships on the water.

April 26.

Allies taken the first Fort of Gallipoli.

This is the first success of the campaign, which prodlitsya until the end of World war 1.

The ruined fortress.




Key words

World war 1, the allies, soldiers, bombing, Navy, Marines

Reel №2

1930-th year.

Marseille port.

The government decides it and throw trip to the Dardanelles.

From Marseille on the ship "Doukkala" are sent to veterans, relatives and friends of the victims.

Boarding a ship, sailing.

The first ship will go to Algeria to take part in the pilgrimage.

The devices ship.

Shooting the sea with the nose.

Port Of Algeria.

Meeting ship.

The descent of the ladder.

Fashion show of Algerian veterans with flags.

Monument to the fallen, which will be visited by the pilgrims.

A solemn meeting.

The laying of wreaths.

A moment of silence.

Meetings, handshakes. "Doukkala" headed for the Dardanelles.

From afar, notice the monument to the fallen in the battles of 1915.

Memorial service on Board.

The delegation headed by the General Damadam, Admiral Geprata, delegates of the British government, General Gouraud and the French Ambassador, goes to the monument.

French living in Constantinople, welcomed their compatriots.

The laying of wreaths at the monument, there are also grave commemoration meeting

Key words

France, port, veterans, Algeria, gos.simvoly rally, the laying of wreaths, monuments, military leaders, the delegation

Reel №3

A visit to the fortress in ruins.

On the ship to Constantinople, Admiral Geprat tells about the battle.

The same old footage chronicles.

Throw wreaths and flowers into the sea.

Steamship whistle.

Constantinople - view from the sea (the song).

Those present on the ship salute.

Upon returning to the wise to come - one of the main naval bases of the allied fleet.

Fishing boats meet passengers' Doukkala ".

In Mudros is a cemetery where fallen Frenchmen buried.

The laying of wreaths and flowers at the monument.

The pilgrimage is completed. "Doukkala" is sent to the Piraeus.


In Piraeus, the delegates met the Minister.

Send to Athens.

Sights of the city.

The ruins of the Acropolis. "Doukkala" sent back to Algeria.


The reception at the governor in the palace, covered tables.

The last stage - the return to Marseille.

The sea, ship

Key words

France, Algeria, castle, Chronicle, Turkey, Cemetery, Greece, gos.deyateli, reception