The city promises (1934)

Documentary №65863, 2 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Paulj Bejer/Paul Beyer/
Camera operators:Ervin Shmyuker,Edgar Zesemer

Reel №1


Antique engraved view of Goslar.

Floating clouds.

Forest landscapes of Northern Germany.

Plowed fields.

The wind ruffled the leaves of the trees runs a river,growing in size.

The river in the rapids and turbulent water flow.

Rocks of different shapes.

The swastika carved in the rock.

View the town of Goslar from afar.

City views,old buildings,castles,and towers of the fortress.

Knights on horses


German soldiers on horses.

Galloping cavalry and infantry marching along a forest trail.

Horse-drawn implements.

Gunners shoot.

Monument to the fallen soldiers of the 1st world war, the guard at the monument

Germany.pnrm. the city from the plane,tiled roofs of the houses.

Peasant wagon enters the gates of the city.

House with bas-reliefs of rural motifs.

Old houses with high roofs ostroverhimi.

The interior of the house.

The view from the Windows of the Church.

A sculpture of a tigress.

Fountain with a sculpted cock


German workers front at work.

There is a detachment PLEASED with shovels to the gate with the swastika,singing a marching song.


Construction work.

Arrival at the construction site of German officers.

The views of the long barracks in the field

Key words

Germany, forest, river, sights, mountains, State.symbols, castle, fortress
Germany, soldiers, cavalry, forest, weapons, monuments
Germany, the peasants, architecture, Church, fountain, sculpture
Germany, construction workers, young people, State.symbolism, military leaders, forest

Reel №2


Training to peasant Congress in Goslar in 1934.

Flags with swastikas on homes.

Folk festival,are peasants in national dress.

Children running down from the high porch of the big house.

Are the German troops,cavalry and infantry.

Behalf of the residents.

Vintage womens hats.

Horse-drawn implements,infantry.

A crowd of people on the square,an orchestra.

The opening of the Congress.

Performances by darré and Himmler


Played by young drummers of the Hitler youth.

The evening dances in national costumes.

German officers in the audience.

Sabre dance,dance of the flails for threshing,the dance carousel with ribbons.

Young drummers and trumpeters on the scene.

Brief presentations by various leaders of German peasant worker front.

Priyasha delegate allegiance to the Fuhrer.

The emblem of the"Working people's front"-the swastika on her ear and a sword.

The sounds of the oath footage agriculture:ploughing with horses,sowing,eared field

Key words

Germany, sysd, farmers, State.symbols, children, troops, cavalry, fashion, population, orchestra, festivals, weapons, State.figures, personalities
Germany, music, youth, Hitler youth, entertainment, farmers, State.the symbolism, the concert, the oath, the Nazis

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