Drive through the beautiful places of Germany. (1936)

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Director: Kurt Engelj/Kurt Engel/

Operators: Fric Lemann

Reel №1


The barrier on the railway, up and down arrows is a train.

The views from the train window, mountains, river, houses, ancient fortress.

The passengers in the train, woman reading, the conductor checks the tickets, the pair looking out the window.

The internal structure of rail cars.

The mother leads the child to the toilet, washes, takes from the shelf the breech towel.

The conductor cleans the car.

Outside the window, passing the vineyards along the river.

The dining car, passengers eat at the tables and look out the window.

Car communication with telephone and Telegraph.

The interior is first-class compartment, the conductor straightens the bed


Woman in a dressing gown ukladyvaetsya to sleep.

The train goes under the bridge, arrives at the station.

The movers picked up the suitcases, passengers, and Luggage storage.

Hall station, ticket counter, on the wall of the train schedules.

The machine churns out the tickets at the entrance it breaks the controller.

Along the departing train carrying Newspapers, drinks, food.

Long-distance routes from Germany to Paris.


Rome and other places.

Sedentary wagon.

Types of terrain, river, ferry sailing through it.

The ancient fortress on the shore.

The waiters serving drinks


Tourist ship on the river Rhine.

Passengers on the deck visiting area.

The restaurant on Board.

The ancient city, castles in the Gothic style on the beach.

The steamer on lake Constance, the city.

On deck are the cars.

A couple standing at the side looking at the lake.

Port, a flag with a swastika.

The ship leaves from a port along the waterfront is the train and on the motorway racing car

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Reel №2


Marina in Hamburg, passengers climb to Board ship to America.

There is a beep.

Travel, people watch booklets.

Hanging model of the airship "Hindenburg".

The airship in the air, the view of the river and city


Motorway in Germany.

By car, tour bus, passenger car with the couple.

They are at the gas station, driving on a mountain road, the driver was a woman.

Glass train in a mountainous area.

The ascent to the snow peaks of Zugspitze on the funicular


The German company "Lufthansa", a passenger aircraft in flight, view from porthole Windows.

River view from the top in the evening.

Down on the tarmac "Berlin". panorama of the city from above.

The movement to Berlin by car.

The Brandenburg gate, the traffic on the streets, riding double-Decker buses, the traffic controller on duty.

The tourist bus goes around the city, the guide tells the tourists about it.

Beautiful buildings, theatres, Pantheon.

Trains in the city on the surface.

Modern trains, the passengers in the car, canteen.

Open arrow, the train is on camera

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