Vienna 1934 (1934)

Documentary №65822, 3 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized

Reel №1

Vienna 1934 with altitude.

The sculpture of Empress Maria Theresa.

Other monuments of architecture.

The Inhabitants Of Vienna.

The town's many cafés.

The audience at the tables.

Selling postcards of the city.

Attractions: houses, cathedrals, and monuments.

The Home Of Schubert.


Vienna Opera.

The house where Beethoven lived.

The veterinary hospital.

Bandaged the dog's head.

A basket of kittens.

Parrot in a cage.


Dancing horses for the entertainment of Maria Theresa

Key words

Austria, sculpture, architecture, monuments, Pets, Opera, Cathedral

Reel №2

Sobrinski Royal Palace and Park: hedges, statues.

Coach and horses, "his Majesty" Emperor Franz Josef for daily walks.

The interior of the Palace.

The servants of "his Majesty".

Chronicle of the parade in 1934 in Vienna.

Sunday celebration in the town square.

Marriage of Emperor Karl and Zita.

The tomb of the Habsburg dynasty, which gave Austria its Emperor.

Capuchins, guarding the 104 tombs and valuable exhibits of the Austrian crown

Key words

Austria, Palace, Park, sculpture, hornik, parade, holiday, marriage, monarchs, monks, tomb

Reel №3

Youth - working boys and sports for girls.

Chapel, garden, Franz Lehar.

Composer on a walk, at work, at the piano.

Relics: the skull of composer Raiden, the manuscript of the 3rd Symphony by Beethoven, the acoustic horn by Beethoven, typewriter Empress Maria Theresa, the crown of Charles, the crown of the Austrian Empire.

Hospital-hospital for children with pathology.

Public transport.

Crowds of people at bus stops.

Hurrying people.

People are on vacation.

The Danube bridges, the pigeons.

A street musician.

Selling ice cream, live fish.

Walking in the Park people.

Ferris wheel.

The Monument To Strauss.

Blooming chestnut.

Evening, restaurant, revelers crowd

Key words

Austria, young people, music, personalities, transport, sport, recreation, river, monuments

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