New York City (the movie goes ahead). (1939)

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Director: Alan Braun /Alan Brown/

Reel №1

SShA.Ocherk the history of cinema, compiled based on the New York Museum of Modern Art filmaoteki.

New York, traffic, going 2-floor buses.

The building of the Museum of Modern Art.

People come to the revolving door.

Museum halls with paintings and sculptures.

Cinematheque, director's office, John Abbott.

Screening room, film library staff on the screen watching newsreels.

Filmohranilische, boxes with movies on the shelves

SShA.Pervye films Lumiere brothers. "Tables Turned on the Gardener."

Shooting 1930: camera crane camera, her cameraman and director, is removed from the scale of the scene of the historical film.

extras are paid.

Hollywood model.

Studios: Warner Brothers, MGM, RKO Radio, 20th Century Fox.

In kabineet producer.

Studio MGM, people go.

Workshop for the production of wigs.


The artist makes the layout.

Decoration on forests, processing antique decorations.

Transport Studio: cars, vans.

Decorators are working on the interior of the pavilion.

Storage items: chairs, mirrors, paintings, vases of various years.

Vintage phones, watches.

Producer in the study.

Akstrisa on fotoproby.

Card file with photographs of actors.

Griemr works with akstrisoy.

The crew, producer David Selznik

SShA.Biblioteka on film. "1001 Nights".

History of Cinema Teddy Ramsey.

Posters of movies.

Photos from the shooting.

Sheet music, the melody to Griffith's film "Broken Blossoms" and "Orphans of the storm."

Booklets and books.

Booklet 1938-39.

Men paste over the box with the films.

People go to the movies.

Program of films.

Screening in the hall and on-screen kissing scene.

Excerpts from the film: 1903 .- "Robbery mail train" dir.

Edwin Portner. "Journey to the Moon" by Georges Melsa.1912 year to "The New York Hat", the scene with Mary Pickford and Lionel Barrymore.

Comedy Mark Lester

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Reel №2

SShA.Kovboyskie movies.

The film featuring William Hart, the scene with the cards.

Film 1914 with Tedoy Bara.

Studio Keystone.

Comic movies opgonyami, falls in vodu.1914 year- "Tillie's Punctured Romance" Mack Sennett with Chaplinym.1915- "His night was" with Chaplin restorane.1915- scene in "Birth of a Nation."

Battle Scene.

Lillian Gish.

Rides Klux Klan.

Goldwyn Film 1917 "Thais" with Mary Garden.1921- "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse", Rudolph Valentino dancing Spanish tane.1922 - "Robin Hood", Douglas Fairbanks on the stage of the fortress, down the tissue zemlyu.1921 - "Covered wagon", the scene of attacks on Indians in the camp pereselentsev.1925- "Big Parade", battle scene, the hero farewell to his beloved, she runs after gruzovikom.1927-Greta Garbo and Gilbert in the film "Flesh and the Devil".

The scene of the burning of the film "Joan of Arc of Suffering"

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Reel №3

SShA.Tehnika cinema.

Laboratory lamps, adapters, camera.

The advent of sound in film.

Movie: The first sound, "The Jazz Singer," Johnson sings El Negro.

Cartoon Mickey Mouse "Steamboat Willie." "All Quiet on the Western Front."

Battle scene at the cemetery.

A soldier and a butterfly on the battlefield.

The young men stare at a butterfly and is killed by a sniper's bullet.

Fox movie, "Cavalcade", a scene from the movie.

Will Rogers in the film "David Garum", the scene in the billiard room.

Studio Warner barzers film "Zola" speech to the deputies. "Grand Illusion".

The scene in the theater, Jean Gabin steps on the stage during a performance, said the defeat of France, the artists sing "La Marseillaise" / bad sound /

SShA.Vid Hollywood.

Directed at the site, Griffith, DeMille and others.

Buster Keaton.

Code Hays, Hays at the table, the introduction of censorship.

Shooting, make-up artist with the actor in a monkey suit.

Checkpoint at the Walt Disney Studios.

Hero Disney Mickey Mouse in the film.

Disney stands in front of colleagues, drawings for the film "Pinocchio".

Robert Sherwood's book "Killing Lincoln in Illinois", the president of Hollywood history is obsuzhdenie.personalnaya Vincent tire cover of the book.

Figurines "Oscar".

Frank Capra in the background amerkianskogo flag with a camera talking to two men.

Capra film "Mr.

Smith Goes to Washington," a scene from the movie.

Cover of the book of John Steinbeck's "Grapes of Wrath", the book script Nainneli Johnson, the scene from the movie. "The Dictator" Ch.


Chronicle: Hitler and Goering.

Chaplin with a tennis racket.

There is a shooting.

Screening room film library, the staff looks newsreel

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