The Dutch armed forces 1933-1940 years. (1940)

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Reel №1


Maneuvers motorized units of the Dutch army.

The soldiers dragged the cannon along the road,fleeing soldiers with guns.

The tank fires the main gun.

The command post near the house,the officers of the card.

Gunners preparing a gun.

Flying airplanes,antiaircraft gun shoots.

Prince Bernhard /glasses/ on horseback with the officers watching the manoeuvres.

Attack soldiers


The Netherlands strengthens its borders.

Soldiers dig trenches,build bunkers.

The post the road.

The undermining of a tree with dynamite.

Soldiers doing anti-tank obstacles.

The arrival of new military units in different border areas.

Journalists inspect the new fortifications.

Barracks,the soldiers eat in the courtyard at the table.

The the the sea and going clockwise.

Fortifications with sandbags on the beach.

Soldiers in a trench with guns.

Bunkers,posts with barbed wire,sentry.

Children play close to the bunker.

Residents ride bikes.

Building barracks

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Reel №2


The headquarters of the army, obtaining reports.

The Gunners have pushki.prozhektor induced sea.

Communication trenches, bunkers.

Calculation at the gun, charging, shooting


Prince Bernhard of the North Sea.

Dutch navy in the sea.

Prince with the officers on the vessel.

Shoot-board instruments.

The ship, a garland of flags on the mast.

Arrival of the Queen and Prince Bernhard in the fleet, they get out of the car, go to the ship.

They welcome the officers and sailors.

Queen bypass operation sailors, rises to the upper deck.

The squadron goes to sea.

Plane of the ship.

Top view of the city.

Arrival in Rotterdam, the queen goes from ship to boat.

Residents greeted the queen.

Parade of troops in front of her.

Go infantry, carry guns

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Reel №3



General Fabius on maneuvers.

Field, galloping cavalry, motorcycle parts, motorized units, light tanks on wheels


Navy day in Scheveningen.

Operation with flags.

There is a delegation with Minister van Defence and Dr.

Dickerson down the line.

Queen and officials at the parade in the Hague.

Light tanks are on the bridge.

Parade,rides a Bicycle orchestra.

On the balcony of the officials.

Are tanks on the street.

Parades in different cities

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Reel №4


Street Grave decorated with banners.

The bridge is the infantry,the inhabitants welcome the troops.

The parade in Amsterdam.

Prancing cavalry.

A detachment of buglers bugling.

Motorized units,guns,tanks.

The stadium demonstration maneuvers.

Attack of tanks and infantry.

Prince Bernhard watching the maneuvers.

Flying airplanes.

Buglers on the field.

Parade gollandskoi army.

The Queen and Prince Bernhard in avtmobile go by the building,come up to the dais under a canopy,sit on the bench.

Parade,marching band,Marines,sailors.

Cavalry,a detachment of cavalry in hats.

Orchestra on bicycles.

Motorized units.

Aircraft flying in the corner

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Reel №5


There is a parade, tanks, guns, artillery, and cavalry.

Maneuvers on the field.

Troubled days in Europe.

In Gollnadii issued a mobilization order gollnadskoy Army 28.08.1939 year.

People on the street reading order.

Illuminated signs around the dome of the mobilization.

Collection mobilized on points.

There is a soldier with a girl.

Products in the shop window, the price tags for vegetables, meat, bread.

Ministers out of the building, sit in the car.

Mobilize escorted to the front.

Perron, soldiers sit in cars.

Soldiers resting at the station.

Platz, the soldiers sit.

Food storage, helmets, uniforms.

Amsterdam, the sentry at the palace.

Gollnadskaya army sent to position Utreh.

With the vessel unloaded the bags, carry, draped with sandbags architectural monuments.

The troops are leaving by train, by truck.

Under the barracks used school buildings, circus

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Reel №6



Mobilizovano horses from the peasants.

The farmer leads the horse.

Cavalry ride horses


Fleet on the military situation.

The trains leave from the Marines,sit in the trucks.

Field kitchen preparing a soup,the sailors eat.

Vessels at sea.

On Board raise torpedoes


Flooding in strategic areas through the gateways of the channels.

At home in the water.

The soldiers are on the water in the boat.

The construction of bunkers along the canals,the installation of anti-tank obstacles,wire zagrozeniu.

The wire is filled with creosote.

People work in the channel tree felling

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Reel №7


Engineers mine field, laying mines residents, and then puts a sapper charge and disguises.

Bunkers, sentry on duty.

The quartering of troops in suburban areas.

Barracks in the city, the view of the barracks inside.

Military lessons.

Stay entertained soldiers.

The soldiers play Billiards, table tennis, cards, chess, playing the piano


Defensive work in the winter of 1940.

Sawing ice on the canals.

The soldiers pulled the car,it cuts the ice

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Reel №8


Snow-covered terrain, vantage point.

Barack, icicles under the roof in hammocks.

Out of the barracks overlook the sailors, go through the snow.

Winter uniforms of soldiers.

Are the ships, signaled projectionist.

The space ship, the radio operators.

The command arrives to inspect coastal fortifications.

Watch playing football on the beach.

The COC prepares in the dining room, eating.

Coastal line of defense.

Strengthening the banks.

The guns on the battery, the soldiers set the gun, clean the barrels, shoot.

Going through the mud guns.

Pantone unloading, Assembly, crossing guns and infantry.

The delegation command and inspect the building

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