Dolphus, and Austria (1936)

Documentary №65802, 2 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized

Reel №1


A documentary about the Federal Chancellor of Austria Engelbert Dolfus.

The new Federal Chancellor of Austria, Dr.

Dolphus on the economic situation of Austria.

Of FUS in the path of the Park


The conclusion of the concordat/agreement between the Pope and the state of legal Affairs/ between Austria and the Vatican.

The FUS and the Minister of justice, Dr.

Kurt Schuschnigg in Rome.

The speech of the head of the delegation of Dollfuss



Civil war in Austria.

Vienna,the Plaza hotel,the traces of destruction from bullets and shells.

Civilians with guns.

Soldiers marching in the streets.

Crackdown,the police have enough people.

Dolphus, speaks with anti-Marxist,anti-Bolshevik positions.

A detachment of cavalry on the road.

A crowd of people,columns of soldiers.

Official funeral in Vienna,the coffin are members of the government headed by Dolfuss


Conference in Londonio peaceful economic crisis.

Dollfuss speech at the conference.

On the way from London to Vienna with Austrian Chancellor stops in Paris for negotiations at the state level

Key words

Germany, Austria, State.figures, personalities, Park
Germany, Vatican, State.act, clergymen, and State.figures, personalities, delegation
Germany, war, people, soldiers, demonstration, police, President, personnel, public organization, the funeral, the cavalry, the destruction of the State.figures
Germany, England, conference, President, State.figures, personalities

Reel №2


The plane lands,out of Dolphus and talks about the conference in London.

Dollfuss speech at the meeting of the League of Nations in Geneva on the independence of Austria.

Hall meeting.

Dolphus, speaks from the podium



The performances of veterans of war and wounded in Schönbrunn.

Go down the street men in national dress,an orchestra.

The rally in the square,people raising their arms in a Nazi salute.

Church awards.

Pipers piping.

From the balcony he spoke of FUS in uniform.

Flying over the area aircraft.

The shouts of the people


The big parade in Steiermark.

Landeshauptmann Steiermark Minister Rintelen in Graz at the parade.

A crowd of people,flags.

The Church ceremony. consecration of the troops.

Blows trumpet.

Along the street are the troops,an orchestra



Spring parade at Vienna 1936/story Fox Muviton news/.

The area of Vienna,a crowd of people.

A guard of honor.

On the podium are the military.

Military parade,soldiers marching,riding tanks,trucks with weapons

Key words

Germany, Austria, aviation, President, personnel, of the State.act
Germany, Austria, the rally, the population of the State.figures, personalities, President, marching band, aviation
Germany, Austria, the parade, the troops of the State.figures, personalities, Church, orchestra
Germany, Austria, parade, troops, population, soldiers, military equipment, tanks, weapons

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