The Olympic Grenoble.. (1968)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Rybakova A.

Operators: Leongardt U., Oshurkov M., Serov G.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Braslavskiy L.


The film tells about the Winter Olympic Games of 1968 held in the French town Grenoble.

Historical background

From 6 to 17 February 1968 in the French city of Grenoble were the X-th Winter Olympic Games.

Sporting events


Temporary description

City of Grenoble. Streets. Cross-country skiing in Otrane. Skiers on the road. Among them: Myantyuranta, Laura, Martinsen, Voronkov, Tarakanov, Nones. Winner F. Nones at the finish. Cross-country skiing among women at 10 km. On route: Gustafsson, G. Kulakov, A. Kolchin. T. Gustafsson winner at the finish. Speed Skating competition among women in the stadium. Winners L. Titova, K. Geiss. Competitions on figure skating in the Ice Palace. Speakers: L. Belousova, O. Protopopov, P. Fleming, B. Schwartz. Biathlon competition. On the Road: A. Tikhonov, V. Gundartsev, M. Solberg. Slalom and downhill in Shamrusse. Cross-country skiing on 50 kilometers Otrane. At a distance B. Vedenin. The winner in jumping Belousov. Hockey match between the USSR and Canada. Of the game. Awarding hockey.

Reel №1

Framing plans: Spectators in the stands - MS.

Starter - MS.

Start Skating - MS.

Slalom - LS.

Biathlon at the track - LS.

Acts skater G. Seifert - LS.

Skaters on the distance - LS.

Biathlon at the shooting range - CU.

Skier on track - LS.

Alpine winter landscapes in the French Alps near Grenoble - LS.

Several plans Grenoble.

Sequential shooting in the streets (athletes, spectators, newspaper vendor, etc.) - LS., MS.

The opening of the Olympic Games in the stadium: French athlete Calma lights the Olympic flame - MS.

Spectators and athletes at the stadium burning sparklers - MS.

Lit the Olympic flame - MS.

Landscape in Otrane - LS., PNRM.

Men's race at 30 km: riders on the start and on the road - LS.

On the track the double world champion and Olympic champion Myantyuranta Finn, Finn Laura, Norwegian skier Martinsen, Soviet racers Voronkov and cockroaches, the Italian Franco Nones - LS., MS.

Judge - CU.

Skiers finish - LS.

Race winner Franco Nones - LS.

Newsstand in a street in Grenoble - CU.

Race for women's 10 km: at the start of the track and a Swedish athlete Decent Gustafsson, her rival, the Soviet skier - Olympic Champion Alevtina Kolchin and Galina Kulakova - LS.

First finish T. Gustafsson - LS., CU. (Kulakov - silver medal, Kolchin - bronze).

At the Olympic rink in Grenoble athletes ready to start - MS.

Soviet athlete Tatiana Sidorova, Lyudmila Titova - LS., PNRM.

Spectators in the stands - CU., MS.

Judges - LS., CU.

Read the cameramen - CU., MS.

Starter - CU.

L. Titova runs in tandem with Japanese woman Misa Takeda (500 m) - LS.

L. Titova - Olympic champion, a student at the MAI - CU.

L. Titova runs together with Route Shlyayermaher - athletes of the GDR - a distance of 1000 meters, finishing - LS.

Starts and finishes at a distance Dutch Carolina Geiss - MS., LS. (Gold Medal).

Skaters in the Ice Palace Grenoble: Peggy Fleming, American, Austrian Wolfgang Schwarz (Olympic champions) - LS., CU.

Reel №2

On the ice, Lyudmila Belousova and Oleg Protopopov (Olympic champion) - MS., LS.

The audience applauded - MS.

At the shooting range - competitors in biathlon - LS., PNRM. on the target.

Fires Soviet athlete Alexander Tikhonov - MS.; Shoots Magnar Solberg - LS.

Shoot, athletes Tikhonov, Vladimir Gundartsev forwarded to the finish - MS.

M. Solberg finishes - LS. (With a / t), CU.

Tikhonov and V. Gundartseva congratulate the silver and bronze medals - MS.

Athletes skiers in the mountains Chamrousse - MS.

Moving the lift-van - LS., PNRM.

Athletes take to the mountains to ski lifts and chairlifts - LS., MS.

Viewers in Chamrousse - LS., MS., PNRM.

Skiers on the course - LS., MS.

Falls athlete - LS.

Photos of the athletes on the track and at the time of the fall - MS.

French athlete skier Jean-Claude Killy - at the start, on the course and finish - LS.

The race for 50 km for men Otrane: Muscovite Vyacheslav Vedenin at a distance - MS., PNRM. (Silver Medal).

Animation: Photo by V. Vedenina and young Soviet athlete Vladimir Belousov - MS., CU.

Parents V. Belousov home watching TV - a sports broadcast from St.

Nize (France) - CU.

Animation: Belousov jump from a springboard - LS.

Belousov finishes jump (101.5 m), congratulating him (Gold Medal) - MS.

Preparing the field for the game of hockey: the machine cleans ice, install gates are hockey players - LS., MS.

Photos of the game of hockey - MS., CU.

Of the game the USSR and Canada - MS., LS.

Commented Nick Lake - MS.

Scoreboard - CU., LS.

MSU in the Lenin Hills at night - LS.

Young people at the TV - MS.

After the match Soviet hockey players congratulate each other, shaking their goalkeeper Konovalenko - MS.

Canadians congratulate the winners - LS., PNRM.

The audience applauded - MS.

Awarding of winners: the captains of the winning team on the podium (I place - USSR; II place - Czechoslovakia; III place - Canada) - MS.

Lifting on flagpoles flags of the winning team - LS.

Are the athletes and spectators - LS.

Ice Palace at night (appearance) - LS.

Illuminated and illuminated streets of Grenoble (night) - LS.

The emblem of the Olympic Games - 5 rings - CU.

The streets of Grenoble - MS., LS.

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