The ship in distress (1936)

Documentary №65840, 2 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Valjter Rutmann/Walter Ruttmann/
Camera operators:Erih Mencelj,Ervin Blik-Vagner

Reel №1


The beach,the waves beat against the pier,the spray fly in the air.

A ship at sea during a storm.

Waves flooded the deck.

Cemetery of the dead into the sea,crosses.

A cross with the inscription:"nameless"


The flag of the society of rescue vessels in distress at sea.

Radio operator receives a signal SOS,reports on the phone into Society.

The members of the society quickly assembled at the hangar,remove the rescue bots.

Rescuers in vodonepronitsaema uniforms,rescue belts.

Bot driven on a special platform,drawn by horses,people maintain boat ropes.

The bot is launched,team rowing oars.

In a sea of distress sailboat.

Comes the wagon with the ropes.

Rescuers gather equipment.

The launch with a rope to the side of the sailboat.

Use the rope to cross to the shore of people in distress

Key words

Germany, sea transport vony cemetery
Germany, sea, storm, Gos.simvolika, lifeguards, rescue, rescue equipment, sailboats, communication

Reel №2



Evening pier are boats, ships.

On the rescue ship received a distress message.

The team is going to ship out to sea.

The engine room, working mechanisms.

The wireless operator wears headphones catches the signal, coordinates reports.

Rescue ship "Bremen" in a hurry to the aid of fishermen.

Storm on the sea. "Bremen" comes to the fishing vessel, the boat is lowered and trafficked people.

Contribute to the premises of the fisherman unconscious, but then he comes to his senses, he shake his hand.

German Society flag on waters

Key words

Germany, Gos.simvolika, transportation, water, rescue, rescue workers, fishermen, communication, the sea

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