Warship in the campaign (1940)

Documentary №65905, 2 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized

Reel №1


Winter training campaign battleship of the German Navy 1939/40.

Hike takes place in the harsh winter conditions.

Battleship, nose Nazi flag.

Ice floes in the water.

The sailors are preparing for a hike.

Painting, cleaning vessel.

The sailors cleaned instruments.

There is a food loading, carry bags, mascara.

In stock reception products.

The deck of the ship with guns.

The command post of the ship, given the team.

The ship leaves the raid.

Train signalmen on deck under the command of officers


The engine room of the ship, the mechanisms work.

The officer conducting theoretical training with sailors before the motor drawing.

The work of various workshops and ship services.

The sailor brings in a shoe shop boots, masters of repair.

The sewing workshop scribbling on machines robe.

Tokarsnaya workshop.

Melting furnace, press


Command post.

The ship is in ice.

The observer looks into the tube.

Air raid.

The men run away in places.

Plaque British planes.

Shoot the ship anti-aircraft guns.

The attack was repelled aircraft.

Lunch at the sailors in the dining room.

One of the sailors cries out cock entertaining companions.

Ship buffet sailors buy goods.

Ship hairdresser.

The infirmary, sick sailors

Key words

Germany, navy, exercises, military leaders, Gos.simvolika fascists
Germany, Navy, teaching, industry, soldiers
Germany, navy, soldiers, medicine, weapons, war, the Air Force

Reel №2


The doctor examines the patient sailor.


At the dentist.

The battleship passes ice fields.

The sailors on deck looked like a battleship cuts through the ice.

The icy crust on the deck guns, handrails.

Sailors clean off the ice.

At the command post at the map plotted.

The storm at sea, the waves pour the deck.

An observer with binoculars.

It appears enemy ship.

Guns are preparing for battle.

Shooting from the heavy guns.

Signalman gives the signal flags.

Continuation of the campaign.

Cooking dinner in the galley, the machine turns stuffing, cook meatballs made.

Open the iron banks.

Leisure sailors.

One plays the accordion.

The men at the table mending clothes, ironed, sutured and chorus.

A ship at sea

Key words

Germany, navy, soldiers, medicine, weapons, war, Gos.simvolika, food, leisure, music, musical instruments, sea

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