Dr. Todt, vocation and work. (1942)

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Director: Rihard Shejnpflug/Richard Scheinpflung/

Reel №1


Documentary-biopic dedicated to the famous German civil engineer Fritz Todt.

City Pforzheim-Todta.

PNRM homeland. by regions, city.

Tiled roofs and a church.

The river flowing through the city, mosty.3-storey house, Todt Museum.

In a large room on the wall hung pictures.

Three young men walking along the road with sticks in their hands.

Todt in the years of study.

Photo Todt-boys with a book.

Todt near the airplane.

He plays the piano.

Entry into the National Socialist Party.

Photo Todt in the form beside the car.

Snapshot Todt as an engineer with a theodolite.

Group picture with the staff


Appointment of the head of the Todt construction of motorways.

The headlines in the newspapers about the construction of new roads Adolf Hitler.


Photo: Todt in the headquarters building, he with-workers in the countryside.

Todt gives workers shovel.

Go RAD.Gitler troops digging at a construction site, smiling.

Workers on a construction site.

There is a train with trolleys.

Todt at a construction site at the track.

The operation of the machine.

Opening of the first motorway Frankfurt-Darmstadt in the presence of Hitler.

The rally, Hitler on the podium.

Todt as reported by the end of the work.

Hitler shakes hands with him.

Hitler motorcade rides on the new highway, tearing the ribbon


workers barracks.

Posters calling for the work.

Library, Todt books on the shelf.

A solemn meeting on the occasion of the construction of 1000 km of roads.

Goebbels at the background of the swastika.

The hall idkt Hitler, Todt military.

Hitler looks at the plan.

Todt explained to him.

Seven finished motorways.

Separate areas.

Index: Berlin-Stettin.

Goring by car.

Index: Heidelberg-Mannheim-Frankfurt.

Car with Todt.

Todt from the machine welcomes people, speaking to them, tearing the ribbon


Map of Germany, the road circuit.

Todt on the construction, oversee the work.

Soldiers shovel pass.

View of the bridge on which cars travel with officials.

People are pulling arms in a Nazi salute.

Hitler and his entourage at the rally.

Speaker worker.

Hitler looks like felled trees.

Banner with a swastika.

New roads, bridges.

Hitler on the opening of another road, mountain landscape

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Reel №2



Todt works on the construction of the line of fortifications on the west.

Involved 8000 workers built 22,000 concrete bunkers.

Todt at the headquarters building in plan with officers.

Preparation of materials.

From the mountain to the river rolled on logs sawn timber.

Train rides with the materials.

Trucks, drawers, storage timber.

They're coming workers.

Assembling the boards.

Construction works concrete mixer, working at the trolley.

Todt on shaft construction.

Todt in a leather coat on the sleeve with a swastika armband, he speaks with the engineers.

Circled on the construction machine.

Hitler and Todt surrounded by workers.

Hitler and Todt with the "West Wall" at the military plan


View "West Wall" from the plane, PNRM. the fortifications, pillboxes.

Todt is checked according to plan.

View bunker.

Opens grille out a detachment of soldiers.

On the sleeve bandage with the inscription - "Organization Todt".

Todt on awarding the workers vestvala.

Working with a medal smiling.

The area lined with troops.


Todt from officers.

Go RAD troops, riding a platform with the layout settings.

Todt takes hits



Goebbels Todt handing a diploma and a prize awarded to him the Fuhrer for the construction of roads in 1938.

Hitler in the Reich Chancellery Hall.

He's with Dr.

Ley pace-organization Todt.

Todt at the table.

Fortress Golmbach.

Troop Organization Todt marches on winter road, Todt ahead.

The workers are engaged in physical exercise in the snow with them Todt.

They pulled the rope, play ball

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Reel №3


West front.10 May 1940.

Organisation Todt at the front.

All the gates.

The reconstruction of the devastation in France and Belgium.

The ruins of the city, analysis of debris.

A sign of the French cafe, the soldiers removed the debris.

Soldiers disperse around the city.

Restoring the bridge.

Cargo ship on a rope-label Organization Todt



Monument to the fallen in the 1 World War 1914-18.

Todt with a group of officers out of the building, Todt speaks to soldiers operating system bypasses said to them


Strengthening the Atlantic coast.

The construction of fortifications on the channel installation.

The guns on the railway platform driven by the battery Todt.

The meeting at the building.

Todt rewards of working, smiling.

The barracks, the arrival of Todt with the inspection.

Todt near the field kitchen, taste food.

Depart by plane.

Podniamet cannon barrel into the sky.

The fortifications on the canal bank.

Workers laid disguised cable.

Goes machine with Todt.

Todt sits in the plane, toured the facilities.

Todt train


Todt was appointed minister of armaments.

Tank Factory, working in the shop, gun ready.

Hitler's visit to the factory, Todt in the retinue of the Fuhrer.

Speech Todt.

He is Hitler officers

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Reel №4

Eastern front.

June 22, 1941 the organization Todt began its operations in the east.

Marching troops Organization Todt.

on the muddy country roads machines.

The car pulled out of the mud.

Road Construction an on the eastern front.

Working with wheelbarrows.

Restoration of bridges


Plane lands on the eastern front.

Todt gets in the car, he was in the army near the tents.

It goes past the local population engaged in the repair rabotah.

PNRM. by destroyed terrain bridge.

Workers hammered piles.

Todt among workers.

Vehicle with Todt in the wet, are women with bags behind.

Construction of the highway to Moscow, some parts of the road.

Destroyed houses.

Cabin in the snow.

Poster for highway construction.

Clearing roads of snow shovels and machine.

Go trucks with workers


Todt shows Hitler special stove, stoves, intended for soldiers on the eastern front bunkers.

Hitler watching them


The construction of the Atlantic Wall fortifications.

In different parts of the building.

Todt at the construction site.

He goes on the wooden flooring, talking with the workers.

The construction of shipyards and docks for ships.

Danica Admiral visited the construction.

Todt accompanies it.

Todt handing Doenitz paper.

Opening gateways are court


In 1942, Todt died in a plane crash.

We are on a dark background.

Bust Fritz Todt.

The banner with a swastika

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