Fiber, water, lather. (1938)

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Director: Bretlj Tejmer,Ilze Kollani,Kurt Myulhardt

Operators: Feliks Gansh /Felix Haensch/

Reel №1


The glare of the sun on the water, the water hut on stilts.

Women rinse the laundry in the river.

Scenes of medieval history.

Wrought-iron gates are opened, the lady in the castle and embroider on the hoop sits on the terrace.

At the window sits a woman with a spinning wheel.

Modern loom in the workshop, is the fiber.

Women bake bread in the oven and home baked bread at the bakery.

Women wash clothes at the source, discourage its special stick, hang the laundry on the clothesline.

Antique tools for washing: board, stick, decorated with carvings.

In the village woman rolls wash clothes with a rolling pin.

Valet coal iron.

Women wash clothes in the river with a boat.

Two girls trample barefoot underwear in a huge vat.

Key words

Germany, peasants, river, woman

Reel №2


A woman in a dress of the century rinse the laundry in the river, laid out the laundry on the grass.

Special roller for ironing.

Vintage irons.

Modern laundry, linen lay in the car.

Pour washing liquid, spinning reel, foaming water.

The device of the machine.

Ironing board in the laundry room.

Workers pull the tulle on the frame.

Ironed steam iron, a skating rink.

Piles of clothes in a box.

A woman lays clothes in the closet.

Aqueduct Bridge on the river, women washing from a boat in the old way.

Key words

Germany, peasants, river, landscaping, bridge