The passenger steamer without classes (1938)

Documentary №65839, 2 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized

Reel №1


The sea and the sky flying Seagull.

The mast of the ship,on the long narrow box is the inscription"Wilhelm Gustloff",a flag with a swastika.

The view of the city of Hamburg.

The sailors lowered the flag,sound the ringing of the ship's bell.

Officers of the Academy deck.

The ship is preparing to sail.

The whistle of a steamer.

Captain gives orders on the phone.

Sail waving their hands.

The engine room of the ship,operate the engines.

A huge ship with people working out of the port,sails past the waterfront,city view


The chefs cook in large boilers.

Trumpeter gives the signal for dinner.

A steward knocks on the cabin,inviting everyone into the dining room.

The descent to the dining room by the Elevator.

Workers at the tables,waiters handing out food.

The captain from the wheelhouse I wish you all Bon appetite and reports on the reception of a telegram and a telephone conversation.

A woman in a hurry for the telegram,and the man talking to her friends,remaining on the plant,on the phone


Map of the route of the steamer from Hamburg to Spain.

Stay on Board the ship.

The man takes the camera for hire,is on the hall,out on the deck.

People relax in the sun loungers.

A man comes to the door with the inscription"Solarium",up the stairs to another deck,where the rest of his friends,sits in the lounger,giving the girls candy from the box.

A waiter carries drinks

Key words

Germany, water transport, leisure, work, harbor, birds, sea, communications, Gos.simvolika fascists
Germany, water transport, workers, women, communication, food, recreation
Germany, water transport, work, vacation, photo, woman

Reel №2


Vacationers drink drinks,sunbathing,woman embroiders in the area.

In the evening you can go to the gym.

Boxing,fencing,table tennis.

Man and woman on exercise bikes.

Fat pedals.

Woman get away with simulator,is weighed and remains dissatisfied with the result.

Boxer practicing on the doll.

The pool on the boat,people swimming


The rise of the flag.

Steamer sails past the other ship,passengers waving flags.

Stop in Lisbon.

City tour by bus.

Architectural monuments,Park,ancient fortress.

Tourists on the observation deck of the fortress overlooking the port.

Card,then the path lies on the island of Madeira.

Crossing to the shore on boats.

Tour by car.

In the city are troops.

A boy with a bunch of fish go carts with goods.

House entwined with vines.pnrm. the city from the sea.


On the ship sailors are singing in the galley


The program in the hands of the worker.

Locals perform for tourists national dance.

Music room on the boat,a band,dancing couples.

Fireworks in the night sky.

Morning,the boat goes way back

Key words

Germany, leisure, transportation, water, workers, women, sports, swimming pool
Germany, leisure, transportation, water, work, Gos.simvolika, city, tour, architecture, monuments, park, castle, attractions, tourists, sea, city, cars, children, fish, troops
Germany, water transport, leisure, work, media, music, orchestra, entertainment, feyeverk

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