Seven days of world history (1938)

Documentary №65854, 4 parts, black-white
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Reel №1


Of Rome,Eiffel tower,Trevi fountain.

Parade in front of an ancient fortress.

People sit on the wall of the fortress.


Police holding back a crowd of people


Train with the delegation from Germany is on Italy.

The meeting,organized by Hitler and the Italian Blackshirts at Brennercom the pass.

Brenner,at the station, Hitler met with the Duke von Pistoria,Minister Storage.

They pass the guard of honor.

The train,decorated with swastika.

Hitler looks out the window of the car,looking at the crowd,people waving flags.

Hitler in the car with officials.

The train departs from the station of Ponte al Igarka.

Views of the city.

Bolzano station,a crowd of people at the station,cheers.

In the window of the car Hess,he welcomed the people to the fascist gesture.

Trento station,the crowd welcomed Hitler.

Hitler opens the window of the car.

Travel Verona.

At the station the guard of soldiers,banners,and an orchestra.

Bologna,cheering crowd.

Silhouette of Hitler in the window.

A further way through Orvieto.

The young Nazis in the background of the flag salute of the führer



Station Of Rome.

Pompous meeting,organized by the German delegation in Rome.

Mussolini,count Ciano,king Victor Emmanuel welcomed Hitler and arrived with him Ribbentrop,Hess,Goebbels,Dr.


Pass by the guard of honor.

Hitler and Mussolini sit in the carriage and move through the night to Rome.

Nazi symbols,burning torches.

Travel from arc de Triomphe down the street of the Empire to the Palazzo Venezia,the residence of Mussolini.

The crowd welcomed the distinguished guests.

Royal Palace Quirinal illuminated by the illumination,the carriage enters the gates of the Palace.

Hitler,Mussolini and Victor Emmanuel on the balcony of the Palace to greet the crowd gathered in the square



Motorcade accompanied by motorcycle goes to the monument to the memory of those killed in the 1st world war. panorama of the memorial complex.

Laying a wreath from the Fuhrer to Moghila of the unknown soldier.

The monument of the fascist militia.

A formation of soldiers.

On the steps of the memoreal Hitler and Mussolini before the troops lined up.

Anthem of fascist Italy.

Departure by car.

Hitler's speech in the house of German foreign organizations in Rome.

The monumental building of the Basilica.

The hall filled with listeners

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Germany, tranpsort, Gos.deyateli, personalities, monuments, the Nazis, the police, Hitler, Mussolini, public organizations

Reel №2


The car with Hitler rides in the Park.

Organized for the guests of the gala parade in Rome.

On the podium of the guests and diplomats.

There are Mussolini,king Victor Emmanuel,to Hitler,Goebbels.

Go troops,young sailors.

Mussolini said something to Hitler,shows program.

View of the marching column from the top,go to the carabinieri,the Alpine troops ski,tanks,trucks, artillery pieces.

Runs squad,ahead of the trumpeters.

Colonial troops on horseback


Hitler's trip to Naples.

Motorcade accompanied by motorcycle is on the streets of the city.

The crowd hailing the Fuhrer,the people waving from the balconies of houses.

The Royal Palace in Naples.

The motorcade arrives at the pier,ships of the Italian fleet give a salute in honor of the guests.

Hitler descends on the boat,which delivers it to the battleship "Counter di Cavero".

Mussolini is waiting for him on Board.

Hitler visits the ship,together with Mussolini bypass the sailors

Key words

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Germany, State.figures, personalities, Hitler, Mussolini, fascists, Navy, transport, population

Reel №3

Inspection of the Italian Navy.

Hitler and Mussolini on the battleship look at passing ships.

Sailing vessels "Columbus" and "Vespucci".

Ships carry out demonstration maneuvers.

Ships firing the gun.

The air rises planes.

Hitler looking through binoculars.

View of the top court. 90 submarines in service.

Go torpedo boats, volleys of cannon, water fountains from the explosions.

Looks Victor Emmanuel.

The squadron of Italian airplanes performing aerobatic maneuvers.

Aircraft represent the number 1, and the swastika.

Training bombing, "sinking" of enemy ships


Manta Marinella.

Hitler and Mussolini on the maneuvers of all arms.

Attack infantry, firing machine guns on the field are tanks, cavalry gallops.

Hitler sits down with the king in the car

Key words

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Germany, State.figures, personalities, visit, Hitler, Mussolini, Navy, cavalry, monarchs, maneuvers, troops, tanks, weapons, military technique

Reel №4



Celebrations in Rome in honor of Hitler's residence.

Night illumination.

People in the area.

Hitler, Goebbels and Mussolini on the podium watching folk dances.

Cavalrymen show carousel of horses.

Palazzo Venezia, Hitler and Mussolini on the balcony.

The people welcomed the leaders


In the morning, Hitler sent to Florence.

Travel through the city streets to the square to the Petit palace.

The observation deck at the Michelangelo Square, Hitler and Mussolini to survey the neighborhood.

At Palazzo Petit satisfied staged performance with trumpeters, ancient dances.

Palazzo Vecchio, Hitler and Mussolini onto a balcony.

Illuminated signs, Duce and the Fuhrer


Yesterday goodbye at the train station in Rome.

Mussolini and Hitler says goodbye, he gets in the car, looking out the window.

The train departs

Key words

Germany, Italy, visit, State.figures, personalities, Hitler, Goebbels, Mussolini, festivals, population, entertainment, cavalry
Germany, visit, State.figures, personalities, Hitler, Mussolini, entertainment, attractions
Italy, State.figures, personalities, Hitler, Mussolini, railway

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