For honor, svododu world (Zeppelin in the election campaign) (1936)

Documentary №65952, 2 parts, black-white
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Reel №1


Printing with the machine are sheets of newspaper.

Headlines about the election campaign in Germany in March 1936.

The city is decorated with Nazi symbols.

Woman hangs a Nazi flag on the balcony, Nazi banners on the background of the cathedral.

Man stabs Nazi flag on a kiosk with newspapers.

Decorating the city with flags, portraits of Hitler posters.

Goebbels on the podium.

Hess on the podium.

The hall moving procession with banners to the scene.

Speaker Greing.

Inscription on the car: "One nation, one Führer, one will."

There is a train, a plane takes off


Movement along the street decorated with Nazi symbols.

Go otrd RAD with shovels in a truck Hitler Youth, teenagers smiling.

Hitler in an open car drove past the crowd.

The mass of the people near the cathedral.

The issue in the printing of newspapers.

Distribution of newspapers in the crowd.

Titles of flying zeppelins


Zeppelin hangar.

On board drawing Olympic rings.

Zeppelin hangar displays, holding the ropes.

Passengers on the zeppelin look in the window.

Zeppelin rises in the air.

The crowd on the field running, waving his arms.

Start Your Engines.

View zeppelin flying over Fridrihsgafenom.

Court on the river buzz.

Pre-election campaigning flight two zeppelins "Graf Zeppelin" and "Hindenburg" in Germany begins.

Silhouette Zeppelin on the ground


Passengers in the restaurant at the tables.

City views from the top.

City of Ulm, Münster Cathedral views.

Munich, the birthplace of Count Zeppelin, svrhu view of the square, at home.

Captain Lyman on Zeppelin "Graf Zeppelin".

In the air, flying zeppelin next two.

View of Nuremberg, the city of the Nazi congresses.

Parade Nazis.

Zeppelin crew at work.

Inside view of the zeppelin.

Captain von Shilov course looks at the map.

City Dantsing.

There have bells.

Flying over the tomb of the Hindenburg.

View of the tomb, the soldiers in the guard of honor.

Cross, inscription

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Reel №2


The flight continues.

The dinner in the wardroom, "Graf Zeppelin".

Passengers relax, play cards, look in the window.

Flying over Brelin.

View of the Olympic Stadium.

Stadium closeup.

Captain sends the message to the ground.

The radio station in Berlin.

Flying over the Brandenburg Gate.

The crowd in the square outside the cathedral shouts, waving his hands


The polling station in a tent.

People are voting.

Zeppelin in the air.

Opertaor removes the top.

City of Cologne.

Mountains, forests, river, sailing ships.

Zeppelin silhouette on the water.

Parade of troops.

View from the zeppelin.

The crowd welcomed the bottom zeppelin.

Rock the bells with Olympic symbols

Key words

Germany, aviation, air transport, leisure, stadium, sightseeing, promotion, people, Cathedral, communication
Germany, aviation, elections, town, mountain, forest, river, water transport, the parade, the troops, population, Gos.simvolika

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